Paris Jackson Confirms Bisexuality

paris jackson bisexual

Although she was pictured kissing model Cara Delevingne, Paris Jackson has never confirmed nor denied that she was bisexual…until now.

Is anyone really surprised at this point?


  1. She needs a good scrub bath and school. No one is looking for this girl. No talent, no education, can’t model, can’t do nothing but smoke and drugs. Money won’t save her. It didn’t her father.

  2. White woman confirms ….. she’s a bisexual ?!! You Shooked ?!! F*k No !!! (see: greeks and romans)

  3. Leave Paris transracial ass alone

    You know her racially confused ass is biracial

    The true biological daughter of Michael Peter pedophile Jackson

    Paris is going through the pain and tribulations all blacks go through

    Poor little rich mixed girl her dad was insane he was do.high on drugs he thought he could fly like Tinkerbell

    • Paris was raped and she tried to kill.herself

      Katherine is a very bad choice as a guardian

      Joe used to beat his sons asses in front of her

      Guess Joe convinced her they was going to make it money makes you forget morals

  4. “Michael’s kids” act and look weird. This is not surprising at all. I honestly wish he would have had at least one black child that was almost if not as talented as he was.

  5. When people have to announce to the world who and what gets them off?
    Black people who just want to survive and live in the world without being mistreated in spite of their color which is announced silently.
    No comparison!

  6. Those people are so gross in every way. I don’t see how someone can sleep with them. Just the sight of them disgusts me.

  7. She is so thirsting for any attention, be it good or bad. She’s about as bisexual as I am. Just because you kiss a model for the cameras to look edgy does not make you a part time lesbian.

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