David Banner & Lyfe Jennings Almost Come to Blows Discussing Police Shootings

lyfe jennings david banner fight

Things got a little heated in Decatur, GA on July 12 when Tyrese, David Banner and Lyfe Jennings came together to discuss the recent police shootings at a town hall meeting.

At one point, Lyfe and David get into a heated battle after David said we should force the police to face financial and physical ramifications for their behavior. It’s not all caught on video, but apparently David also said that we should all protect ourselves against the cops by carrying our own weapons.

That’s when Lyfe became enraged and called David’s comments “crazy.” He said “bringing guns up against the police is stupid.” The crowd seemed to agree and began to stand up to cheer Lyfe on.

The event, held at the House of Hope church in Decatur, was a town hall meeting organized to discuss race, community and police violence. Others in attendance included Dr. Bernice King, 2 Chainz, Jeezy, and comedian Rickey Smiley who was the host.

This isn’t the first time David has told blacks to stand up against the police. Shortly after Alton Sterling’s murder, the rapper told black communities to start policing themselves.

“Policing our own communities can take various forms. One approach is for citizens to simply take their communities back…and by ‘policing’ I’m referring to a comprehensive approach to better the conditions of our environments.”

Peep the video.



  1. David Banner is a clown. He's just a clown. He's like Umar Johnson. Fake as hell.

  2. What an idiot, Telling black people to bring guns against the police. You know damn well who will lose. Responding to violence with violence is never the answer

    • Actually, responding to violent ATTACKS with the violence NECESSARY to DEFEND yourself is ALWAYS appropriate, whether you should do it depends on a number of other factors; but ultimately, those pieces of sh*t deserve it.

      • Amen Anony! You right about that ATTACK vs DEFENSE! This is Universal Law and why MLK failed miserably and at the end of his life was quoted saying: "I fear I have integrated my people into a burning building!" (spoken to Harry Belafonte by MLK jr. When Harry Belafonte noticed that King seemed troubled in a moment of thinking)

        Now that is something that is NOT publicized those wanting our people to remain docile and dumb. However, the response to the attack in this era has got to go beyond the physical. This is a Spiritual warfare. I'm not talking about prayer BS or New Testament bs. I'm talking about starting with turning off the TVs, stop the Clubbing, turn off the self-hypnosis known as the music industry and learn how to access the God Within to exact the forces of nature and the Divine. Already many are hip to this!

      • I agree whole hardheartedly, because several times since the police shootings last week, I've heard WHITE PEOPLE ask, 'well who will protect us if we don't have the police' or 'just remove the police from the urban areas and see what happens'. Truthfully, I don't need the police and I don't have to wonder would happen if they weren't around, I already KNOW. WISHA MUTHA FUKA WUUUUUD TRY IT.
        By the time you call 911 and go through the 911 operator interrogation script, yo a$$ good as dead anyway. ARM UP RESPONSIBLY AND SAFELY, protect you and your families in your homes. I have several LEGAL firearms, tons of ammo and thinkin about purchasing more over the next 6 months. In California you have to wait 1 month between firearm purchases, so every time you purchase a firearm, you have to go through a background check.
        ARM UP, don't depend on the police to come to your rescue in a timely manner, police don't give a shyt about us.

      • David Banner done lost his mind. He better go study past history of police shootouts before spewing this dangerous idea to the youth. Standing there telling kids to shoot back at the police doesn't help. If anything it incites children into a war they can't win.

        • Thank you.

          Encouraging black folks to take up arms against the police is some Jim Jones shit.

          And ya know how THAT turned out. 800 dead black bloated bodies.

    • So you say that while they picking our people . That hall nigga as somewhere. What going to change I'd we don't arm ourselves. Again dickhead

  3. DB tells black people to bring guns to shoot police as he drives home in his luxury car never fails to amaze me.

  4. It's irresponsible to encourage people to do something you ain't doing…pulling guns on officers. When did you do that?

  5. i am so sick and tired of these hotep go back to africa niggas tariq nasheed, umar johnson, etc them niggas work for the boule i mean come on y'all can't see that see that david banner is trying to get this race riot started along with the rest of them

  6. you got TI out there marching like he cares they put these celebs out there becasue people will believe them over anything when a celeb say something they think it was lord talking to them.

  7. i love my black folks i do but the problem with black people is this we are easiest to mislead becasue we keep falling for the ole tricks.. when a black person of status come out to address you guys fall for it all the time they say a few positive things and y'all eat it up.

