Usher Has a Special Message for Team Natural

usher team natural

Usher has a few words for the ladies who are wearing their natural hair:

Do you appreciate his support?


      • Lol brothas have been saying this for years. Black women just don’t respect our standard of beauty. They will get butt injections to please black men but hair nope they will chase white validation. Smdh

  1. Thanks Usher!! 🙂 Did the big chop going on 3 yrs ago & have enjoyed it ever since. I had been getting relaxers for 26 yrs & my hair had become like thread. I cut all that ish off & have worn it short since. It fits me more, no hassle, get up & go! I’ve also received quite a few compliments. I have thought about eventually wearing a weave or wig occasionally just to change up my look/style. But what I don’t plan to ever do again is use a chemical relaxer on my hair. IMO, it’s just not healthy in so many ways.

  2. Wasn’t he helping his wife remove her weave? Is that natural? I’m going to need these men to stay out of women’s business. There are multiple black men who express disdain for natural black hair. Either they need to keep it real or shut up!

    • How is encouraging and appreciating a woman’s natural beauty “women’s business” that men need to stay out of? Would you prefer we not support natural beauty? You seem like one of those angry/lonely sistas that’s so bitter that she goes out of her way to find problems with a compliment (which is the real reason nobody wants to be around yo ass). You’ll never see it though. SMH

      • Bitter, lonely, think again. Just because I threw out there the hypocrisy of men that makes me miserable? No, you black men are sad because you are afraid to admit that the same hair that you have on your head, you disdain on your fellow black women. most black men do not care for natural black hair on a black woman’s head. Why do you think weaves are so popular amongst black women? Don’t give me that token self hate answer.

        • So there are a couple of points I found interesting about your not at all bitter reply. You’re complaining about how “most black men do not care for natural black hair” even though that’s the exact opposite of what Usher – who is definitely a black man – said (this is where your bitterness totally shows). Then you’re stating how played it is for some brothas to have a problem with black women going natural (which I actually agree with), yet at the same time you’re also using self-hating brothas to justify why black women wear weaves instead of embracing their natural hair, and there is YOUR hypocrisy. Isn’t that giving black men with self-hate issues too much power over you? Letting self-hatred from others dictate what you do is a form of self-hatred as well. Think about how low your self-esteem has to be to let people with their own self-hate issues have that much control over how you present yourself.

    • Mystique is one of those black women that expect black men to accept ALL THE THRASH from black women. Stay away from her. As long you are well cultured black man you deserved the best. Don’t let degenerate sistas shame you to liking them because even white men aren’t afraid to outcast white trash

      • The problem with Mystique’s logic is that she seems to fault black men for her own issues. She’s saying black women wear fake hair to basically cater to self-hating brothas, which is really dumb because if you have a brotha that’s desiring Eurocentric, Latina, or Asian attributes, that weave ain’t gonna distract him from noticing that sista’s hair is imported! That brotha will still go for the real thing at some point. And I know some brothas can be a lot of things, but a lot of these sistas are pinning all their issues on brothas instead of owning their stuff and admitting that some of them prefer to have long, bone straight, silky weave instead rocking natural hair because that’s what THEY want and that’s what THEY think looks better.

  3. Back women would elevate themselves tremendously if they would stop copying white women’s hair while claiming to e originators of so much culture(which is true)

    They would go back to being uniquely beautiful, like Korean and Vietnamese women, much like they were in the seventies and before. Think Pam Grier. She could have worn her long hair processed, but she didn’t. She was a show stopper.

  4. Beautiful black couple!! Usher has done a complete 360…He looks better than he did in the 1990s too. So proud of him!!! A black man appreciating a black woman’s natural crown of glory(natural hair) is so rare these days. Love 4 Usher?????

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