WOW!! ? 50 Cent Punches Aggressive Woman During Concert

50 Cent retaliated hard against a woman who pulled him off stage during a rap concert Saturday … punching her square in the chest.

50 was performing with The Lox at Baltimore Soundstage when he reached into the crowd to shake hands and a woman in a flowered dress grabbed his arm and pulled him off the stage.

The rapper appears to have thrown the punch to free himself from her grasp. She eventually let go, and in fact, came up on the stage at 50’s request. She accepted the olive branch and ended up twerking as if she was one of his backup dancers.


  1. She pulled him off stage. He punched her. She gets up on stage twerking like she’s waiting for HIM to make it rain. He doesn’t invite her to join him in VIP. She’ll go to an attorney to file a battery lawsuit. 50 will talk bad about her on social media. They’ll settle out of court. Isn’t that the way this will end? Seen it all before.

    • You right something is wrong with that man.. He punched a woman like he would hit a man..
      He’s really disgusting and that stupid woman on stage shaking her ass like they were paying her.. .25 cents is a woman hater.. It’s been proven time and time again…

  2. These celebrity nigga’s just can’t do right by no one, not even by themselves. This is exactly why I’ve moved away from rap music. This is the type of ignorance, and culture it breeds; on both sides. I think folks should start to boycott hollywood.

    • Game and fifty beef making all these diss songs letting you know they was fuckibg

      Just like Remy wibt leave Nicki alone cause Remy wanna eat her pussy

      Eminem and proof used to be too close for comfort all on each other like bitches

      Dre showed snoop, fifty, em, game the ropes

  3. She obviously pulled on his arm too hard, causing him to fall accidentally. She didn’t do it intentionally. 25 cent is nothing but a down low, he-motional, he-b*tch. Black women better stop supporting some of these ol’ bitter azz, HIV carrying, black male so-called rapper terrorists. Most of these booty digging, DL rap f*gs hate women period.

  4. Worse Curtis talks about other gay rappers like puff and French Montana and rick Ross bit think he’s god its been proven fifty prefers men ask smurf who was willing to kill anybody for fifty yes they was DL lovers anytime a man willing to do time for you

    Kissing game in the cheek but I think game like dre better oh when game was kicked out if g unit game kept crying Dre’s name like he was fucking him

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