Russell Simmons Begs Terry Crews to Give His Abuser ‘a Pass’

terry crews adam venit russell simmons

After finding out that Hollywood exec Adam Venit was the man who groped Terry Crews at an event, Russell Simmons reached out to Terry and asked him to give Adam “a pass.”

Thankfully, Terry put Russell on blast!



    • You give him too much respect. House nucca better make sure his own accusers don’t take him down.

  1. He should not have dignified that with a response.
    Don’t let social media turn you into a bitch Terry

    • He did the right thing…people need to out these predators and predator supporters.

  2. I’m so glad that Terry put rushcard on blast! This is how abusers go on to victimize others. Keeping things quiet is how molesters get emboldened. Shame on the anony above for suggesting that Terry should not blast it. Let the world know.

  3. Russell should have shut the hell up with his DL ass.!! He’s being accused of molesting someone his damn self. He got some nerve smfh

  4. russ on dsrugs on something but when venit gets arrested holla at me.

    terry know he liked that white man grabbing his big hard black cock lol

  5. Most black people forgot that Russell Simmons financially screwed alot of black people with the Rush Card. Kills me that we continue to forgive the evil deeds that rich black people execute on us. We have to stop obsessing over black celebrities. Those people don’t give two shits about us!

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