Steve Harvey Knows His Place…

Earlier this year a nasty email from Steve Harvey warning his Chicago film crew not to approach him in hallways or enter his dressing room without an appointment leaked online.

Steve now calls the email ‘cute’ and confirms it was leaked by a disgruntled employee… This week at the TCA press tour Steve had these nuggets for the media:

“I was OK until I saw it on CNN and that’s when I knew I was in a lot of trouble. The email was out there and it wasn’t a big deal to me at all.

I thought it was cute. You all didn’t.”

Steve also confirmed rumors about leaving most of his staff behind explaining,

“It was something I wrote a year ago and someone didn’t get a job coming to LA and they got pissed.”


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  2. I believe the real reason why Steve Harvey visited Trump was so he can get more work for himself. This man is the host of several tv shows. Many of those tv shows are broadcast on NBC, the tv network that Trump used to work for.

    • You are a fucking fool.

      Trump has NO PULL @ NBC & the shows he is doing are co-produced with Ellen dumbass!

  3. What I don’t like is how he has become the face of tv. Black folks were riding with him when he was an unknown king of comedy. Now he’s making white folks laugh – but are they laughing with him or at him!


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