Slain Dallas Cop Outed as White Supremacist?

dallas cop white supermacist

One of the Dallas police officers who was killed during the sniper attack last week has been outed as a white supremacist by the Huffington Post.

Lorne Ahrens was one of five Dallas cops who were killed by Micah Xavier Johnson, a man who was allegedly motivated by cops not being held responsible for the killings of blacks nationwide.

While the media continues to portray Ahrens as a hero and a family man with a good sense of humor, the HP found a blog that had dug up some shocking information that all points to the officer being an open and proud white supremacist.

Starting with the Iron Cross tattooed on his finger – It was used by the Third Reich, and is now popular amongst bikers, skaters, and a bunch of other groups in the United States. But it still remains on the Anti-Defamation League’s Hate Symbols Database and is a prevalent symbol used amongst white supremacists. So far, there are no indications that Ahrens was a biker or skateboarder….so what does that tell you?

The Thor’s Hammer symbol on his Facebook page – Is similar to the Iron Cross. It is also on the ADL’s Hate Symbols Database, and it is considered to be Mjölnir imagery used by Asatrúers—a Neopagan religious groups. The Asatrú beliefs also appeal to white supremacists, especially in prisons, as they see it as more purely white than Christianity.

You can read the rest of the findings here.

While Alton Sterling’s arrest record was made public and blasted across the media immediately following his death, why aren’t more news outlets discussing Ahren’s apparent white supremacists ties?

Things that make you go hmmm…


  1. SEND THIS INFORMATION TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW NOW !!!! P.s. Why Are White People Devils ….?!!! Genesis 25:25, Genesis 27:27, Sirach 12:10-18, Hosea 12:7, Psalms 10:11 P.s.s. Your Welcome

  2. I mean basically the whole police force are White Supremacist and has been since the beginning of time. Nothing new here jack same bloodlines different times different mask different era.

    • The military as well. Many of these Militia Groups are ex military or law enforcement.

  3. Black People are White Supremist too. The lighter you are the better black people treat you.
    Black people even have derogatory names for darkskin black people.
    I don't know why y'all acting so innocent.
    Dont get all black pride now… yall worse than white people sometimes.

    Dont get scared now

    The chickens are coming home to roost self haters.

        • And it all derived from the white supremacist system which stemmed from the white slave masters (pedophiles) raping black girls and producing more mulattos as slaves (property) henceforth, the one drop rule.

          All the finger pointing always points back to your kind. Y'all set the whole system up.

          Get back to stormfront, bitch.

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            • I never trashed any of MY people for any shade or hue they may be.

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            • nobody is talking about that light dark shit in here so why bring it up? What does white supremacist cops have to do with what you are talking about?
              Right now you are dividing us FOR the devils. You are doing their work for them idiot.

    • Now that is the biggest lie told today. There is a long history of "light bright, damn near white" and a ton of saying that are basely the same thing. This started with Plantation owners pitting light skinned blacks against dark skinned blacks to control them, divide and conquer. Read Willie Lynch letter and "You must use the DARK skin slaves vs. the LIGHT skinned slaves". And yes indeed "the truth hurts the fake" and the liar.

      • The truth dont need to be validated.

        You are the biggest liar and deflector just like the white Racist.

        Im so glad that color stuck negros will be receiving they karma.

        Fuk you bitch

  4. Articles like this need to be pasted across every "urban gossip site".
    Thank you for using this site (your voice) to balance out the usual unfair and imbalanced! Respect!

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    • I have always hated this saying as a light-skinned person. Our juice is just as sweet as any dark-skinned person…whatever the f*ck "juice" even is. That saying is some more slave mentality to me. Dark-skinned people are no better than us and we are no better than them!

      • I'm light. The color of the allen sisters (Debbie; phylicia) Was called light my wholelife. I was hanging with a mixed girl the other day and while trying out make up referred to me as dark. I was a little shocked. but it is true. no matter how light you are, you are always a darky to someone lighter.

  6. @TruthHurtstheFake- I am light skinned and proud of it and resent your ignorant ass statement. There are derogatory names for EVERYONE. Instead of perpetuating that plantation mentality which is all under the divide and conquer umbrella, you should embrace your own. We are all still niggas to them and they will kill us all equally quickly. You need to wake up and see what the real war is.

