Meek Mill Gets Dragged After Accusing Innocent Man of Killing Alton Sterling

meek mill alton smith robert kinnison

Do you hear that noise? It’s the sound of Meek Mill taking yet another “L.” The rapper tried to speak out against the recent officer involved shooting and death of Alton Sterling, but instead, he dragged an innocent man into the mess.

Meek posted a photo on his Instagram that has been circulating the web. The photo is of a man who just happens to be a Trump supporter and a lover of guns. Meek saw the photo and ran with it without checking its validity.

In the caption, the rapper holds his tongue because according to him, he was “scared to say” what he really wanted to say. His post turned into an incoherent rambling about police officers and a retired cop telling him a race war is approaching.

alton smith meek mill robert kinnison

Meek meant well, but it’s too bad the man in the photo is neither of the officers that were involved in the Baton Rouge shooting and killing of Alton. The man is actually named Robert Kinnison, and he’s a truck driver from Arizona.

Because Meek posted the image to his social media account, the man has been receiving death threats from all over. He was forced to clear his name in a Twitter video.

Despite his followers calling him a dumb azz, and alerting him that the guy in the photo is in no way related to Alton’s death, Meek refuses to delete the post from his Instagram.



  1. He was using him and his pose as an example. Instead of people reading between the lines they start bashing him?. Crazy! Black people always tryna put down another black man/woman but still screaming we need to go against the white man for killing the black man…Im lost?

  2. If it was pointed out to Meek Will (no spelling error) that he was wrong, he should have taken it down.

    But his f*ckin ego is so large, he cannot admit that he made a mistake offer an apology and move on. He would rather put an innocent man's life in jeopardy.

    The issue is the ritual killing of black people by law enforcement — not a guns rights advocate who supports Trump. A lot of black folks support Trump.

    Meek must be on Hillary's payola.

    Stupid azz useless black celebrity.

  3. "He was receiving death threats…" let's be serious, would black people really have killed him? There's a uniqueness about black Americans. They're always want everyone to see them as peaceful. This man was in no danger whatsoever.

      • If we look at this logically, you would want to estimate how likely the dead officers were to:
        -Kill innocent black men
        -Kill innocent black women
        -Kill innocent black boys
        -Kill innocent black girls
        -Aid other officers in the murder of black people
        -Plant evidence
        -Aid other officers in planting evidence
        -Attack innocent black people
        -Aid other officers in attacks on black people
        -Harass innocent black people
        -Support criminal activity in black communities
        -Offer no protection to black communities

        If we conclude based on statistics that these dead officers offered no protection or service, and were extremely likely to murder black people and aid others in murdering black people; their deaths saved hundreds or thousands of innocent lives.

        If black people were degenerates like whites, more white people would have already been killed because there's more logical reasons to kill white people than to not. Fortunately for whites, black people are better than whites; but even good people have their limits.

  4. The media does it all the time, throw the wrong info out and let it fall as it may. Blacks are not threatening this man because for the most part we still have chains on our minds and that was made clear when they helped the same people that kill people that look like them. All they no is pray and march….needless to say prayer don't stop bullets and marching is a waste of time.

  5. Sighs ?……. not taking that individual's side, my thing is Meek got way to much in his own life to worry about, & just as HSK staff Said he meant well, but he could pay homage to the families of the innocent men slayed in whatever creative way he can, but don't waste your time on some gun toting idiot taking selfies online, how did that "man" not think that uploading a pic like the top one, wouldn't ruffle some feathers, there are many gun owners who don't think it's important to show or tell the whole world…..they own guns!

  6. he will take it down when he gets served with a lawsuit! stupid idiot. this is what a lack of an education gets you. i hope the man sues him and all the people that posted it.

    • That's what I'm thinking. If that man decides to sue he'll have a damp good defamation case.

  7. Meek mill just looks like a lil ass boy, man. Like he just escaped from the play pen.

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