Paris Jackson Caught Kissing Supermodel Cara Delevingne

paris jackson cara delevingne

It looks like Paris Jackson and supermodel Cara Delevingne aren’t trying to hide their relationship any longer. The new lovers were spotted getting their mack on in the streets of Los Angeles.

Would MJ approve?


    • Yeah he would

      Mike looked like a albino tranny with his lipstick and perm and cute little sissy voice grabbing his crotch and tight little pants

  1. Sad to see how MJ’s so called kids (Not his) turned out. None of them are talented, super attractive , or black. Paris turned into a lesbian homeless looking hippie, And the two boys both look crazy af as well. No one is surprised that Paris is with that ugly ass girl ?‍♀️

  2. Caught?? She wasn’t caught, she wanted to get seen. It’s her ‘look at me’ moment. She is confused and drugged out. To think MJ hard earned money is in the possession of this uneducated waste of space. These three kids know zero about charity, so expect nothing there from them. They will put all that money in their nose.

    • Agreed…talentless people from super talented parents,who don’t want to put in the WORK it takes to be a success in life instead they go to social media call tmz,hsk….etc to get a lil pr,mho mike would not be pleased

  3. Cara is a drug dealer on the low. More than she is a model or an actress. She gets the girls hooked on drugs and/or enables their addictions and then turns them out. Add Paris to the list of Kendall, Taylor, Bella Thorne, Hailey Baldwin, one of the Hadids and others that Cara has banged.

  4. oh i get it now….her biological mother is white trash…it makes sense now…its in the jeans…not hte jacksons cause thats not his daughter…

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