Drake Speaks Out About Alton Sterling’s Death

drake alton sterling

Drake put his celebrity to good use by speaking out against the killing of Atlon Sterling.

The rapper took to his Instagram to pen a letter where he shares his concern with the recent killing that took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

37-year-old Sterling was standing in a parking lot selling CDs as he had done for years when two cops approached him on Tuesday night. After tasering him and pinning him down on the ground, the cop shouted, “He’s got a gun!” before shooting him twice in the chest, and then four more times. Sterling never reached for a gun during the incident.

Drake rarely speaks out about social issues, but Sterling’s murder moved him to express his concern for the black and Latino communities.

drake alton sterling letter
Drake’s open letter came just hours before a second man, Philando Castile, was shot and killed by an officer in Minnesota.

Philando notified police he had a registered handgun, and he was reaching for his identification when the cop opened fire. Philando’s girlfriend recorded the aftermath on Facebook while she and her four-year-old daughter sat and watched Philando die in the vehicle.

RIP to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.


  1. RIP. What are all the BW bashing e-thugs saying about this? The punks making videos and blogs against BW! They keep seeing the proof that WM hate them but they're sticking their heads in the sand. Black males have much bigger issues than weaves and thots!!

    • Weaves and THOTS, really? You really should stick your head in an oven, talking about wm men hating black women, with that back-handed comment.

      • Punks like you are the reason I sit back. Idiot there are no compliments in my statement and clearly you failed reading comprehension.

        • If you knew how to write comprehensively then the BS you put out there could be understood…you f*cking miscreant.

      • You need to re-read the comment. Clearly there is a comprehension deficit in your response.

        • No there is not, I know exactly what this thing was trying to say. And I still disagree with the last part of it, because in making a point those terms were not necessary.

          • okay, maybe the last sentence should have been SO-CALLED weaves and thots, but the poster was just saying that those derogatory terms about imaginary problems with BW are the least of their problems as they are clearly the prey when it comes to law enforcement. The poster was borrowing THEIR terms against them

            • Hello special ed…I already made that point, did not need you to re-clarify it.

              • Clearly you did need clarification because you misunderstood the statement and you are too egotistical to admit it.

              • No dumb bitch I did not, you obviously must be the one who needs the reading comp.

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                Feel free to flip out, you have already exposed yourself.

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                Which is back to the original argument: your lack of comprehension

                End of discussion, you just proved my point

    • the video i saw on this case, showed a blk man struggling/resisting arrest while a older pudgy white cop struggled to put the handcuffs on, and when he couldn't control him, he shot him to gain control.
      If I were a police I wouldn't have been struggling with him and throw my back out and be on disability, I would have shot him to since the taser didn't slow him down.


  2. Drake rarely speaks out about social issues, but Sterling’s murder moved him to express his concern for the black and Latino communities.


    Drake rarely speaks out, you are right. The only reason he's doing it today is because Joe Budden put out a second diss tape on him yesterday and he's trying to divert. But we'll just skip past these smoke and mirrors.

  3. I'm glad he said something. Most in the industry DON'T. They are told by the record labels not to. They don't want any interference when it comes to their money, popularity and such. Go Drake.

    • He got permission to from tptb
      I think every so often they may allow some artists to speak on behalf of their passions
      But they limit how much involved they can become
      At the end of the day entertainers are still puppets to keep folks distracted
      And when they are in Drake's salary range, they must ALWAYS get permission b4
      standing up publicly

    • Let the men handle it, bm and their mixed chicks and white chicks, seriously. Unloyal hoes need to start handling biz. Jewish men were the Nazi Hunters, now, BM ought to be the top social justice warriors, I'm sick of seeing bw on the front lines, man up, do for self.

    • Listen!! Since Americans kill each other I guess it justifies al Qaeda killing you right?! Because that is your logic right now!!! Let me tell you something. I was born during Apartheid in south Africa. The most lethal thing that the Afrikaans oppressor government did was making black people accept their oppression as normal. I've seen TOO MANY black Americans display this kind of behaviour as well. Too many of you think this is normal. You are living in a state of terror. And it is in NO WAY your fault. Stop trying to justify it! And just so you know, white people don't change. There is nothing you can do to appease them other than being dead!

      • And I'll add that if different races live on different continents it is because there is a reason
        WP in Europe
        BP in Africa
        AP in Asia
        AMP in America
        ARP in Arabic Peninsula
        And massive immigration must stop !

      • I'm not "justifying" their murdering Blacks. There is no excuse for us slaughtering each other daily

        • So what is your solution genius? And what are you doing to put that plan in motion?

          Because saying what we all already know on a blog is bullshit.

          • The solution to combat white supremacy is for all black people to unite and do the following things: Stop joining the military, stop attending white universities and only attend HBCU's. Stop going to the movies. Stop watching sports. Recycle black dollars. Pool our money together and create black owned businesses.

            • Says the dude who comes on a blog and downgrades the black women in the wnba & the bw on his black women hate list.

      • a south african who beats and burns, and kills blk africans who immigrate from other countries over a white man's job is telling blk america what to do????

        only a complete fool would listen to the likes of you.

