Steph Curry Blasted for Ignoring Young Fan, Ayesha Defends Him

steph curry ignores fan

Watch this video as Steph Curry ignores TF out of a young fan!

The kid’s mom had this to say

steph curry

And of course, Steph’s wife Ayesha had to throw her two cents into the mix.

Do you believe her?


  1. he saw him and didn’t want to sign the jersey. that’s it. period. own it curry.

  2. People need to stop idolizing these individuals because when it comes down to it they will never live up to the potential that (you) see in them. He doesn’t deserve that little boys love and admiration. Lets see how he cleans this one up without his wife’s help.

    • @ BE, I agree 100% and Social Media definitely hasn’t helped. There use to be a level of mystery when it came to your fav celebs, now they get on SM and fock up whatever image you had of them.

      • SM did not do it…they did and I am thankful mystery is a thing of the past.

        And anyone who looks up to anyone outside if their higher power is an idiot.

  3. I dnt knw y she even put out a statement, u can clearly see him ignoring the kid. He looked in his direction more thn once. I knw one thing this kid was a lot closer thn “those relatives” he was “looking” for.

  4. hope that kid learned his lesson. now he should focus on making his life the best it can be instead of being Unfocused on celebrity and falling down the rabbit hole

  5. Wife needs to STFU. If anyone needs to make a statement, it should come directly from Curry.

    Curry messed up. He needs to own it, apologize to the kid & them come up with a resolution.

    They 4get, without the fans they are NOTHING.

  6. People need to stop teaching there kids to idolize celebrities. Steph is probably hassled all day long, and that little boy did not want just a hi but a signature on a jersey. Steph obviously dont have the time, was focused on something and everybody kid aint as sweet, cute and cuddley to everyone else as they are to they own parents. She embarassed her owm son, not Steph

    • IF that little boy had been light-skined, SC would have been all over him. He and his family are color-elitist…brown paper baggers for sure. And @LovelyL, that mom said her son was devastated. Don’t compare that kid to a groupie, Groupies fuck, for one thing. All this boy wanted was a autograph from someone he looked up to.–SC is a top athlete in a game many folk love, not a celebrity. Kids have folks they look up to, especially someone with a skill or talent. When they are let down it can be very upsetting. Didn’t you have someone that you looked up to when you were a kid? Now imagine if that person let you down or was unkind or completely ignored you when you were in front of their face. It would hurt whether they were famous or not. Stop being so hard @ LovelyL.

  7. Curry aiint losing no sleep over this.
    That thirsty ass lil nukka, needs to learn
    that you won’t always get your way.
    He got some autographs, be happy with that.

    • I’m sure that kid learns that lesson every day. He is a black male. Steph Curry shouldn’t be the one to teach him that, tho. The fans are what make him. There is always another basketball star in the making and if you are an asshole to your fans they will leave you. Just ask Kobe Bryant.

  8. I don’t like the Curry couple. Period. I’m glad he wins over Cleveland because I hate Cleveland, but other than that, I don’t ever want to hear about the Curry’s, ever, ever, ever.

  9. autographs can be valuable in the long run… I hate how America makes a few super rich and others only get to be spectators and collectors (of autographs) feeling left out.

  10. I don’t know what to really say about this like yeah I feel bad for the kid and I’m sure curry saw him but at the same time it’s a bunch of fans that he sees and he can’t get to meet them all. Moral of the story these parents need to teach their kids that these celebrities aren’t gods they should not be praised and held in high regards ever!

  11. Ppl thought Steph Curry was a wimp, but if he can shade a 10 year old, like that, on camera, at the stadium, during the family and friends time, with his jersey on. Yikes!!!! He ain’t a joke!! He stands firm on his ground about everything and you can’t be mad at that, there need to be more men like him, really. But he low key a Grade A a—- hole for that ???? But Id rather that than a stupid man they keeps getting caught up in everything with everybody.

  12. I would knock his wife over just to get to him. Steph is a fine ass man. Damn.

  13. I’ve always said this guy is as cocky as hell. Save your children and stop idolizing these fools – he puts a ball in a basket, that’s it folks!

  14. The mother needs to explain that Steph is a man like any other. He works hard. He gets tired or frustrated sometimes. He has to be away from his family a lot.He deals with job pressure. He’s one man. He can’t sign every autograph.

    • Exactly. It’s the perfect time to let him know he is only a man/human. Yea you like him and being disappointed is expected but all that adoring depression crap shouldn’t be happening. Life lessons. Don’t look up to man

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