    • The easiest to mislead are those who stay glued to self hypnosis AKA Television, music industry, clubs (all low vibration devices used as warfare against lesser minds who invite it)

      These are the same ones who keep neanderthal hell-LIE-days and pay homage to spirits that keep the status quo dis-order. There's a reason why these c00ns are paid top dollar in the industry to perpetuate low-level brained c00nery and why those who buy into this Babylonian system with their full participation are the ones being targeted.

  8. Fighting violence with violence maybe the only solution we have nothing else seems to work, talking hasn't solved any issues to date,how much more pain we need to experience before we decide to change our approach

    • When you go within and shut out the intentional neanderthal distractions – there you will find the answers.

  9. what black people also need to understand we have never had a leader to lead in the right direction MLK FREDRICK DOUGLAS HARRIET TUBMAN were off to mislead us man! we need to take down white supremacy when your black leaders, celebs etc work for them and the NAACPis controlled by the KKK. but who controls WHITE SUPREMACY THE ZIONIST JEWISH

    • Where? Mexicans have been targeted by police just like us but all I see them do is complain and march..just like us..at least we got BLM. They always coming off like just cause they got the number that equates power. They sure have been quiet about Trump. They ain't gonna do nothing but get deported or their blood will run in the street just like ours .

      • The average Mexican in the US is a criminal. Most Mexicans are illegals and gang members flooding the US with drugs, guns, and prostitutes.

  10. what black people also don't know is there are white people getting their asses whooped by the police as well they just don't broadcast it on the news man ! you see how they are turning whites the BILL OF RIGHTS don't even protect them anymore and the governemnt have taken their rights and black and mexican people they doesn't apply to us becasue we never had rights to begin with

    • They get their asses whooped, but more of them live and go home at the end of the day.

      And spare me the BS statistics I have no interest in rigged #s.

      But I will agree that, Yes there are factions trying to pit people against each other, so we can wipe each other out and take away the few rights we have left…that is why everyone needs to take some steps back and wake up to who the real enemy is.

  11. I typically like what David Banner has to say and I'm not all about loving my enemy, but if Black people would simply hold back that dollar and then you'll see real change. We control 1 Trillion dollars in yearly spending and that's a lot of incentive for to corporations and government on our side.

    • When we held back our $$ we had black-owned businesses to frequent.

      What they have done is extinguish the black businesses and replaced them with asian stores & owners, in our community.

      They have put us in positions where we can barely own a home, let alone a business.

      If change is really ever going to happen we have to stop the back-biting and come to one accord. Unless we do that we will never have say in this cunt-ry.

    • "…if Black people would simply hold back that dollar and then you'll see real change. We control 1 Trillion dollars in yearly spending and that's a lot of incentive for…"

      I agree, except it's not about putting pressure on the government or "change." It's about building something for ourselves, in the US, Africa, and elsewhere. It's not a matter of holding it back. We shouldn't be giving it at all. Taxes take care of that.

      And there are plenty of black businesses to supply us, whether on or offline.

      We can also find out who owns businesses in each community, to strengthen boycotts. Many Asian-owned businesses try to employ black people to hide it, but every business must be registered and you can easily find the info online.

      • There are not plenty of black businesses IN THE COMMUNITY to sustain us. There are some, but not nearly as many as there used to be.

      • There are wonderful web communities and community resources for finding black-owned businesses, ladies and gentlemen. They're as easy to find as celebrity gossip sites and pornography. 🙂

        • And there are tons of black-owned suppliers.
          Whatever you need: cheese, eggs, Jordans, extra large condoms, tires, anything. 😉

        • Also, it's easy to set up partnerships with black farmers, even if you live a good distance from the country. Ask around and network; and visit their farm to inspect the operation. Technology and goods transportation are cheaper and better than ever. You can exploit that to set things up.

  12. Im with david banner on this one. U live by the sword u die by it. Eye for an eye tooth for an tooth why we can't have guns to protect ourselves from them but they can carry them to protect themselves from us? I feel sorry for American god forbid we sit here and let them take our guns away. People with lyfes Thinking will be easily led into submission black people this is our land our cities our country our everything why cant we fight back to take back whats ours this who entire world was build at the hands of our ancestors how is David a coon? But ya police is the wrong people the main objective need to be the TPTB.

  13. there were 4 latinos killed and nobody said nothing and were still talking aobout black lives matter get real black lives only matter when the police is killing a black man not when another black person kills another. the people who organize the black lives matter movement are billionaires and guess they are white people and zionist jewish they same people with the hands up don't shoot movement by the way the hands up don't shoot is a masonic gesture.