      • yeah america is so BADD for blacks, and yet every n8ggah in the entire world would kill BLACK AMERICANS to take over our homeland!

    • I am not a huge fan of everything sarah says, but in this case I have to agree.

      There is a documentary about the history of oppression specifically in America and every new group who entered America have always had the highest crime, murder, prison population rate (including irish. italians etc) until they were fully assimilated into American culture.

      The only group who will never be able to fully assimilate is blacks, because our skin color will never allow them to accept us, which means we will unfortunately continue the cycle of violence against ourselves.

  4. So he speaks out. Big f*cking deal. How about getting out there and really doing something. I guess he really needs to make those record sales to pay back the music company

    • Thank you. I need don't need rappers speaking up now and then going back to insulting black women in their songs and propping up the Kardashian girls on a pedestal. I just don't need it.

    • Rap culture is all about black on black crime and is controlled by the joowish bloodlines from day 1

        • Yep it happened before rap but rap happens to glorify black on black crime and that is no BS.

          • You all act like every rapper in every rap song say that shit. There is an agenda in all music NOT just rap…how about pointing that out instead of making it sound like this is the be all to end all, when it isn't.

  5. I'm hearing a lot of people suggesting that maybe black Americans should move to other countries in Africa. And I'm hearing black Americans say they can't/won't because they already have a culture in America and America is your home. I understand that. I really do, but this isn't going to change. White people wont change without a fight and frankly black Americans don't have the resources for a fight so what are you going to do?
    I'm telling you right now there is no "equality" you will achieve without a fight. About south Africa, the media lies to you claiming Mandela's peaceful approach is what got us our freedom when in actual fact it was the militant stance of the people that freed us. Are you going to live in absolute fear forever? There's tons of anti blackness here as well but my heart goes out to all of you right now.✊

    • Yeah you're right and don't forget that Mandela shit in his pants when it came to take back the natural ressources which are still controlled by the mighty DeBeers Cie which is a joowish bloodline owned corporation operating from Israel…
      South African people is still owned by (((TPTB)))
      The real and true african leader who spoke the truth about Africa (and Europe) was killed for that by the (((TPTB))), his name : Captain Thomas Sankara … But how many BM, BW know about this great man and his speeches ? Almost none…what a "coincidence"…

      • Yes, Thomas Sankara and Steve Biko are KEY!!!
        "Black man you are on your own" no truer words!!

        • One week before Captain Thomas Sankara was assassinated (by his "best friend" Blaise Campaoré), he stated before the general assembly the following :
          "Those who control Africa are the the ones who control Europe. Neither of them are europeans nor africans" -> Captain Thomas Sankara clearly named out the vicious joowish bloodlines puppet masters that are hiding behind the scene and tried his best to warn both africans and europeans and (((they))) killed him for that…
          Captain Thomas Sankara also stated in this very same speech that neither Africa (nor Europe) should paid the colossal debts (and their interests) they contracted via the (((IMF))) because he clearly pointed out that these debts were useless and contracted only to control Africa and Europe : once again he pointed out them vicious joowish bloodlines and their tool of control that is paper money…
          Thomas SAnkara's main goal was to unite Africa, Asia and South America against those cruel joowish bloodlines (and their white servants) and he got killed for that…
          If People want to know more about the greatest African leader of all time : http://www.kontrekulture.com/produit/anthologie-des-discours-de-thomas-sankara

    • so you have a few rights THAT ALL LAW ABIDING BLK AMERICANS HAVE, AND that makes you special??? LOL LOL

      everyone of these blk men murdered were suspected of wrongdoing or trying to fight with police.

  6. The only people who should speak out about this stuff, or any politics, are those who actually want to do something about it.

    There are some rappers who *raise money* for families affected by this violence. There are some rappers who have a long history of speaking out against this *and* being active in the black community.

    Drake needs to shut his mouth, work, and be the manufactured "artist" he is because his shelf-life is nearing its end. He needs to go back to film/tv. Meek pulled his skirt, the gay info is out there, his albino teenage fans grew up, and the remaining female fans won't be packing stadiums. Stunts won't do anything. He's Lil Wayne status.

  7. So now Drake is no longer a joowish bloodline (like he used to shout out loud) and he is now a BM ?
    He is using the tragic death of a BM to draw attention on him and of course to promote a racial war between BM an WM like the vicious joowish bloodline that he is…
    What about the BM killing other BM which is a major issue that he never speaks of ?
    Drake must remember that 90% of his incomes are to be put on the account of them clueless WT's…

  8. Why can’t two statements or situations be true at the same time.

    Black people are under siege by the police AND Black on Black violence needs to stop.

    I say Black people because Black Women are being cut down by the police as well.

    I am more made about our first black president, black male attorney general and black female attorney general. Our “community organizer-in-chief” had police brutality in his presidential platform, but hasn’t done jack shit for Black people once he got into office. If anything, he has reduced our political power by catering exclusively to the LGBT and illegal alien communities.