    • Bitch f*ck you I dont give a f*ck about how you feel.

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      The truth dont need to be validated.

      • ????!!!! Half the time what kneegros call "light skin" aint even BLACK! These so called light skinned frauds are BI-racial NOT black. That's why they feel the need to go around and invalidate real black people's struggles. If a person got a white mammy or white pappy – they are a new breed variety period! Wonder why the devil cast Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone and tried to cast Lenny Kravitz as Marvin Gaye!!!!

        She can save that "we all niggas to them" bullshit. Esau been used the genetic guinea pigs to play sides! Biracials just lazy and settle for the "consolation" of being on the black side cause they know some kneegros love worshiping that light skin (LIGHT SUPREMACY hand in hand with WHITE SUPREMACY) PREACH!

        • Aint that the truth

          I say boot all They asses OUT along With The dark Skin white skin worshippers

          They Just as bad if NOT worse Than THE kkk

          • Cosign! Boot 'Em!!! They are nothing more than latinas and latinos who can't speak spanish! They better lobby the white house and get a new racial designation soon before The head Golden Mullato in charge gets out of office!

      • sorry I'm light skinned and have never been treated better than dark skinned people that is an ancient perspective

  7. I saw a suicide note written by an ICE agent after he committed suicide. Look it up. He was saying how the government is trying to disarm america. They are trying to say black lives matter is a terrorist group so that they can put people on the terror watch list and they can't get guns. Obama signed a bill helping the government do what they are trying to do. Also obama not securing the borders now makes sense.

    • President Obama attended the funeral and memorial for the five officers killed. he will not attend the funerals for Alton Sterling or Philando Castile.

      • Geeez Louise how many funerals do you want Obama to attend? How about every funeral of those gunned down in his hometown of Chicago? He attended the North Carolina Memorial, where the INNOCENT church people were gunned down, he attended the Memorial where the INNOCENT little kids were killed. The man can't win for losing.

    • Seriously… who didn't know this? After Michael Donald, the only way to get away with killing Black males now is to take off the KKK robe and don the Police Uniform and you will still be considered heroes.

      • Ku Klux Cops is what I call them. You would be shocked by the number of white men who are police officers with ties to the KKK.

        • Excellent moniker! Bobby Hemmmit used to have a video series on youtube that exposed the Fraternal order of cops having it's original creed come from the creed of the KKK. Didn't they have a manifesto by David Duke (former grand wizard) that they needed to get out of the sheets and into the Courtrooms, business board rooms, police force, etc. I remember reading that somewhere a while back.

          • @ Anonymous 16:01, I either read or saw a documentary on television where a racist Cracka said the KKK are Judges, Doctors, Politicians, etc…..

            • Yup! The slithering has already been underway… Our people are extremely powerful, we just need to stick together and develop inner Higher Power. This is when magic happens that they can't control… and they know it.

              We all we got, and we're all we need!
              NEVER TRUST THINE ENEMY! Sirach 12:10-13

  8. The shooting that happened out here in Dallas was fake. Google Crisis Actors and you'll see what I mean!

    • I believe the shooting in Dallas was a False Flag Operation. I believe the CIA shot and killed those five Dallas Police Officers. Michah X Johnson was the "Fall Guy."

        • Talking to me bitch? I guess you one of those people that believe what the media says. Answer this since you say I'm a idiot, why would they post an ad on Craigslist two weeks prior to the shooting, saying that they looking for crisis actors?

          • Jaelon It has been shown that the Craigslist add was for a production which was being filmed outside of Dallas. I will go back and find the details for you, but all the conspiracy theory sites ran with threat ad before they investigated and they were left with egg on there faces.
            Lets get real for a minute: no matter how little you trust the government and no matter how little respect you may have for them, do you really think that the CIA or FBI(since the ad referenced alphabet organizations) are so incredibly stupid as to run an open ad on a site like Craigslist for what would be a major massacre of Texas cops?
            IF, and I only say if, this was really a "false flag" incident, they would have gone through SAG and AFTRA where they could have done it quietly and discreetly.

