Did Snoop Just Respond to Cheating Allegations?

snoop celina powell clout chaser

In the midst of his alleged cheating scandal, Snoop Dogg attempted to flip a negative situation into a positive.

Knowing the world was waiting for him to speak out about the rumors he was hooking up with well-known hip-hop groupie, Celina Powell, Snoop decided to promote his new show, Clout Chasers.

Before signing off, the rapper seems to take a shot at Celina by saying, “You b***h, you.”



  1. She looks like a He and a ugly one at that. Male celebrities especially seem to love trannys. Idc how sexy a male celebrity is I would never sleep with any of them. They are all perverts

  2. Snoop been a drug addict his whole career he talked about weed but we know he did cocaine too I mean all.his heroes did drugs George Clinton. Bootsy, dolemite, Richard pryor, Rick James, charlue Wilson,. Max Julien were known addicts and snoop followed their examples

    His alteregos he was a cowboy, crip, pimp, porn star, fake ass Bob Marley, wanna be bootsy

    Snoop somehow ended up on the price is right, one life to live and did cartoons, commercials cooking chicken with Martha Stewart

    Yeah the devil is busy and drugs
    Nobody takes snoop doing gospel serious he was a Muslim one time that didn’t work

    But then again snoop acted like everything else like ice cube another guy who acted like a thug, and a Muslim

    Cube and snoop both wanna be tough guys

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