    Pres. Obama was the cruelest joke on Black Americans since Jim Crow. How can we possibly continue to vote Democrat when the party encourages Black disempowerment and non-assimilation through totally ignoring us. Let’s be real.: ain’t a damn thing gonna happen to those cops.

    Obama and Lynch will make sure of that.

    • You act like that man has the power. If you knew anything you would know he is a trained monkey for tptb.

      Yeah he has not done shit, because if he did they would assassinate his bitch ass like they did kennedy. If he dared to step out of line he would be through.

      None of that can excuse what he has done, but at the end of the day it is about self-preservation for him and his family. If someone had a gun to you and your fams head you would probably do the same thing.

      Smart people know you can never fight the system from the inside, because you just become a pawn in the game.

      • "Smart people know you can never fight the system from the inside, because you just become a pawn in the game."

        Truer words were never spoken.

        HOWEVER, he VOLUNTEERED for the job so he had an obligation to fulfill his promises to his constituency. He knew the risks. I didn't vote for him the second time and Black people should totally ignore his ass when he leaves office. When he shows up to a black event, we should just ignore his ass, not even clap. His administration would not even record the number of people — ALL PEOPLE killed by law enforcement until the Guardian newspaper of England shamed it into doing so. that is no different than the European press shaming the American press into reporting on lynchings and the Civil Rights struggle 55 years ago.

        He sure as hell can go to bat for the LGBT community now can't he.

        • He has NO obligation to anyone other than the people who would terminate his sorry ass if he went against the 'plan.'

          He is for that community because the gay agenda is a part of the 'plan.'

          It really would be nice if you thought things out fully before you comment.

          • Please, miss me with your lofty political summation.

            Only a thoroughly brainwashed black person would accept that a politician does nothing for his constituency nor that he is obligated to his constituency.

            Perhaps what you meant to convey is that Pres. Obama lacks the finesse to oblige TPTB and integrate his obligations to his constituency into his presidential term.

            It would be really nice if you were grounded.

            • LMAO…yeah everything misses you because you are an idiot to believe the majority of politicians are on the side of the people…they are not and have not been for a long time now.

              Lacks the finesse…please. I have already explained the situation and how the game is never to be won from the inside, what about that do you NOT understand.

              It would be nicer if you were enlightened.

              • Oh sit, you mean the polticos don't care about us, YOU must be some kind of inside the inner inner circle player [DEEP SARCASM].

                You are so acclimated to slave status that you don't even realize that the power of the black vote is not even being countenanced a bone or a used napkin.

                The brazen murder of blacks in broad daylight, in front of witnesses cannot be brushed aside with what is none other than excuses.

                Other constituencies are being served even the SEMBLANCE of political respect and protection.

                But your pretensions to noblesse oblige won't allow you to contemplate such.

              • I am not the one making comments as if things can be changed from the inside…so take your sarcasm and shove it deep down where the sun don't shine..

              • And you shove your DEFEATISM in the that dark cavernous place where the sun don't shine called your mind.

  9. You were so bothered by what you saw but you couldn't say anything until you woke up the next day? Yeah right, you couldn't say anything until your people approved it. Why would Drake of all people voice his opinion now? Why does he need to tell me this is REAL o_O? Did he speak out right away when that shooting happened at his event in Canada by people in his crew, now he is afraid? REALLY?!?

    What about the President and presidential hopeful (dreadful) Hil-leery Clinton? What did they have to say have to say about Alton Sterling the day he was shot? Nothing, they were probably too busy recovering from ordering nearly everything off the menu of a barbeque joint in NC the day before.

    That video left me mortified and the second one left me numb. It leaves me to wonder how my life or a family member’s life can be taken away in the blink of an eye because of someone’s fear and hate. I agree with the Black officer whose video is going viral, if you are so damn scared get another occupation because law enforcement is about more than having a gun and using it out of fear. It’s about critical thinking and using the best judgment for the situation whether the assailant is Black or white. They have proven that their thinking is flawed and biased time and time again when arrests of whites with guns vs. Blacks with what they perceive to be guns.

    If you watched the video he was already on the ground when the officer shouted get on the ground. One officer shouted that he had a gun, what gun because I didn’t see one. The store owner who said he had permission to sell cd’s said he told them this was not the man that had the gun earlier, the still attacked him tasered him and wrestled him to the ground while he had his hands up only to shoot him at close range in the end. . I’ve notice a pattern when they know they are being recorded the start shouting things that didn’t even happen. And what in the hell did they take out of his pocket? It dint look like a gun to me.

    In the second shooting in Minnesota the woman is recording the incident after her boyfriend was shot. The officer is shaken up (scared) while still holding a gun on the man he just shot he starts saying I told him not to reach for it, I told him to get his hands off of it, she said no you told him to get his id sir and his driver’s license then he tells her to keep her hands where they are like he would shoot her too when she was clearly not a threat.

    I am trying to digest all of this it seems reminiscent of 9/11and there is a little splinter in my mind that doesn’t want to take this at face value. It just seems like too much. I wasn’t expecting it to start this way. It’s like they are taking their fear and trying to instill it in us for an uprising so they can kill more of us. Just today they are saying that they found a man hanging in Atlanta, what’s next?