    • Yeah I read it was 5. The Govt puts guns on the street so Black peope can kill each but we too dumb & fall for it. Blacks are herded like sheep.

        • Don't believe it? Say it isn't possible? Has anyone ever asked how does RayRay get military grade weapons when he doesn't leave his neighborhood? Where does the middle man get the guns? The govt sold guns to Mexican dug cartels to track them. One of those guns killed an Agent. Thats why Eric Holder resigned. So yeah think anout it

          • I'm not talking about the gov't shit. I am talking about the second part of your comment. And I asked what makes you different when you make such f*cked up comments.

            When you make a point calling your people derogatory names is dumb. Just like you for putting them in your comment and makes you look like you have fallen for the okie of self-hate.

    • Excuse me but what does four Latinos being killed have to do with Black Lives Matter? They want NOTHING to do with us, matter of fact they HATE us. They think we're weak subhumans. Why should we fight their war? Do they fight ours? Nah you need to try that one again "brotha"!

  14. You know why Asians don't get fvcked with? They are smarter than White people & always have their sh#t together.

    • BS, BS, BS. Many of them are part of the plan, especially the ones who are given US refugee aid & sent to infiltrate our neighborhoods and set up shop (businesses).

      Fuck those slanty-eyed traitors.

          • I didn't need a 12 on pack of weave to put dinner on the table.
            As a people we give up too easy. We didn't try to find out how to open businesses. We know the Banks wouldn't give is loans. Other communities pool their money together to make it happen. But we always do the Woe as me the White Man hold is down song. An Asian man told me that a a whole family work, eat rice for year, save thei. money, buy a house, take the house to the bank as collateral. Why can't we do that? The White man will not take is by the hand & give it to us

            • You all really believe that BS. Them MF did not pool $$ together to get those businesses, dumbass.

              They got that $$ from refugee aid, given to them by the government, in order to keep black dollars out of black hands.

              If all this shit is so easy according to you, how about you be the first in your neighborhood to show everyone else how it is done so they can follow your example.

              • Yeah I know about all aid they got. However alot of them saved their monet. They didn't go out buying rims, weaves, fast foods, cars they couldn't afford. You can be put down but its your choice to stay down. I wish I knew them what I know now. I was a kid you know. 35 years ago there was Black man tried to tell Black folks about everything but no one did anything. There was a council member too but there aren't any excuses

              • If someone is giving you tens of thousands of dollars I guess you could save some $$.

                I am over people acting like the shit some other bogus ass group is doing is legit…IT IS NOT. They had help out the ying yang to decimate and take over the businesses in our community.

                I do not give a f*ck what a few people do or how they spend their $$ on…since you are not doing anything who are you to criticize, someone else?

                Just like a crab in a f*cking barrel…stop bitching and become part of the solution.

    • It's simple. Asians have a "home base". North Korea, south Korea, China, Japan. Do you think America wants to make enemies of those countries? Nope.

    • Asians are not necessarily smarter than Europeans, but what they do is put the best interests of their family FIRST before anything else. They are rigorously self disciplined., They seek no monetary pleasures or indulgences until everyone in the family is successful. Once they own a home, it stays in the family for generations(see Orange County, Ca)
      Plenty of black people have great brains. That is not the issue. Self discipline is the issue. No black person who gets his/her hands on a pile of money is going to deny themselves a new flat screen, car or fly Jordans just so the money can be cycled back into the family coffers.

      Money cannot buy self discipline, and the white man cannot take it away. It has to be created by the self, and it means the denial of "showing off." Not one of our best qualities.

      • Asians are definitely smarter than whites. Like Africans, they developed things hundreds and thousands of years before whites. Whites only have civilization because Africans and Asians gave it to them. Whites only have anything else because they started killing and stealing when they figured out they could *never* compete with anyone else. It's easy to win a race if you shoot your competition.

        I do agree that culturally Asians are focused on winning as a family. They essentially view the family like a business, and build real wealth. AA are brainwashed by whites and corporations into giving all their money back, and making other people rich.

        There's nothing wrong with treating yourself or wanting to have "nice" things, but there's a difference between that, and throwing away money/power/independence while complaining about the plight of black people. At this point, AA don't have the luxury of wasting tons of money.

        • And white people are not afraid of Japan or South Korea. Neither is in the position to do anything. And North Korea is basically China's security guards to keep the US from making gains in the north, or flooding the north with drugs.

