Kevin Gates: “There Shouldn’t be a BET…All Lives Matter!”

keving gates all lives matter

We wouldn’t expect someone like rapper Kevin Gates to understand the Black Lives Matter movement, but we really wish the media would stop giving him a platform to spew his ignorance!

In a recent interview, the rapper backed Stacey Dash’s recent comments that there shouldn’t be a BET if blacks want equality. Kevin says there’s only two types of people in this word: real ones and fake ones, so there shouldn’t be a need for a station like BET. Um…WTF?!

He also said he doesn’t believe in the Black Lives Matter movement because “all lives matter.” He also said he has been a victim of police brutality, but he deserved it because he was belligerent and acting like a “n***er.”

Peep the video:

Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

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  1. If I said this on tv I'd expect a cheque big enough for me to retire from the embarrassment of public life.

    • It is no different than what some of these fools have been saying on these threads. You would think they were getting paid for all the self-hate they spew…ridiculous.

  2. At least you all know who Kevin Gates is…I don't. Never heard of him.
    I firmly believe ALL lives matter & have been saying so for the longest, however, my opinion doesn't subscribe to the notion that black lives matter less than others either.

    Even Dame Dash is annoyed & irritated by Stacy Dash's openly ridiculous & quite racist statements against/regarding blacks & their blood related so how anyone, let alone a black man could second her opinions beats the hell out of me!
    To each his own.

    • #alllivesmatter?

      "Oppressed groups are frequently placed in the situation of being listened to only if we frame our ideas in the language that is familiar to and comfortable for a dominant group. This requirement
      often changes the meaning of our ideas and works to elevate the ideas of dominant groups."
      -Patricia Hill Collins

      You're straddling the fence #blacklivesmatter

      • You guys…
        Not to hurt, offend or piss anyone off but…
        Black as I am personally MY life is filled with so much diversity on such a high & consistant level, good & bad that…while we're supposed to NOT judge I do judge but I do so on a case by case basis. I don't dislike all whites but there are quite a few who could drop dead this instant & I wouldn't give a damn. Likewise, I feel the same exact way about certain folks in ALL races . It's just case by case with me. I don't subscribe to ANY organizations who claim to be in place to HELP/REPRESENT CHANGE FOR BLACKS (or any other race for that matter) but I don't see any of their good works outside of issues that hit the media. I lump our current President in that category as well.

        HSK has been up in arms since covering those 2 shootings & the few celebs who commented on them. NEVER have I seen this much sheer tension, division & hatefullness at once. What transpired isn't bad enough. At a time when we should be trying to uplift & encourage other the most folks are here verbally tearing each other apart like it's the thing to do. As a rule I don't discuss religion, politics or sex in an effort to not offend folks. I find it best. I love EVERYONE here & hope you all can do the same without changing or compromising your core beliefs. ?

        • You act like no one can say anything to you without it being some diss.

          Get over yourself.

          Making a comment that said nothing negative about you does not need a dissertation on how people should be on an open comment blog site.

          Please spare me any 4, 5 or ten paragraph response, because it is completely unnecessary.


            • I knew you would not ever be able to just walk away. What was I thinking. You never can just be the bigger person.

              • Take the plank out of your own eye FIRST then come help me take care of mine but honestly I'm cool & require nothing from you other than to avoid all things pertaining to me.

                I forgive you wholeheartedly & hope you will do the same if I've hurt, offended or slighted you in anyway. Say WHATEVER makes your heart content…long as you're happy as freedom of speech is your right.

                Have a great day!!!

              • LMAO…take the Old Oak TREE out of yours.

                Again everything someone says does NOT pertain to you…and I do NOT need your forgiveness, for pointing out what a petty twit does under every post that bares their name, lol.

              • Anonymous @ 09:55,
                "LMAO…take the Old Oak TREE out of yours."
                "Again everything someone says does NOT pertain to you…and I do NOT need your forgiveness, for pointing out what a petty twit does under every post that bares their name, lol."

                So, having said all that & you being such a big person to think I should something you wouldn't do yourself says a whole lot you. Since you're all knowing & one who means exactly what you say should have NO problem moving quickly past anything pertaining to me. One would like to think you're far more superior & forward thinking than to concern yourself with a mere petty twit…

              • Didn't read the rant, but it is still interesting how you still cannot walk away. This is my last comment, so you can keep talking to yourself. Just wanted to prove my point.