    Another thing that really bothers me is the fact that most of the links to the video of the shooting in Minnesota were disabled last night but the one on Game’s instagram worked fine? Go figure….

    • Any black person who thinks Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton care about black people is a absolute fool! Any black person who supports Hillary Clinton is a absolute fool!

      • This is so much larger than Hilary or Obama….But against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world's darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

        Did you watch the CNN interview with Philando Catile's mother and uncle? Did you hear his last words?

        "Oh lord my god is there no help for the widows son we’ve got to hang on by the strong grip of the lions paw"

        Flip me over and take me off the grill because I'm so done….

    • This is reply to Black Enga. I also notice that cops start shouting fictitious things (ex. Sandra Bland). What's the point of having a body camera if it conveniently "malfuntions". Also. FB is now stating the so called (glitch) that removed the live streaming of the shooting of Plilandro was actually the police department removing the video which is prohibited as its evidence
      There is clearly a systemic problem that if handled properly did not have to escalate to this point. Lawmakers, politicians and anyone who has covered up the wrongful killing of blacks while in police custody has blood on their hands. This is what happens when evil is ignored.

  10. The city of Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana murdered Alton Sterling. If you truly care about his life and family, all black high school students should never attend Louisiana State University (LSU). All black high school students should only attend either Southern University, Grambling State or a HBCU. Black parents, please do not protest against white supremacy, and then send your kids to a racist white university. Black high school students, do not go to school at Harvard, go to school at Howard. It's time we start recycling black dollars and stop making white people rich! The same white people we are making rich are the same white people that are murdering us.

    • Your point has too many gaping holes to count. Where we choose to go to school is the least of our worries when it comes where our money is going.

      • You obviously don't realize that the real reason white people allow us to attend their racist universities is so they can make BILLIONS of dollars off of our physical talents. You obviously don't realize the BILLIONS of dollars the state of Louisiana is going to make off of LSU running back Leonard Fournette. Think about how much money the black race would have if all black students and student athletes attended Howard, Southern and Morehouse instead of Harvard, LSU and USC. It's all about money! Protesting and signing "We Shall Over Come" hasn't done a damn thing. We need to take the money away from the white people that are murdering us! We need to recycle black dollars. A good way to do that is for all black high school students to attend HBCU's.

        • LMAO…MF do not try to act like you are schooling someone.

          You are one of the biggest toms on here…don't you have a list of black women you hate?

          Find some self-love before you attempt to preach to anyone.

      • That "person" is a white devil, just like the people talking about black on black violence.

        • Stop making assumptions. You don't know who is who and what is what. I gave an unpopular opinion last week and was called an albino retard. Face it, not everyone thinks like you do.

          • @Cormier fan,
            Your screen meaning as in Daniel Cormier fan???
            If so, I'd like to have a quick discussion with you & get your opinion before the fight. Thanks!!!

          • Oh, I know all black people don't think like me. Some black people are sellouts down to their *bones* and soul.

            If black people were to operate on cold logic, such people should be eliminated in the name of progress. You can't have group economics with "black" people who think like that. They're cancers on the global black community.

            • This reminds me of how a big part of China's growth was purging corrupt people from government, and probably business too.

              It may not be something black people care to think about, but a purging may need to happen in black communities globally. We have a lot of traitors who can't be fixed. They have a disease.

  11. The city of Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana murdered Alton Sterling. College football season starts in two months. Louisiana State University football team has a spectacular running back name Leonard Fournette. The city of Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana are going to make at least half a billion dollars off of Leonard Fournette and the rest of the black LSU Tiger football players. The best way to combat white supremacy is to take money away from white people. Leonard Fournette and all black student athletes at LSU should transfer out of LSU and play football for either Southern University or Grambling State. If black lives truly matter, all black high school students and student athletes should only attend HBCU's. We need to stop making money for these white people and start making money for our own race. #WatchHiddenColorsPart4

  12. Black MEN need to get off their asses and stand up period. In a few days, it'll be back to bashing BW for sport but a nation can't rise higher than it's women.

      • Hit dog hollaring. Nothing troll about me, punk. I've been here for many years. Now get off your ass and march.

        • You first, goose-step.

          And yeah you still are a troll, no one cares how long you have been here hating on bw.

          • OMG "You first goose step" is the funniest comment ever. I know that this is not the time for laughter, but amidst all this tragedy, it did make me crack up.

          • @Anon 17:42 is a gaslighter. Anon 17:39 is clearly PRO BW, not anti BW. But gaslighters lie to make a crazy point for themselves.

  13. First of all mentioning he has dual citizenship makes him suspect. Is he saying he is in it but not of it? Is he saying Canada doesn't have racism? It becomes about them with their celebrity status and their many followers. We out here dealing with real life not fairy tales and manmade videos about isht most of us won't see, eat, smell, breathe, smoke, drink, move in, ride in, live in, sleep in or with! How about the social media 'hype-types' just stop advertising themselves! We have enough 'entertainment' now. Real life death videos trump all the fake ones.

    • Damn, just be happy that a black male is talking about this cause most black male celebs are silent!!

      • Drake is not a black male. He's a mixed race male.

