Russell Simmons Denies New Sexual Assault Allegations

russell simmons brett ratner rape

Keri Claussen Khalighi was 17-years-old when she was allegedly assaulted by Russell Simmons at his New York apartment.

As Simmons began asking for sex and ripping off her clothes, his buddy Brett Ratner stood by and didn’t even bother to step in.

Simmons is now denying the incident, that allegedly occurred in 1996, ever took place:


  1. man hollywood is failling fast and all of these secrects are going out very soon you will be seeing tapes casting couch sex tapes gay sex and all of that just wait

    • Getting some Jiffy pop and cherry slushies!!! Can’t wait. About time, Hollyweird is not so glamorous after all.

    • You know these freaks like to watch and get off on the videos of their own misdeeds. Those videos are out there. The will soon leak right and left.

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  2. I believe Russell, no matter what Khaligi says. Some questions: How was she able to make contact with him after all these years? How’d he get her phone number to call her on 11/1? Instead of telling three people she should’ve told the police. Another article said Russell tried to penetrate her WHEN SHE GOT IN THE SHOWER AT HIS PLACE after the encounter. If you’ve been violated, why would you get naked at the home of your perpetrator and take a shower? You should be getting out of there! Yes, something happened, but it wasn’t forced. She knew when she got there what was expected and she fulfilled the request. You “refuse forced” penetration but you “compromise” to do oral–forced doesn’t offer choices like refuse, compromise, settle for, maybe; forced is forced. Then you jump on the bandwagon and tell your abuser that you might go public with what happened. GTFOH!! Don’t believe her.

    • well she did say he ripped her close off her body,so I’m assuming that’s why. Naive yes

  3. ******OFF TOPIC****
    Any new information about Tyrese posting a fake kidnapping video.

  4. Why was a 17-year old doing at his apartment? You don’t get burned if you’re not in the oven.

      • Yes he did. I used go to Bowery Bar back in the days (Phat Farm days) and my boyfriend who was a bouncer told me to never blaze 420 w/ Russell. He was known to lace his joints with angel dust. One day sure enough Russell offered me a puff and I said no and offered him a puff of my blunt. You know this fucker had the nerve to ask if my blunt was laced with something..??? I told him that I was cute and I didnt need to drug anyone 😉

  5. Anyone still planning on taking their kids to Hollywood? Will there be any child actors in the future?

  6. How is russell talking about he supports brave people for speaking out but he sending Terry Crews letters to be quiet? He lied in the first sentence of that statement, no way I’m believing the rest.

  7. Russell got his arms like yeah this my whiteboy here later on he gonna dress up like adele

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