              • Uh huh….right.
                So, given that you have typed your LAST comment to me should equate to you not feeling the need to say anything else to me EVER. Glad you made your point.
                Let's see how that works for you.

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                You & your phonie cronies please take all the crowns you need to make yourself feel better. Have them all. Being the petty twit you claim I am doesn't require all that. I can simply say whatever I want, when I want, to who I want on EVERY THREAD HERE if I want & you, your crown & your crew can't do shit about it other than continue to sprew negative comments & call people out their name. You talk about me being pitiful when you're the poster child for the word. I'd tell you have a nice life but that would never fly because you're too concerned about mine even though you claim I don't have one.

                So much for you leaving your last comment!
                Seems you enjoy trailing behind all my comments more than you realize…..?

          • Cosign when you told her to get over herself! ➡?here you wear the crown for the comment of the day AND for trying to reason and explain to her. Some folks you just can't save. Not everybody is gonna be down when it gets REAL but at least we know who we are and who they are. ✊

            • Exactly.

              I cannot understand how someone can be all over one blog site all the time every-damn-day. Always having to add their penny to the convo. I mean damn the comment does not even have to be aimed in their direction and boom there they are.

              But I guess when you have no life and your friends are the other people on here, what can you expect. Pitiful.

              Oh and thank you 4 the crown. I'll wear it in good health. 😉

              • LMAO…you are all the way live sad, pitiful, and pathetic.

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            • Ever notice when @ ms reg gets called out she does one or all of the following

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              4. Start trying to tell people on a gossip board who they should and should not respond to.
              5. Start with the "can we all just get along" after she done said some IGNORANT shit and gets NAILED for it.

              No? Just me? Oh ok!?

              • @anonymous 6:17 you know what I'm saying lmaooooooo
                but if ALL the comments under her name agreed with her you would NEVER hear ANY of that…even though it's the same crowd commenting daily.

              • You're a liar….
                I have NEVER called anyone a TROLL.
                But…like I said I STAY ON YOUR MIND. Don't be mad.
                It's okay…you can't help yourself!!!!!

              • Look who is talking, again NO ONE WAS TALKING TO YOU, yet you have a disorder that makes you come to a post trolling looking for comments, what a psycho, smdh.

              • Ms reg save that sanctimonious bullshit. Maybe you never used the word troll but you surely have alluded to the fact that people troll. Your the liar!

              • Word!!!!!!!!! lol
                That chick is very annoying and very very pretentious
                andshe can also be very condescending at times
                Thank u so much for gently putting her in her place!
                🙂 🙂 🙂

        • @Ms Reg Says!!!

          In case you missed it check out the comment posted by @100. We all got played because been dealing with people we shouldn't in ways we shouldn't. There's issues involved we have no power over. @100 broke it down and maybe after you read it you'll have a better understanding of what you're dealing with and why you should stop all together just as @100 describes. You more than anyone here will benefit most from this.

          ??? Jul 14, 2016 at 21:25
          There obviously are some bitter fatherless crack baby males here who get off arguing with women. I am not sorry that the neighborhood molesters touched you when you were a boy I'm not sorry you got raped and turned out in jail I'm not sorry you are damaged and dysfunctional everybody who is reading the sees the divide between black males and black women, sad punk.

          Unlike the rest of the women who have been entertaining you this is my drive by you can write whatever you want to me I won't be replying to you you can stalk me at my comments I won't be replying to you I know how to deal with fatherless punks: state your peace and then step real man shut up fatherless punks gossip like females.

          • Bitch you 100 and his anon moniker say this every other day. This is nothing new and is, just as dumb as you trying to post it like it means something.

            Saying the same shit on a different day, does not make the shit smell any different.

            • Omg ???you know why she didn't touch that one? …because@?was laughing at her too! WOW! What's the commenter name that posted it@anonymous not ignorant? Ha ha not ignorant but DUMB! Lmaoooooo!!!

              • I DID touch that one…I LIKED IT & SAID SO.
                Get your facts straight.
                No run cosign that…

        • Save that middle of the road, neutral, complacent, lukewarm speech for when an over zealous y cops pulls your black as over. See how that works out for ya! Bye ms corporate bed wench.

