Snoop Caught Cheating with Hip-Hop Thot!

snoop dogg celina powell

Snoop has been caught in the act trying to hook up with infamous hip-hop thot, Celina Powell.

Celina provided screenshots of text messages and videos the rapper had sent her.

Just to be clear, Celina lies…A LOT. She recently faked a pregnancy test and paternity test to pretend Offset was the father of her imaginary baby.


    • I don’t know whether or not this story is true or not, but I do know for a fact that Snoop was renting an apartment for a Latino woman out here in SoCal years ago.

  1. If she’s a thot so is he…

    His dick should have fallen off after fucking with that porn chick.

    These dudes will risk life and limb to fuck damn near anything.

    I guess with age doesn’t always come wisdom…he is def too old for this shit.

    • When your wife aint pleasing you and you do everything the fuck you think gonna happen. Family time is alqays good but a man needs his private time with his woman or he drifts. Simply put

      • When you are single you can be a thot all you want, instead of pretending you are a family man…that nig need to sit down somewhere pusging 50 and trying to chat up chicks half his age.

        The Clap, gonorrhea, HIV are still very real, esp for seniors these days.

  2. Fa shizzle my thizzle

    I think she set him up for extortion, and it didn’t work, or she’s just Photoshopping for clicks.

    • He set himself up…

      Of course she was going to save the info, what Dumb Ass doesn’t know that in this day and age…why do you think gay-me fucks with little girls?

      Because most of them aren’t wise enough to know how to keep records.

  3. Um is it me or does her hand look awfully big???

    (Snickers quietly from the dark recesses of the web)

  4. If chante isn’t bother, why should we *shrugs shoulder* Snoop has been cheating on his wife for years now.

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