          The US is nervous about China though.

          China's also starting to raise the price on goods, no more cheap stuff. White people somehow thought it would be a really good idea to eliminate production in the US.

          • Japan's technology is lightyears ahead of America's. Trust me when I say that America does not want to mess with them. Iran too. A country doesn't have to be a big shot to be a threat and the American government knows that.

            • There is nothing especially advanced about Japanese technology. Most of what they do/have is a copy or a small add-on to existing technology. And they don't have the numbers, weapons, or connections to be a threat to anyone, but a smaller, less developed nation. The US has ensured this since they lost the war.

          • And don't forget how Japan was never colonized. They have never been owned by the west. They're a people who are completely independent especially where it matters most: THOUGHT.

            • They were never colonized, but they did act as a willing instrument of the west once they saw their attempts at colonization would never stick, and saw that the west was swooping in. They hammered Korea for white people. That's just one example. They are level 100 Asian sellouts.

              Their country hosts tons of US military bases, so white people have an easy way to go after Asians courtesy of the Japanese.

              They also act as a client country to the US and other nations because they have no resources, and their land is a cold rock. Independent nations don't depend on other countries.

              One of their most popular arts, ANIME, almost exclusively features images of people who are clearly not Japanese.

              The average Japanese person is actually "tan," brown, or a dark brown (like a south Indian). Many light-skinned Japanese are only lighter because they bleach their skin. Most of their beauty and hygiene products are loaded with bleach, and all product packaging states that it bleaches the skin. They also use dedicated bleaching products, whether commercial or traditional. They have commercials that explicitly and proudly state how products bleach the skin. Others are light because they deliberately marry light (albinos). They also use every tool possible to avoid exposure to sunlight.

              White people love to promote the Japanese as sexy, advanced, and etc. only because the Japanese lost and continue to support white people's agenda.

            • The only true independent countries are those who do not have a centralized bank. Osama just brought cuba into the fold because they were one of them, I really wish cuba would have told him to f*ck off and rejected that shit.

              • Truly independent countries can defend themselves against anyone, and don't need anyone's resources.

                Only African countries, and some southeast Asian countries can ever be in this position.

  15. Yup he's real crazy & dumb huh? While we keep praying, marching, protesting, & begging they're still killing us!

    • What is happening now is no different than what has been going on since slavery ended (on paper).

      We were never meant to stay here, that was never part of the 'plan'. There has been a slow and steady genocide happening with all the gang wars the majority started by pigs, the prison industrial complex (modern day slavery), turning men into fags, releasing them and they in return infect black women. All of this and more keeps us down, infighting, and reduces our numbers.

      My question is when are we going to stop speaking about it & being about it?

        • Sarah, that is just not true. A man has to have had sex with another man who is HIV+ in order to infect a woman in this country.

          HIV and AIDS are two separate and distinct entities in the US and Africa. Yes, in Africa AIDS is not a gay disease, But it is in the US.

          I don't want to derail this thread by writing an essay on why this is true, so I suggest you do some research.
          The gay agenda attempted to promote the fact that AIDS and HIV are not a gay problem back in the 80s and 90s, and because all the facts and stats were not in at this time, we accepted that. But now even the gay orgs own the fact that indeed it is a gay health problem(in the US) and that black women are becoming positive at a rate as high as gay men due to DL black men having sex with BW.

          We must stop the shame against gay BM are we will end up with a small holocaust of BW in the major urban centers NOW!

          • White people infect people with HIV and AIDS. They pretend to give free medical care in Africa, and infect people; furthermore, much of the AIDS and HIV statistics are flat out lies, it's propaganda to demonize black people.

            Part of what made them really push the bio warfare forward is what they saw happen in the 70s. Culture became extremely liberal. There were black, white, and gay people socializing and having positive experiences. Whites feared and hated what was happening, so they turned up the biological warfare and pushed drugs (Opium War part II) on black communities.

            • I am not discounting what you are saying, but there are huge numbers of black women getting the virus from DL men, especially those who were previously incarcerated.

              • White people give them AIDS and HIV in prison. They also give random gay men AIDS and HIV.

                Most DL men don't have sex with women. They fake heterosexuality and relationships with women.

                DL men are also a minority of the gay community. Most gay/bi men today are not DL. Many of these women are sleeping with known hos who dip everywhere. They shouldn't let Sisqo hit raw.

              • Unless you know every or are a DL or previously incarcerated male or if you have not had sex with either of them, you cannot speak to those men’s sexual appetite.

