Delicia Cordon No Longer Certain LeSean McCoy Set Her Up

delicia cordon lesean mccoy robbery

When Delicia Cordon called 911 to report she had been pistol-whipped during a home invasion robbery, she told the operator she believed her estranged boyfriend, LeSean McCoy, had something to do with it.

But now, Delicia’s attorney, Tonya Mitchell Graham, tells CBS News that Delicia is no longer certain about McCoy’s participation in the attack.

In a clarification of the statement to ESPN’s Mike Rodak, Graham insisted there is “no backtracking” in Delicia’s account of the events.

In other news, the place of the crime is a home owned by LeSean. He had asked Delicia to move out after their breakup but she allegedly refused to do so. TMZ reports Delicia has finally packed up and left the home after the vicious attack.


  1. If he did it, to get her out and take back his gifts he is wrong.

    It really doesn’t make sense for someone to go to a house and ask for specific items.

    Whatever the truth is, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

  2. I don’t think he’s directly responsible but he probably complained and whined to people in the ATL that he wanted her out of there, that she’s been given trinkets and now wants to take his house. Those people may have acted out independently to get stuff and anger she’s making their boy upset.

  3. This goal digger needs to be sued along with her lawyer for lying on this poor man. She needs to seek mental help because something is not right upstairs. She continues on getting evicted from place to place and hustles athletes to take care of her. Sadly she has three kids. Hopefully the fathers of those three kids can step up and take custody of them because the mother is unfit.

  4. Let’s not forget the 911 call she did not seem upset and she described the intruder as handsome. Correct me if I’m wrong. I believe she and her friend hatched up this robbery plan. This woman is trifling and truth will come out.

    • I’m with you on this. Now the plot thickens with a story change… That’s usually suspect for a lyin ass h0e

  5. meanwhile, back in reality, devilworshippingjoos are stealing my tax dollars on a daily basis… where’s that story hsk?

  6. I hated him ever since I heard he beat his dog to death. Anyone who beats kids and animals is a horrible person on the inside. If you’re going to be violent, beat on someone your own size.

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