Sheree Whitfield’s Prison Boo Transferred

Sheree Whitfield’s prison boo has been transfered from his original prison housing due to his “escapades.”

A tipster who originally revealed Sheree’s prison boo, just spilled more tea about him sneaking in and out of housing to see Sheree before he was moved another prison with much tighter security.


  1. Um excuse me? What type of el chapo prison shit is this?? Nigguhs escaping prison to pay she-by-sheree car note? Woww somebody need 2 let trump know this type of shit going down in the prisons.

  2. Scammer scamming everybody including who is/was housing him. Wasn’t he on wall street at one time.

  3. He’s the reason why her ‘Chateau’ was held up… he was financing it with his ill gotten gains and when he went to prison that gravy trained $topped…. now she’s back on track again. Plus her storyline was so fake in rhoa- bob’s white girlfriend blasted her and said it was fake for the cameras and she and bob were still together. Prison boo’s finances must’ve been released from his over seas accounts…

  4. Bravo is just nasty with all the sordid crap that goes on and makes them money in spite of it.

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