        His comment has absolutely NO impact on anything other than his own pockets. He's promoting himself with this fake activist shit.

        If he gave a shit, he would do something in the community. Snoop Dogg is not any kind of activist. He's just a regular guy, but he created a youth program with his own money to steer kids away from a destructive lifestyle.

  14. List of ten black people murdered by the police while Barack Obama is President:

    1. Alton Sterling
    2. Philando Castille
    3. Oscar Grant (Unarmed, shot in the back)
    4. Tamir Rice (12 years old)
    5. Eric Garner (His hands were up, he was unarmed)
    6. Ezell Ford
    7. Freddie Gray
    8. Laquan McDonald (17 years old, unarmed)
    9. Sandra Bland
    10. Michael Brown

    There are many more black people that have been murdered by the police. While the police murdered Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, President Obama was campaigning and promoting for Hillary Clinton. I’m not making this up. In my opinion, President Obama has betrayed the trust of every single black man and black woman who voted for him. The recent murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille is not what I call “Hope And Change,” it is more of the same!

    • That list is longer and unknown under reagan, clinton and the bushes especially in los angeles, which you should know since you are from here.

      • I only wanted to list ten. I know there are a lot more. I didn't even mention some of the white people who have been murdered by the police during Obama's seven and a half years as President.

        • My point, it does not matter who is in office…this shit will continue and will only get worse, if people do not wake up and stop fighting among each other.

          United we stand divided we fall.

    • Ive heard this mentioned before and it reigns true- black people were obama's sacrifice.

      • You are an idiot to believe this shit started with obama's bitch ass. This shit has been going on for more than a minute, the only reason it is hyped up now is because of people's easy access to technology/ phone camera.

        • It didn't start with bush either, but obama was definitely the catalyst that set this shit into motion. The sheeple sure are becoming more prominent through these threads

          • You would know all about being a sheeple.

            No one said it started with bush, dumbass. How about learning the base when it comes to reading before commenting, because the only fool here is you.

  15. This may sound hard-hearted, but until blacks start caring about the well-being of other blacks, as well as start addressing the weekly bloodbaths of chiraq, I don't give a rats ass about cops beating and killing blacks. There are substantial and overwhelming statistics that point to blacks killing other blacks and committing overall crimes in higher frequency; in spite of being only 13% of the population.

    • That's ok I've accepted that not everyone in our community will have critical thinking skills. You clearly are lacking and like I said… it's ok?
      ISIS, Yakuza (Japanese), Italian, Russian and Armenian mobs exist and you think that black people are the biggest danger/most criminal??!! I'm laughing at you right now. So hard. Have you been to school?

      • Exactly, self hating coons like this are a part of the problem, not the solution.

        So many of these ass wipes do not understand how oppression works.

      • Don't forget Korean mafia, Triads (Chinese mafia), Irish mafia, and assorted white criminal organizations. The last group is flooding much of the Midwest with crystal meth, and that meth has found its way into white suburbia throughout the US.

        • The Galaxy S IV will not feature a six-core processor. It’s more likely to use the dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor. (Exynos 5250) or the more unlikely Exynos 5450 (quad) Can we be realistic? 1080p definitely seems like a reality though, so does 5″. HTC already has a 5″ 1080p screen phone in the works.

    • Let's not even mention the Mexican drug cartels and the way they kill each other in Mexico. Latinas killing each other yet "Latino on Latino" crime isn't how it's described. Ask yourself why! I don't know how many times I have to say this! We as BLACK people are at the bottom. The very bottom. Not people of colour. BLACK. No one is as hated as we are. Hence you get terms like "black on black crime". The middle east has ISIS and the Syrian government killing Muslims like crazy but you don't hear "Arab on arab crime". Black people are never allowed to be human. The worst and best of humanity is not extended to us.

      • While you're talking about that, don't forget to mention the attacks on black Americans. Those devils are nothing, but criminals. People act like the Mexicans coming in are trying to actually work and contribute. Most Asians go to the US to get professional training, start a business, and etc.

        The majority of Mexican ILLEGAL (most are ILLEGAL) and legal immigrants are *criminals* who go to the US to commit *crimes* and abuse public assistance. All they're doing is flooding the country with drugs and prostitutes, and draining American resources without contributing ANYTHING. You know why California has a water shortage? Mexicans. Almost every other immigrant group brings something of value.

        • Do not believe asians that come here are only doing it solely on good terms. There is a reason behind why they are allowed to open up stores in black communities while black businesses were being pushed out.

          And I do hate how they always lump black n 'brown' together…we do not go through the same trials and tribulations by any stretch of the means. Their core issues do not align with ours.

          • The Asians you're referring to are the criminals and extremely ghetto ones. They're the minority. The average Asian immigrant is in America to exploit it in every way and learn the game. Mexicans go to the US to sell drugs and get on welfare; they LITERALLY admit this.

            Asians are mainly opening up businesses using their OWN resources. They pool resources. They haven't been fooled into thinking that giving all your money to another race or another family is a good idea. They believe in group economics and REAL investments, and REAL wins. They build up stuff in their OWN countries with their money. Indians could have a great salary, but you'll still find 3 generations under one roof because they're opening businesses in India, and hustling America.

