Charlamagne Tha God Brags About Beating Women

charlamagne tha god beating women rape

After a 17-year-old rape accusation resurfaced and The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God admitted to date raping a woman, another video shows the radio host bragging about beating women.

BTW, his rape accuser, who was 15 at the time of the alleged assault (Charlamagne was 22), was calling for the rape charges to be reopened, but Charlamagne already gave a guilty plea to a lesser charge back in 2002.

Will this new video of him bragging about domestic abuse be the final straw?


  1. This is the same dude who was raped himself by some dude…so no I am not shocked.

    And given his behavior to become an offender and abuser, I don’t feel bad for what happened to him.

    • …. Because the self seeking, ignant, low morale having black males left the community gates open to attack, rape and pillage from heathens, thanks to his wanton worship of beckies.

  2. Another self hating, skin bleaching, woman hater to add to the scrap pile.

    I never knew he got raped but I always assumed he was on the dl for things he has said and done.

  3. Why do you women always equate domestic violence with homosexuality?

    Just because a disrespectful thot gets smacked in the mouth once in a while doesn’t make the guy gay. This is why kids r soooo disrespectful today because they know they can’t get spanked.

    Women and children r entitled cunts and brats.

    • vlad acts like he wanna suck some dick

      he asked girls about how big pacs dick was

  4. Just the public price you pay when you sign a contract with devilworshippingjoos. Fame, Fortune and then disgrace… His book was a best seller yet i know of no one who read it. Public embarrassment is the first step on the way down, all the way down to the fire party waiting for him…

    • @16:52 I wondered the same about his book,it looks like his hypocrisy(like most in that perverted ind)has caught up with him(ie fame fortune then disgrace)the few times i seen the radio show he does not treat his guest well esp Mo’Nique.Ez solution don’t listen to the show

  5. He is gay….and loves gossip classic kitchen chick. Any man in 2018 who refers to his self as a God needs a psychiatric evaluation.

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