David Otunga Wins Custody Battle Against Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson ex custody battle

Jennifer Hudson’s ex, David Otunga, just won against her in their child custody battle when he was awarded the primary custodial parent to their son.

He will have their 8-year-old son the majority of the time since Hudson is in London shooting “The Voice UK” and will be headed to Los Angeles to shoot “The Voice.”

Hudson also voluntarily dropped her order of protection against him, but he’s still not allowed to live in their family home.


  1. Well she should have never gotten the PO. According to TMZ, Otunga has been the primary caregiver to their son since his birth. Because of Hudson’s travel schedule.

    She was trying to make him look bad and it backfired.

    • This is an agreed to, TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT. It’s not permanent, just what they agreed to until they could work something out permanently. And none of us no what happened to make her seek that order.

      • I think most would agree she lied. Then again, maybe when she told him it was over he lost his mind and made threats, then calmed down. These days ministers, good husbands and boyfriends, good people are taking out their entire family. We don’t know what really happened. In the meanwhile the woman HAS to go out and make money while she gets criticized for going out to make money. It’s crazy. And he gets to sit home and demand some of her money while criticizing her for going out to make money. Nuts.

  2. Dear Rich Ladies: if you want to keep the kid all to yourself and not have the baby daddy drama, go to a sperm bank. Gentlemen: Use a damn surrogate. Think about it, no drama ever, no child support, no losing your kid, kid is with you all the time. It’s the way it should be done. Or don’t have kids.

  3. Black nerds win again.

    First Laura Winslow marries a computer programmer instead of a NBA or NFL player, and then Ashley Banks marries a AA studies professor instead of a NBA or NFL player.

    I was a Jennifer fan. When she hit those notes, I was like, “Yaass.” I was irritated when she dumped the dude who supported her all those years, and when she traded her thickness for that cat look, but now she’s making up ducktales on her Harvard trained lawyer husband thinking that’s gonna work. Why Jennifer? iiiii am tellin’ you!

    • And David helped her get in shape, and she cheated on him, and not with a Harvard trained lawyer that benches like 250.

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