T.I.’s Side Chick’s Home Wrecking Past Exposed!

ti bernice burgos home wrecker

T.I.’s side chick, Bernice Burgos, just got put on blast by her former friend.

Peep the tea!


Who do you believe?


  1. Damn for some in their late 30s she pretty fine. Black Latinas are very attractive but some of them are really slutty especially in the Miami district.

  2. You can tell she old the way she talk act and dance..old skooool.. But why dont she want to grow up..with a 21 year old daughter..

  3. You see the videos the way she snapping her fingers and the way she dance…Nawww Ma.you old 38..39…40=Same age group…Middle Age..lmaooo.. Face it Bernie..u old..and you look good for your age but i know chicks in middle 40″s..And they look younger sooooo..maybe because they not on the gram all day..Idk…Getting a husband w thot tendecies..hmmmmmmm

  4. And Jackie what’s up with the Scoop about her 20 yr old daughter giving a Blow Job for a Pocketbook… Come on Stop holding out on that Tea…

  5. Yes, she looks good but that doesn’t negate the fact that she is a thot running behind a married man, who is still attending events with his wife. Her milkshake ain’t bringing and keeping boys in the yard cause it spoiled!

  6. Lmsoooo…yasss that milk is spoiled right dere…and her face looks different also..work maybe..fillers… Just sayin…always naked..men know desperation…Im just saying from what i hear men finding it unattractive to wife an old IG Thot…talking bout she a few from 40..lmaoooo…bishhh plz…take this L u old AF and stupid ass hell for messing w t.i..everyone in usa.. Knows how he is..thats old age Bernie Getting Hungry 4 a man…TICK TOCK…TIME CREEPING LOL

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