          • Yes @NBA is fixed @Jaeleon or whatever else name you call yourself. You can't possibly believe that nonesense. You sound like a true dumbass thinking CIA shot and killed those five Dallas Police Officers.







              • Because dumbass, if a wack story which is circulating on the internet can easily be proven to be false, then it behooves us to know the truth. What is the point of repeating and spreading a false narrative when there are so many issues and stories which NEED to be discussed and examined.

                But for real, anyone who thinks that the most secretive arm of the Fed Govt would go on CraigsList and openly seek people to appear in a crisis scenario in Dallas which turns out to be a history making massacre of police doesn't care about the truth.
                You just want more reasons to be even more paranoid than you already are. Use your brain man!

                The govt may be that evil, but they sure as hell aren't that stupid.

      • I believe that the so called assassin Micah X. Johnson was actually a loud angry pissed off black woman in disguise!! False Flag!!!!

  9. It’s a fact, there is a ethnic cleansing of black people happening all over the world. Black people are being murdered in Amerikkka, hundreds of thousands of black people have been murdered by the militarized police in Brazil (Boycott the Olympics), and the black people in Australia (Aborigines) are damn near extinct.

    Some conspiracy theorists claim that the shooting and killing of the five police officers in Dallas Texas was a False Flag Operation. I will not debate that. They say that the CIA shot and killed the police officers and Michah X Johnson was the “Fall Guy.” I will not debate that. Three things are certain; One, there is a ethnic cleansing of black people worldwide as we speak. Two, The U.S. Government conducts False Flag Operations frequently in order to create war and maintain their wealth and power. Three, five white police officers were shot and killed immediately after there was growing animosity from all Americans nationwide against law enforcement; Very suspicious!

    We can no longer depend on President Obama for hope and change. We have to make it ourselves. White supremacy is murdering us all over the world, then going on vacation. This crime against humanity has gone on for over a thousand years. We need a plan to stop this worldwide ethnic cleansing! The white people are literally trying to wipe us off the face of the earth!

  10. Jacky thank you for posting this story. CNN, MSNBC and the other white supremacist tv news networks continue to broadcast lies about the racist white cops.

    • If you come across any news stories similar to this that you want us to report on, just send me the link through the contact form. We appreciate your support!!

      • NBA is Fixed wants you to do a comprehensive story called "Black Women who Ain't Shit."

        He will forward you a list of the most egregious fifty BW stat.

  11. Quote from Dr. Michelle Alexander, "Our entire political system is financed by wealthy private interests buying politicians and making sure the rules are written in their favor. But selling CDs or loose cigarettes? In America, that’s treated as a serious crime, especially if you’re black."

  12. Light skinned dark skinned don't matter whites only see you as lesser than them IU never

  13. It doesn't matter whether one of them was a racist cop or not. Micah targeted and murdered 5 people because they were cops and stole these men away from their parents, siblings, spouses, children, and friends. Micah's action was horrible and can never be justified.

    • The same can be said for the cops that killed Alton Sterling. It doesn't matter that Alton had a criminal record, his life was taken from him and stolen away from his children and family. But still, the media felt the need to blast his rap sheet….

      • He was a felon who was carrying and displaying a weapon. That is no where close to what Micah Johnson did.

        And while I 100% believe that this cop is a white supremacist and a bad person, Johnson did not know this when he murdered him with evil impunity. He could have been a man who coached at risk young boys on the DPD peewee football team for all Johnson knew.

        Unlike other American cities, Dallas utilizes community policing and it was all a credit to the black police chief. Even the BLM protesters have stated that they were treated with respect and dignity by the DPD. Of all the cities which Johnson could have chosen to do such a thing, why Dallas with a black police chief who was NOT a Sambo?

        Why couldn't he have driven his ass to Baton Rouge and killed that bunch of backwards racist police? You know, the ones who actually took a life themselves?

        All killing is bad, The killing of Philando was 100 times bad. But killing cops at random was a cowardly stupid act. And it took Philando's killing off the front page where it should have been for at least a week! It actually had a negative effect on hurting the image of the cops all over the country. It made people rally around the cops and stop talking about Philando and to a lesser degree Alton Sterling.
        To put it simply: Johnson's act of political terrorism backfired in the biggest way possible.

