Tiny’s Unbothered by T.I.’s New ‘Pass Around’ Chick

ti bernice burgos tiny

Tiny needs to go ahead and file those divorce papers because T.I. is back to smashing other women right in front of her face!

When someone called TIP out on flaunting his new chick, Bernice Burgos, all over his IG page, Tiny let her follower know she’s unbothered.

tiny tip bernice

BTW Bernice is allegedly in her late 30s, dated Drake, and was a “bartender” at Starlets strip club in NYC. Is this an upgrade for TIP?



  1. How could a woman who is married not be unbothered about her husband flaunting another bitch? This is some crazy ish right here. Tiny should have went through with the divorce proceeding. What’s the point of staying in a marriage and dealing with his shenanigans?

  2. Also, it’s sad when women go after men who are in very public marriages. Shits disgusting.

  3. She’s a fool to not be bothered. Smfh this world is so screwed up everything is fake now to the bodies to the personalities like I don’t get it! tiny is to old to act so dumb this bitch got grown kids and acting like she’s still a teenager woman tf up and divorce this idiot he obviously knows no matter what he does tiny will come crawling right back smh sad

  4. Bear in mind that this couple are swingers.

    So Tiny knowing Tip is banging other women is nothing new. At least she’s not having to watch like she usually does.

  5. I’m I ever gone find a decent woman I’m thinking of giving up idea of marriage and kid’s this thot culture shit is astronomical Now.

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