            There is discrimination in lending, and whites do actively fight black businesses; but that doesn't change the fact that the average AA doesn't see the bigger picture. Asians move like an army, and they don't fall for bullshit.

            • I also think he non black groups as helped by the fact that they have "home" countries to go back and contribute to like ou said. Black Americans I've noticed would rather die than call any country in Africa "home". The reasoning is "African countries aren't so great either" etc etc. Neither are india, China and all but these other immigrants would rather one that poverty than completely not have a home and be treated like step children in America.
              It also helps them in that American cops know if they start a war in predominantly Korean neighbourhoods for example, north and south Korea will not take it lying down (goes back to having a home). They know not to be trigger happy even when dealing with Chinese gangs.

              • That is not true. The deal is people are constantly telling AA how much Africans hate them and that Africans believe we are traitors. They try to keep us at odds constantly. Not until recently when AA have been able to go to Africa for themselves they now know this is not the case, well at least some do.

                Outside of that since the majority of AA do not know who they are or what people they come from, they have no base to say these are my people and this is where my home is…there are so many dynamics at play here it all cannot be written out in a blog.

              • I think black Americans believed this also because you are mostly exposed to Nigerians and to be honest Nigerians don't really like anyone who isnt them lol. Its not the kind of hate racists have but they really do think they're better than EVERYONE incl us here in Africa?

            • Like I said do not believe the hype there are some that pool resources, but have you ever thought how they get that $$$.

              The 'new' asians who are rich yeah they are about exploitation and gaining the knowledge, but I am not talking about them. I am talking about the ones who came before them…who had nothing and came from nothing. They had outside help in taking over business in black communities.

              There is a strategic plan to get black dollars out of black hands and get black owned businesses out of black communities and put asians businesses in there place.

              Do your own research, the truth is there you have to seek it out and stop believing everything you hear.

              • I've seen that kind of thing here in South Africa during apartheid. Shops in the hood would be owned by non blacks and drinking places would be situated in the hood but not in white suburbs to make black people dependant on alcohol.

              • Yes, that is happening, but it's exaggerated; furthermore, it doesn't. even. matter. What *really* matters is AA viewing *Africa*, any part of it except South Africa and mostly arab nations, as their HOME BASE. Africa fuels the entire world. Europe and China would f*cking collapse under their own weight without mama Africa feeding them. Africa doesn't need anything from the rest of the world, but the entire world needs Africa. Africa should be the most advanced nation in the world with its resources. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but Africa has the resources to easily build a weapon that would turn all of Europe into a tiny ash crumb in a few seconds.

                AA need to move like an army. Africa is the home base. America is just a really nice FOB. AA do have rights to the US because America was built with the resources/labor of nonwhites and continues to be sustained by the resources/labor of nonwhites. AA made every single rich white person in the US (and Europe) rich. Despite all that, the US isn't shit. What resources does it have? Yes, it gave us Wu Tang Clan and Jordans, but WTF else is there? Nothing, except maybe Texas oil and some shitty mines.

                Again, Asians practice group economics. Asians will get "good" jobs with large salaries, and still share a single home. Then they invest that money in the US and back home. Indians look at buying separate homes as giving away your money to people who just want to sell more household goods and get rich off your rent. They keep properties in their family. Poor Chinese who don't know anything about business will still find the crappy jobs they get, pile into a house, and put money together for their little nail salon or restaurant. They'll also be outside with a ghetto food cart selling roasted whatever. They know the value of ownership and hustling. They also know the value of taking your money, skills, and training and using it to build up your home base. Do you know what most of China and India looked like just 20 years ago? Do you know why India is growing so fast? Do you know how many Nigerians in America and England are investing in Nigeria?

              • Correction, I referred to Africa as a nation. The united states of Africa would be cool, but I respect the nationS of Africa.

              • It is not exaggerated. By any stretch of the means. Yes, I know they pool their $$, but that is not how they received the bulk of their money when they got to this country. I'll say it again do the research, because no one has the time to lay all the underhanded shit that went down, on a blog.

              • Look, a lot of this boils down to culture. The average AA laughs at the Indians/Chinese/etc. piled into a house. They laugh at the bargain clothes they wear. A lot of ghetto Chinese people won't hesitate to try to start a business even if they have no clue WTF they're doing. There are many well-educated AA who would never even entertain the thought. You have scores of AA with years of good business training who would rather use that training to buy nice suits and cars than build something for the next generation to grow. I'm not blaming AA here, I'm just saying there is undeniably a culture of brainwashing where people are more eager to give their money (and power) away. Part of it is a direct result of all that integration bullshit from civil rights. It's absurd. There are millions trading real power/freedom for some f*cking shiny objects.

            • Not every single white man blocks black men and women who need money to open a business. My father who is now a wealthy man was given the money to open his first store by a white man who believed in him.
              Note I didn't say white people do not use unfair lending practices
              as well as redlining. I am saying that there are a few who aren't that way.