        • He was not displaying a weapon, they pulled that gun out of his pocket.

          And has it been verified that that was his gun? If not for all we know the officer who was on top of him could have placed it there, (he sure knew exactly where it was after the murder) like the cop who shot the man in the back and tried to plant a taser on him after the fact.

          Dallas police supposedly have just recently started working on race relations, so who knows what they were doing to people before this or even still are doing. Just because some change is implemented, does not mean it is adhered to at all times.

          Pigs are never to be fully trusted, because their true loyalty is not to the the public the people who pay their salaries…i.e. if martial law was implemented tomorrow, I am sure more than a few would drop your ass like a bad habit without blinking an eye.

          This shooting has not diminished anything, there are still protests going on all over the country and they will continue, because these BS pig shootings of civilians will unfortunately continue.

          • Sterling's gun was referenced in the 911 call to the police which was what brought the cops to the convenience store. I realize that it was in his pocket during the struggle to get him to comply.

            If you do not feel that the murder of the cops deflected attention away from the killings of Sterling and Castile, then you are in the minority. Until that night in Dallas, the killings of S&C were being covered 24/7 on the news networks. After the police massacre the coverage shifted to Dallas. Period. And it's still on Dallas with the funerals and memorials. Sure, protests go on, but they go on without the constant media coverage which they need.

            • That does not mean shit. The gun still could have been planted. Alston could have told the caller he had a gun to scare them. Nothing can be put past pigs.

              Maybe in your state, but in mine the coverage was about the continued marches and protest. We have people sitting in front of city hall waiting for the mayor to come back from washington, because they want the police chief FIRED. It won't happen, because they have been calling for that shit for a while, but that is what is headlining our news, not that bogus as dallas shit.

    • Oh well, people die everyday just as horrifically if not worse, make sure you put this message on all of their threads too.

    • -White people murdered and enslaved black people for hundreds of years.
      -White people spent hundreds of years making money off black people's labor.
      -White people spent hundreds of years making money off black people's resources.
      -The Moors built Europe, and were killed after giving them a civilized life.
      -African colonies built Europe.

      Whites continue to survive off African resources and labor. They would die without it. They would die if the wealth WE created was taken back. They have nothing and have earned NOTHING.

      Every other group on this planet has received reparations. Africans have received murder, theft of our resources, terrorism, exploitation, theft of our culture, constant disrespect, and every other evil you can possibly imagine.

      Those dead white men would have killed black people, aided in killing black people, not offered any protection to black people in danger, and taught their children to do the same.

  14. Anonymous @18:34, "Whites continue to survive off African resources and labor. "

    That's exactly what Tariq Nasheed talks about in Hidden Colors 4

  15. Barack Obama attended the funeral and memorial for the white police officers killed in Dallas. Barack Obama did not attend Alton Sterling's funeral, Philando Castile's funeral, Tamir Rice's funeral or Laquon McDonald's funeral. This is proof that President Obama does not care about us. He cares for the robber barons who dispatch the police to murder us!

    P.S. Laquon McDonald was murdered by the police in Chicago

  16. Question are there any black people who still believe in Barack Obama's Hope And Change?

  17. I don't believe Micha Johnson shot those cops. A carpenter, private first class in the Army has the skill of a sniper, c'mon, I call bullshit.

    Why did they blow him up? They could have just as easily used the robot to deliver tear gas or knock out gas. Why did they want him dead?

    This was high level intelligence operation. The reason for which I cannot figure out.

    • They were never bringing that ngga in alive; a so-called pig killer?…please.

      That bomb was a trial run for some future tactics. I am waiting to see what those will be too. I am surprised they even let people know they did that shit.

