T.I.’s Side Chick Throws Shade at Tiny

bernice burgos shades tiny

Bernice Burgos denied she was creepin with T.I., but now the Instathot is definitely throwing shade at Tiny!

A couple weeks after Tiny called Bernice a “pass around,” Bernice took to her Snapchat to post this video of her and a friend singing an Xscape song.


Will Bernice end up looking dumb when Tiny and T.I. reconcile for the 100th time?


  1. Ok at this point im ready to be this thit ass and where i come from hoe we dont type either.. I know abt 10 chicks thats ready to drag this hoe..all because she doing 2 much..sit down u stupid hoe..tiny need 2 call in favors and black list this hoe income from partys that she appear at. U will be back on welfare soon or hunts point..childish bitch…where is that tape of her daughter sucking dick..someone post that tape..

  2. Bernice Burgos will always be a “pass Around”. No man is going to wife you after every man in America knows what your insides look like. Just ask Amber. Whiz finally realized that you can’t turn a how into a housewife. #FACTS

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