  3. He's actually has a point in a way because Black lives matter is destructive cause a race war/race baiting and BET is just as destructive promoting poisonous toxic dangerous rap music etc.and promoting the elitist symbols through clothes symbols etc. Even though he is bottom feeding coon and a cunt.

    • What race war? If we have NOT started one by now, there will be NONE, no matter who keeps putting that BS in the atmosphere.

    • I do not have to look up shit.

      My point, if we have not tried to start murdering random white people all over the place. It will not be done.

      Now if you f*ckers said they are going to start false flags all over this cunt-ry pitting blacks against whites, then I would agree, but until then. Miss me with the race war BS.

    • (1) Rob McKay, heir to Taco Bell, is said to be the main funding conduit to the Black Lives Matter movement through his “Democracy Alliance” (DA) organization (alleged to be a communist/socialist inspired front). Combined donations to the groups from the DA organization now exceed $500 million…
      (2) Multi-billionaire George Soros contributed over $30 million in seed money.
      (2) According to Essence magazine, Google gave $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”
      (4) Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—who raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. Total: 78 million
      (5) Billionaire Michael Bloomberg – 27.7 million
      (6) Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook erected a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign at its Menlo Park headquarters on the 8th, just hours after the Dallas “shootout”. Hmmm…
      Are you getting the picture yet? If not, I’d normally say give it time and it will all eventually come “into focus”. But you DON’T have time. There are forces embedded within your community, along with the media images that favorably support their tactics and goals; forces that you have UN-critically accepted as being “on your side”.
      Family…STOP “reacting”! … Pause…take a DEEP breath, quiet your audio-visually overstimulated, amygdala/reptilian brain-stems, and RETHINK EVERYTHING YOU ARE PRESENTLY WITNESSING in the media and on your streets. What you are witnessing is but the vanguard of an multi-phased invasion to “occupy” your mind…to undermine your Will, incite confusion, ramp up your fears to undermine your mental health, clarity and courage, all with the ultimate intention of seeing you too crippled and exhausted mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and psychologically to fight the "REAL enemy"….once they inevitably reveal themselves.
      Love, Light and Spiritual Transcendence Beloved Family,

        • Georgo Soro giving $33 millions to BLM is a FACT. He boasts proudly about it on his foundation website.

  4. True there is no race war because that was created by the elitist but I have to say that a lot of people don't look at the bigger picture.

  5. What do black males have to say? Nothing. They're used to bw handling it. Not me. I'm sipping sweet tea.

    • You are seeing what these coons are saying and doing. the dude being discussed on this thread and that other bitch giving his $$ to some BS pigs.

    • Frankly I couldn't be bothered either. One look at the comments under the kobe/vanessa article and I know I'm making the right choice.

  6. White supremacy matters! Isn't that what white people believe? Non-white people can't fix shit. Only white people can make racism 'go away'.

  7. Fuck this nasty booty licking crazy looking mf his azz is slow short bus blue hall ninja

  8. As ignorant as kevin gates my appear to be as well as sound at times, he's one of the few rappers who actually say some real shit from time to time.

  9. If there's no bet then who gonna give blk artist award and recognition. Yes some blks act ignorant but if bet gone so is His career.doubt grammys would really rep up coming blk acts like that.some ppl dnt think ish through b4 they speak.or maybe he getting paid too say ish like Stacy dash.

  10. Since when is it A crime to be honest He's right all lives do matter why doesn't black on black crime matter anymore have we become that blind the truth be told unless black Americans white Americans all Americans repent according to 2chronicles 7:14 this world will get worse before it gets better accepting homosexuality is a blatant violation of GODS word Obama has put America under siege endorsing this abominable lifestyle just look at all the tragic mass shootings that has happened since He influenced the supreme court to pass the illegal law

    • key key,
      COSIGN….seems the line between legal & illegal no longer exists except when it's convenient for those in power but it's always been that way. It's just more blatant now.

    • He may be right, but he's a hypocrite. Don't he promote violence in music? He needs to take a look at his own self first. Bye Kevin.

  11. They seek out the weakest and the dumbest, they found both in this f*cktard. Incest practing parasite.

  12. Will not be supporting this clown! Black people, realize the power you hold. We are the top consumers in America, DO NOT support these out of touch uncle Tom azz wolves in sheep's clothing #staywoke

  13. Don't this fat turd condones violence in his music and try to sell it to our communities?? Side note, it seems like his breath is always funky…. Like that pure hot shit smell :/

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