    • I suppose those photos of Michael X Johnson in special forces type combat gear posing with his rifles was not real either? He was known to be a weapons freak and even his family knows that.
      First off, you don't know what his real training in the military was. Do you think that there are not men who are "cooks" or "data technicians" who aren't really trained snipers?
      Or, even if he was just a low level Private, he may have developed a fixation with warfare like many of the white survivalist nuts do. They play those first person warfare games all day long and they spend all their money on guns, rifles and range time. Many of those nuts in Montana who hate the government were not highly trained Marine snipers in the military. Timothy McVeigh and his sort spend all their time developing the skills they need to be anti-Federal government terrorists. I have seen videos of their training camps such as the one in Elohim City and it is just like Marine training camp. So don't assume that he was just a nobody who could not have done what they say he did.

      • Do not act like the FBI & CIA do not have training grounds to create this "home-grown terror" BS.

        If you are going to try to tell part of the story, tell it all. Unless you do not know it all and if that is the case how about getting the full picture before ranting on about what is and what is not possible.

        • Excuse me. I was responding to a comment which stated that he was a low level soldier who could not have been a crack sot sniper. I did not argue any other point.

          • It all ties into my point, you do not know which side he played for who he was etc. the media & gov't is feeding people what they want them to know.

      • why would the military spend money training a Pfc who was a carpenter as a sniper? That is a lot of time and money.

        Also, I understand going to the gun range and developing a bullsye target shooting, but a sniper is long range MOVING targets.

        Sniper is on a whole different level.

  18. Thanks for all of these hilarious comments. I needed a good laugh. The one comment I do agree with is the one from Dr. Michelle Alexander. That's on point. You would think that a cop in NYC would have bigger things to deal with than a guy selling loosies.

  19. I have a question, did they show pics of the dead body of any of those other men who were involved in these latest massacres?

    Why do they do extensive background checks on Black men killed by police or Black men that shot or killed police but don't do the same for other races who did the same?

    Black people are not the only people killing their own kind, where I live Latin gang member's do drive by's on bicycles, not to mention the Asians but folks want to always throw up Black on Black crime for the sake of augment….

  20. Some of you don't know what white supremacy is. I will describe it to you:

    1. White supremacy is Hillary Clinton sending top secret US documents on her public e-mail and not going to prison

    2. White supremacy is Bill Clinton committing perjury and not going to prison

    3. White supremacy is former LAPD officer Mark Fuhrman committing perjury and not going to prison

    4. White supremacy is Michigan Governor Rick Snyder intentionally poisoning the water in Flint, Michigan and not going to prison

    5. White supremacy is the police murdering black people and going on paid vacation

    6. White supremacy is white female teachers like Debra Lafave raping under age boys and not going to prison

    7. White supremacy is hollywood celebrities like Roman Polanski raping a 13 year old girl and not going to prison

    8. White supremacy is Oliver North involved in selling weapons of mass destruction to both Iraq and Iran and not going to prison

    9. White supremacy is thousands of cops, lawyers, court bailiffs and judges secretly involved with the KKK

    10. White supremacy is the systemic ethnic cleansing of black people worldwide

    11. White supremacy is corporations like the NFL and the NBA and Major League Baseball making billions of dollars off of the physical talents of black athletes

    To put it in layman terms, white supremacy is rich white people creating laws that will maintain their wealth and power over melanoid people. White supremacy is a religion that is based on satan. This is why Malcolm X referred to white people as devils. That is why so many rich white people subscribe to the teachings of Alister Crowley. White people (And Jews) know that we are the biggest threat to their wealth and power; that is why they continue to murder us by the millions all over the world.

    P.S. If you haven't watched Hidden Colors 4, you need to immediately

    • But hidden colors CANT and DOESNT tell you who WE really are, how we got into this land, where we lived BEFORE we ran into the continent of AFRICA, what our TRUE nationality and Lineage is and why what we see happening now is happening. It will never do that. Why? Because knowing who we truly are is the secret behind the biggest world hoax and it is knowledge that can literally stop the world from turning as we know it. But, everything in it's time. Mass Exodus from AmeriKKKa is coming – Knowledge of who WE are spiritually creates a safety zone around you when you adhere to the laws governing your lineage. Just remember that.

  21. @BossLady256 my children are very light skinned they take after my mother who is creole and my eldest is also a pretty green eyed baby which came from me i am dark with hazel brown and green eyes don't judge me. Ask questions before u get offened aint no such thing as a black better than because of skin color by no means so before u start an internet tirade have a seat and ask a question?

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