              • Few is the key word and problem. Every other race in this country gets a handout-handup whatever you want to call it, to better their circumstances except for the people who built and continue to build this country.

                Our ancestors never received their just do for what they did. And we continue to get the short end of the stick in so many ways, which is unjust and unfair.

        • Sarah & Anonymous @ 17:30,

          I just wrote a post about this very issue on another thread ealier. You both have very valid & brilliant points of view & I'm enjoying the dialog you've opened up here.

      • Your right on one thing, black people are not allowed to be human-because they behave like savages. Once again you're using other races f*ckery to excuse our own, and attempt to negate what the facts state. What you fail to mention, and likely ever so "conveniently" decided to leave out was the fact that other races also BUILD, and engineer their societies, around what is best for them. In spite of the level on the socio/political/economic scene, the ethnicities, and nationalities you mentioned also have STRONG family units, and have their own actual communities to go to and grow from. Lastly what you talk about are the poorer, lowest levels of those people and their societies. Most of those people you mentioned are actually very wealthy, especially the arabs, asians and africans. There are actual cities in african that rival dubai, built by and for the african people.

        • You should really put a gun to your dome. You are one of the most self-hating coons on this site. Outside of fixed, no wonder why you stick up for that low hanging fruit.

  16. The refugees from Iraq (Chaldeans) came to a So Cal city and built their own "little Iraq". They literally own blocks – restaurants, car washes, liquor stores, laundromats, bakeries, clothing stores, grocery stores, you name it. Can't hardly speak English, especially when they spend their loot at department stores and fast food restaurants.

    • That's what AA should be doing. Buy up your entire neighborhoods. Own that stuff. Claim your fair share. You built this nation. White people haven't built anything in their entire existence, not even today. They've been sponging the resources/labor of every other corner of the world and every other "race." They didn't even build Europe. Moors did that. Every single wealthy white person got their money off a nonwhite's back and land. Take that shit back. No one should even be able to come into a black community and buy anything, but our goods. Make these Asians in the US go try to set up their shops in white communities. LOL. Asian millionaires in America would almost disappear except for the top people who come to the US with millions already.

      • To say what should be done is the easy part. We have tried to that many times over the centuries and every time we rise they loot, trash, kill, maim and destroy.

        You can beat a people down to where they feel trapped and hopeless. Oppression and systematic racism is real. And until we find a way to break all these walls down we will be in the same place doing the same thing.

        • That shit doesn't matter. It's a new day. We have new resources and new connections to exploit. It's not 1812 or 1960. There are no "walls" to break. People need to decide to make shit happen with everything they have.

            • There's a lot of reasons for that; for example, black people jumping when some albino fag like Drake daps them up and throws a fake fist in the air. Drake is not a member of the black community. Black progress does not benefit Drake. You let parasites like that in, they're poison. Look around the US. What other communities take in outsiders? Yes, black people are better than them, but black people need to stop fueling everyone else's empire. Be better than them, but don't allow exploitation.

              • You are a pure true blue idiot. Only a simp like you would come up with some base hood shit as the cause of our problems…take that shit back to kindergarten, the grade you did not make it past.

              • No that would be your mama, she should have left you in the trash can she birth you in with the rest of the garbage…lol.

          • Correction. The walls are exaggerated in a lot of ways. We need to get out of that mentality. Stop making it bigger than it is, and don't let white devils win.

    • Anonymous @ 11:20,

      They're not doing it in So Cal anymore. Include Detroit which has the world’s largest population outside of Iraq, with an estimated 121,000 of their documented people. They're doung the same in Las Vegas, Chicago & Phoenix. The own real estate companies, gas stations & every other kind of business one can think of & not funded from their own money. The US government has the nerve to provide them "refugee funds to assist them in establishing life in this country."

      • That is my point, it is not their $$, but someone wants to keep acting like they are able to come up with these large sums of $$ out of their ass through magical savings.

        I will say there are some who do this, but there are others who are paid to invade our communities and take over everything they can.

  17. Drake is only did that cause Ole Blue ? Williams gave a powerful speech on the BET awards, that's what "inspired" him to write this, NOT what is taking place cause he like many others aren't the lease bit affected by what's going on in these trying days!!!!!

  18. Why does the producer of Hidden Colors use Mr. Neely Fuller's 'word terminology' yet fail to subscribe to Mr. Fuller's entire philosophy yet continues making money off the man's work?

    • Ask the biggest proponent of the work on here nba is fixed…that nicca cannot stop bringing that BS up.

      You would think that shit was the second coming the way he brings it up.

  19. Jessie Williams speech was nothing but pandering bullshit, nothing that hasn't been said before. Black women ate that shit up and followed hook line, and sinker. Ya'll fail to realize the dude is a half breed who's experiences and privilege will forever be paramount to the average brown skin-dark skin black (the ones who are actually being shot down by police.) Black women further embarrass themselves by falling for whatever any light skin simp with pretty blue eyes tells them. Mixed people are not black, so quit trying to claim them as such.

    Also sarah quit going on anon and giving yourself that invisible pat on the back.

