Terry Crews’ Alleged Abuser Returns to Work

terry crews abuser adam venit

After a 30-day suspension, WME agent Adam Venit returned to work completely unscathed and forgiven for his actions.

After the news broke that he was back on the job, his alleged victim, actor Terry Crews, had this to say:

Although he’s back to work, Venit has been demoted from the head of the motion picture department. Sources stated Venit also gave a “tearful apology” to the agency’s staff at their morning meeting.

Crews outed Venit in late-October for allegedly grabbing his package during an industry event. Crews has since left the agency.

Sounds like Russell Simmons put in a call to WME to get Venit his job back.


  1. He’ll soon be an industry head honcho – no doubt. Terry will have to stay motivated until his phone starts ringing again.

    • he’ll have a lawsuit and will be paid. terry is done he knew that the moment he spoke out.

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