Ashanti Blasts Fans for Treating Her Like a Stripper

ashanti stripper

Ashanti stopped her performance in Hawaii after concertgoers were throwing money at her like a stripper! Peep her reaction:


  1. Plz, u did see the money on the floor, but didn’t say anything. I guess she was disturbed tht the money hit her.

  2. So she doesn’t get paid to go to Dubai to get shitted on? I’m shocked and appalled.

  3. If it sings like a duck, dances like a duck, dresses like a duck, and squirms on laps like a duck…then it’s a stripper-NeNe Leakes.

  4. Ooh i forgot shes a good wholesome christian girl. Lol ass out titties out giving three lapdances at once. Bitch if u aint doing this for the cash what u doing it for? Like others said, NEXT.

  5. So are black men. You are quick to call black women who date white men ‘bedwenches’ but you cry tears of pain when we call you ‘bucks’ for doing the same – dating white women. Hypocrite much?

  6. lets see she was fuckinmg two married guys irv and ja rule yeah very good girl like lets see she was dating dudes for money, maybe the dude didn’t throw enough money at here maybe it was 20 you know ashjanti wants more money than 20

    should have threw 100 bills at her.

  7. Stripper, prostitute what’s the difference? She better be picking up those $$$. She & D’Angelo trip me out acting like hos then getting mad when they are treated as such. Both them negroes gonna wish they’d picked up that money off the floor.

  8. Quote from Dave Chapelle, “You say you’re not a hoe, but you’re wearing a hoes uniform.”

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