    • The Truman Show,
      I read all your comments knowing I'll find some like minded perspective but every now & again you throw me for a loop. You struck a nerve with me with "Mixed people are not black, so quit trying to claim them as such" because I have an older sister whose mother is German & are related by way of our father. She's been passing for everything but black her entire life UNTIL she's speaking to me or is in my presence. She's married white men twice. My nephew has long very curly hair he never knew how he got until I explained it to him….he didn't know his grandfather was black…mind you he's 26 yrs. Oddly enough my sister has ALWAYS acted as if "I owed her something."

      • So it's kinda like the black when it's convenient thing huh? Ive known a lot of mixed people who could possibly pass who do this when they want props, or when their specifically around black people. Some have said that Jessie Williams looks like Justin Jimerblake, just with more tanned skin. Lol. Some black people are starting to awake and see a lot of this for what it is.

        • The Truman Show,
          YES, that's exactly what it's like. What I feel compelled tell you this though…Jessie Williams looks like a "light complexioned black guy" to me. He doesn't look like he could ever pass for white on his best day to me. My sister looks like a cross between Jennifer Beal & Rashida Jones with wavy hair which she goes out her way to wear straight…get it? So, around me she's "Soul Sister #1."

    • I don't give jesse more props than others. I praise him on the fact that he is FULLY aware of his privilege unlike other biracial people. He knows and admits that white people are more accepting of him because of his blue eyes and light skin. He has even gone as far as to say that he can speak on race and still get jobs in Hollywood because he is biracial. He understands his privilege and KNOWS his place.

    • I don't give myself invisible pats on the back tbh. I learn so much from many people who post here. I get different perspectives and I appreciate that especially because I'm not American.

    • Also the whole "black women fall for whatever…" what do you mean? Which other lightskin guy do we "worship" according to you? Which one? Name him.
      And I don't think black women should come to mind when there's Kanye and his marriage to that culture vulture family and black men's general magnetic attraction to racist white/latina/asian women. Like…no.

      • As in black women will fall for any pandering, "feel good" messages that anyone throws at them without even bothering to analyze it's deeper context, and who's it's from. The problem here wasn't so much Jessie Williams, as he's a puppet who's just doing what he's told, but the issue is with black women being told strictly what they want to hear. Their the ones who are ultimately praising Jessie Williams speech. There are at least some black men and women who are seeing it for what it is. It's also funny how all this racial chaos is now happening right off the heels of him making his speech.

        • And ignorant self-hating dick sucking fags like you only know how to lap on other self-hating dick sucking fags nutsacks on this site. Instead of bringing anything of value to the convo all you do is complain like a gnarly faced, hunch-back, buck-toothed shit eating sewer dwelling troll.

          • And of course you couldn't negate anything in my arguments. I miss when this place wasn't overran with generate anons.

            • Bitch you are a no name nobody hiding behind some BS screenname.

              You said nothing a whole lot of nothing as usual just whining like the bitch you are.

            • The people making these comments are either white, mixed race, or race traitors.

              There is also a segment of black women who seem disconnected from reality. It seems like most of them want to justify being a sellout by making false claims against their own people. They're very angry/aggressive towards black males, which is their own racism or personal issues; but they try to paint it as a response to black male behavior and black male "racism," which is a bizarre exaggeration.

              One of the single most important things for AA to do is to spend time in Africa, and not necessarily for the purpose of business, or studying its rich history. They just need to be in a place that isn't toxic. They need to be immersed in the beauty of their own people. The United States is a toilet.

              • STFU bitch, you obviously do not know these MF making these comments. I do. They say the same shit over and over again because they hate themselves. So for you to talk nonsense and BS on something you have no barrings on makes you look as stupid & ignorant as you seem to be.

    • People need to stop using the word "privilege" to describe the degenerate retardation of whites.

      • And you need to stop showing your backwards ass in every thread. All you do is criticize others and say how much you hate albino retarded no lip having cave people. Okay we get it.
        How about saying something constructive about what you and others can do to make things better. Or are you just a one not simp?

  20. CRISES ACTORS ALERT!!! CRISES ACTORS ALERT!!! CRISES ACTORS ALERT!!! Black people just got fooled once again, smh.

    • MF how are you relating this shooting to that orlando BS. Any smart person is not relating that fake fag shit to this.

  21. What do white people expect when they rape, lynch and murder millions of us for over five hundred years. Eventually some of the black people will become possessed by the spirits of Nat Turner and Lovelle Mixon and begin to start shooting back. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. #Ice-T #CopKiller

  22. Some black people do not want to protest and sing “we shall over come.” Some black people do not subscribe to Barack Obama’s teachings. Instead, some black people subscribe to Huey Newton and Assata Shakur’s teachings. Some black people believe in the statement “eye for an eye.” Some black people will kill one of your family members if you kill one of their family members. Some black people are not scared of the police. Some black people have absolutely nothing to live for; therefore some black people are not scared to die for what they believe in. What do these black people believe in? REVENGE!

  23. Do you know that … Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass. Was this answer helpful?

  24. congrats! my best to your family. we’ll be following along in another two months with a little girl best advice that someone gave me which i like to share is, “the best thing you can give your child is your time.”

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