                Bi men are DL in the black community which means they ARE the men who are giving the virus to unsuspecting women.

      • I love in the country with the worst HIV epidemic in the world. A country where grown Black Straight men would rape babies, toddlers, kids because they had convinced themselves that having sex with a virgin would cure them of AIDS. Last month a man was sentenced to life in prison for raping little girls and infecting them with HIV. More than 20 girls as young as 8. He even tied one little girl to a tree as he raped her analy and vaginally. This man is not gay. I stand by my point that straight black men need to take accountability for their shit behaviour. It's them whoring around f*cking everyone/cheating on their wives gfs raw. Its them raping each other in prison. We need to stop covering for them all the time like they're some sort of victims. I know the black community is committed to coddling them but I can't do this anymore. The government turns them gay? Craziest thing I've heard. All so that black men don't have to be held to task for their decisions.

        • Yes in this country the gov't turns them gay with mass incarceration. You really believe MEN, hell any human being that is in prison over any number of years is gong to be immune to human contact? Please.

          Then when they bring their ass back to the hood, they act like the shit they did in the pen, is wiped clean and they are still straight…BS. They have developed an appetite/perversion in prison now they are on the DL f*cking men and women; passing that virus to unsuspecting women therefore reducing our numbers.

          All the shit is part of the plan and has been for some time, there is more to it, but this shit is real and no joke, no matter what you may think.

    • "Yup he's real crazy & dumb huh? While we keep praying, marching, protesting, & begging they're still killing us!"

      Even though they deserve it, it isn't the answer. We need to use our economic power. There's no reason millions of Black Americans with resources and training cannot build a subnation; and aid in African development.

      If not on American soil, pick just about any spot in Africa. AA are a nation, not a segment of the American population. There's roughly 80 MILLION AA. If every single AA spent a day, week, or month working on a project to establish a subnation; imagine the progress. What could be done in 80 million days? 80 million weeks? 80 million months?

  16. Mr. Neely Fuller recommends an individual plan, that doesn't require us to assemble and confront one another. No singing required either. In fact, when I read this I think how much sense Mr. Fuller makes.

    • You have to confront people at some point or nothing gets done. the problem is you never know who really is down for your cause or who is there to infiltrate & tear down your plan.

  17. David banner is one of the few rappers I respect. he put mad game down on the Zo What Morning Show. He also kicked serious knowledge on Corey Holcomb's 5150 show. Keep doing your thing Banner!

  18. Quote from Dr. Michelle Alexander, "Our entire system of government is designed to protect and serve the interests of the most powerful, while punishing, controlling and exploiting the least advantaged.”

  19. My opinion all race lives matter to God.we as humans have to do things GODS way not live by our own selfish behavior.the more we think CHRIST like the better we will become

    • Tell that shit to whites.

      And please to all the blk on blk crime people miss me with the speech. Because all other races kill more of their own than they do others, but I am sure whites have killed more black than vice versa.

      • Yes. Whites kill whites. Granted.

        But white miscreants do not kill 20 other white miscreants on a holiday weekend over shit like drug territories and gang culture issues. THAT is the difference. White husbands kill their wives. White mothers kill their children. But whites don't go on a rampage and kill a bunch of strangers on the regular like gang members so in Chicago. That is a f*cking
        sick phenomenon which only blacks do. Until we deal with that reality, do we really care about black lives? I care a hell of a lot more about the innocent children caught in the gang cross hairs in Chiraq than I do about Mike Brown or Alton Sterling. Those were grown ass men who chose that life, and they paid with their life. It wasn't right, but neither man was an innocent babe in the woods.

        You can't say that about Hydea or that little boy who were slaughtered by gang members. And we encourage a culture which protects these shit men who kill.
        It ain't all the bad cops fault. They are just the icing on the cake.

        • I already said miss me with the blk on blk BS…and you or no other adult has the right to label someone as "choosing a lifestyle", because all grown ass people have some skeletons… perfection eludes all. So your dirt is no better than theirs.

          If you have a problem with what is going on do something about it, writing on a blog about the issue is the easy part…fyi white people do kill strangers just because you do not hear about it unless it is some serial killer or mass murder situation does not mean it is not happening.

          • You picked and chose what I said like a champ. I didn't say that white miscreants don't kill strangers. If you can provide a link which shows white men killing 15-20 other white thugs on any given 4 day period over street beefs in a city, I will apologize and beg your forgiveness.
            Why do BM always want to explain away an obvious problem rather than owning it and dealing with it? Oh right. Never mind.

