Tyrese Admits He Lied About Wife’s Pregnancy & About Being Broke!

tyrese lied wife pregnant broke

Tyrese is back to blaming his meds for his actions. But this time, he’s fessing up to lying about his wife being pregnant and lying about his financial situation.

These are his confessions:

tyrese lied wife pregnant broke 1
tyrese lied wife pregnant broke 2
tyrese lied wife pregnant broke 3

#StuntQueen SMH


  1. Is the documentary true and about to happen? So this was a long running screen test for his azz! smh! Not many will watch this train wreck on Nutflyx, Hellu, or any of the other alternative stations.

    • Hood SATs… Tyrese is to Retard as ASAP is to ______

      a. Asshole
      b. Dingleberry
      c. black woman hating triple stunt queen
      d. all of the above

  2. Where is his management to tell him to stay OFF social media!?? His wife should be working with a support group highlighting mental illness- that could be her new hustle.

  3. His career is ova. Just wait for the waterworks….
    He really needs to be in the Mental ward for a while.

  4. Nobody needs to explain this much shit on the internet its nobody’s business but his own

  5. As an older women, these are signs of an unstable personality and an abuser …Lying all the time . If his second wife is smart she would get out of there real quick. He is mentally unstable and you will hear from her that he abused her in some way in time to come . This marriage will not last with him acting like this . And his career is for the most part over. For all the “advise” he gives , he should’ve taken this advise…. even a fool is considered wise when he is silent. But he is now looking like and known as a fool.

  6. Yes I totally agree with Scotch he clearly is sick. He shows signs of bi polar disorder. And a number of other things he is clearly addicted to social media. He can’t stay off the net people I pray for that black man.

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