Alexis Skyy Isn’t the Only One Pregnant by Fetty Wap

fetty wap baby mamas

Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap reconciled, she got pregnant, and then they broke up again in October 2017…and we think we know why!

Fetty just revealed that Alexis isn’t the only one who’s currently pregnant by him. She’s having a girl and some other unknown woman is having a boy!

This will be Fetty’s 7th kid.


  1. God did not put you here to put a bunch of illegitamate kids here. Providing does not just only mean financially, it also means your child raised in the same house with they Father and being able to wake up and say Daddy Im sick!!! Not only Mommy Im sick.

    Uuuugghhh he’s such a loser and the girls gettimg pregnant by him are even worst. Alexis Sky had her whole life ahead of her, now she gone be stuck with a baby that will only have a Father every other week.

  2. I’m thinking he is intentionally getting these girls pregnant. I no longer think it’s an accident. Him and Lil Wayne know the real reason they catching all these “only physically beautiful” chicks, and they trying to make sure they stick for life.

    I don’t understand why so many females are so selfish to not find there child a good Daddy, one that actually plans on being a husband and not a child support check.

    • Naw, them nukkas need to learn how to use condoms, before they catch more than a baby. Dirty dick fuckers. lol

      • ladies also need to wrap it up because when they break up with these dudes they out here sleeping with you guys

  3. These niggas duke each other in the butt too that’s why you ALWAYS suppose to wear a condom cause niggas never go to a doctor and youll just never know what’s going on until you catch them with your own eyes

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