            • You do the same, when it suits your point. The last question could be asked of you as well.

        • The italian/Russian mafia, Yakuza, Mexican drug cartels don't massacre their own people? Oh my, tell me more…

        • "But whites don't go on a rampage and kill a bunch of strangers on the regular"

          LOL Are you serious? Almost every mass shooting in the US was done by a white or group of whites, and the people who did it were upper middle class professionals. Then there's the Irish mob, Italian mob, Russian mob, "Aryan" biker gangs, and "Spanish" gangs.

          No one is born a criminal (except for whites). The black gangs are people driven to crime by poverty and limited opportunities.

          Rich or poor, whites are f*cking murderers and criminals. These people drive a benz to work, make a six figure salary, and then complain about how minorities are "oppressing" them; and shoot up an office building.

          A black gang member shoots another gang member to protect their own life and income. A white person shoots another person because they like it.

    • When I said that very thing I was called a "fence straddler, weak & other things." I nearly got punched in the throat…and we're on a damn blog!

      • Must you always be the victim? No one nearly or even hardly verbally "punched you in the throat". It just felt like it cause I took your own method and flipped on you WITH TRUTH. You are a fence straddle and you know it. Please!

        • Don't check for MY every word since it ails you so.

          See how easy that was?

          • Take your own advice and stop checking for every post under your name.

            It must really be a full time job for you to sit here and reply to everyone who makes a comment.

            What a sad existence you must lead.

    • Solution is prosecuting crooked police & DAs. Diversifying Grand juries. Having policereflect their communities. Cleaning up our communities so they won't come in & treat us like children

      • You mean like the black chief did in Dallas? It is said that he created a community policing model which should be considered the template for the entire country.

        Yet look what happened. I knew it was bad when I saw so many black folks in tears on TV because the police situation in Dallas was what they had been pushing for for years. Even the BLM protesters were crying.

        It seems so futile at times.

    • The solution is group economics. The solution is a subnation in America, and aiding in African development.

  20. Hell they both crazy as f*ck bc in 6 month from now it going to happen again just a matter of time this shidd is just coming 2 light been going on to long with police killing ppl

    • Do you know that person or all black people for that matter to be able to speak on their character?

      Whatever self-hate BS you have going on, you really need to work that shit out, before commenting, because you just make yourself look like a f*cking tool, every time you post.

    • I give him credit for honesty, because tat's exactly what happens.

      All the bitching about the Boule here and how they're the devil, I guarantee that if one of the complainers found themselves rich and successful suddenly and was tapped to be a Boule member, well….you know what would happen. Life is like that.

      • Ok, Ms. Cleo's big toe…speak for yourself, neither one of you know what every black person would do in any given situation.

        So do NOT try to misrepresent us.

        • Um I didn't say every black person.
          I specifically said ONE.

          You are one contentious man. You must be a lot of fun in real life.

          • You do not know what every or any black person would do, unless that person is you…better?

            Takes one to know one and given many of your responses I am sure the same could be said about you regarding the "fun" factor, lol.

  21. David Banner is a mind controlled phony! All celebrities are bought! I don't understand why Blacks still go to these rally's led by celebrities! All they do is talk, and get you all fired up! Changes will never happen with protests, riots, rally's or voting! Hasn't history shown you that, time and time again?? Then again, people don't study, or cultivate themselves, especially blacks! Most blacks just want to follow somebody because, that's how we were trained in the home most times…

  22. that nigra David from Spitbucket, Mississippi. what else do you expect to come out of that illiterate country bunkin's mouth. smdh at his rhetoric. ignorant ass sap.

  23. You have to demand respect. When you let People disrespect you they always will. Thats what the brother is saying. You have to sacrifice to get ahead in any thing you do. You have to look at the big picture. If you don't like what he said thats your thing. At leaf allow him to speak his mind with you trying to score coon points Lyfe. As many times as you have been in jail for violence and you the one to coon on the brother in front of people.

  24. You have to demand respect. When you let People disrespect you they always will. Thats what the brother is saying. You have to sacrifice to get ahead in any thing you do. You have to look at the big picture. If you don't like what he said thats your thing. At least allow him to speak his mind with you trying to score coon points Lyfe. As many times as you have been in jail for violence and you the one to coon on the brother in front of people.

  25. Deacons for Defense,Black Panthers are only a few that used to carry guns against the pig establishment. Sorry for the late post.

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