Terry Crews Leaves His Agency Following Sexual Assault Allegation

terry crews sexual assault

Terry Crews has said goodbye to his agency, WME, after outing the head of the company’s motion picture group.

Crews also went to the authorities to file a report about the incident and named his accuser as Adam Venit. The authorities are conducting a thorough investigation.

Crews is now currently without an agent…


  1. The people like Venit are paper tigers, they only have power if we acquiesce. Thats the biggest lesson.

  2. When YT points the accusing finger different things happen than they do for black people. I’m just sayin….

    • What has YouTube fingers got to do with this? And what are you saying after the elipses? Look at the above comment for something clear and concise.

    • Well that’s what happens when the world is given into the hand of the wiKKKed. Job 9:24 You can’t go anywhere on earth where these invaders/occupiers are and get justice.

  3. He’ll be okay. He’s an excellent actor and I’m sure he’ll be picked up by another agency- if he hasn’t already. Probably had to cut ties for legal reasons if anything.

  4. His talent has nothing with being blacklisted. The Power Brokers in Hollywood are not going to knowingly let him in their playground risking future lawsuits and consequently millions. However, with the development of cablenetworks like Own he may still have a chance to maintain his wealth and status as an actor, producer , writer or creative person. Eitherway, the path he chose to out the people involved for their immoral and demonic acts is took a lot of courage and faith in himself and possibly God. I wish him and his family blessings and much luck In their quest for justice and compensation.

    • Talent does matter. Look at Dave Chapelle. He flat out said “no” to their nonsense, but he brings so much to the table that they only did so much.

        • He’s done WME IMG Manage Obama, Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis, Colin Kaepernick and …………………… Donald J Trump!!!!!!

  5. In always wondered if Ving Rhames was manipulated and force to play the character in about 11 years ago where he played character of a strong black thug that was taken in the back room and serial raped by 2 white men. Also, around that time they had him playing a role of a Gay black man in direct contrast to the strong big Black Alpha Man in prior films. It always made me wonder if the power players in controll made him feel he had to take those demeaning roles to keep getting roles as an actor. I also wondered if they possibly put him though the same process they did with many Black Male Slaves during Slavery……the process called Buck Breaking, Were the White Men Raped the Blqck Male Slave to break his Spirit… We’re is Ving Rhames now. Just doing commercials for ADT…. And that is only recently. I wonder if Ving Rhames has his own stories and complaints to tell…..time will tell. Does anyone have any comments about this topic of interest….maybe anonymous or even Jacky

  6. Richard Pryor wore drag, looks like all black actors wore drag at least once or twice very few may not gave done it

    Those who.didn’t wear drag damn fucked dudes in real life

  7. He’ll be fine. Terry chose the right way and time to out this dude.

    If he went at him the way many wanted him to, he’d be dealing with jail, lawsuits, and being blackballed. He’d also be painted as the angry black man and a homophobe because he “wouldn’t have done that to a woman.” Basically, when keeping it real goes wrong.

    With all the drama happening now, Venit is the one who will deal with that crap because now the agency and others have to clean this up. Terry will be looked at as the nice, goofy, funny guy that showed a lot of restraint when most men would have smacked that dude. Gays will also view him as liberal because he didn’t smack this dude. He’ll also be seen as the victim of an exploitative industry by all the folks who aren’t fond of gays. After a chat with Oprah, and a few more high-profile interviews, he may see a career boost.

    Some people don’t get that he probably spent a decade or more getting to the level where he had a name in Hollywood. He didn’t (much like people with 9 to 5s) want to throw that away over some clown he could handle in a better way.

    I think he might lose some work over this, but with all the recent developments, and his profile raised by the press, I think he’ll be good. He might even get a Lifetime movie. lol The Terry Crews Story starring Michael Jai White.

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