Sex, Lies & Lamar Odom Cocaine Overdose Gains ‘Lethal’ Rank For Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch?


“He didn’t look good at all … he had change of color on his skin … he was foaming at the mouth … 9-1-1 said to put him on his left side, he started regurgitating very heavily … they rushed him out of there in an ambulance.” ~Dennis Hof

HSK Exclusive – While Lamar Odom remains “comatose and on life support” in a Las Vegas hospital, Sin City sources tell HSK that “charges should be laid on the Ranch if Lamar dies.” Though we can’t confirm exactly where Lamar scored the apparent lethal blow, it’s hard to find it surprisingly that “several” Love Ranch employees reportedly “knew all about Lamar doing cocaine” inside the brothel … we’re told that some may have even seen Lamar in the act of gettin’ high. Sources say that’s why Dennis ‘Pimp’in’ Hof is now “scrambling to cover his azz” — while apparently pullin’ a ‘blame it on the Black guy’ card as part of a supposed ‘Ranch rock’ over Odom’s drug overdose.

“I got a call from Heidi Fleiss today saying, ‘Dennis, don’t defend him [Lamar Odom] Us drug addicts, we have a way of hiding things that nobody knows about.'” ~Dennis Hof

This, shortly after an unconscious Lamar Odom was discovered by a pair of prostitutes at the Love Ranch South, the Dennis Hof owned brothel where the former NBA player is said to have been partying for four days. Since then, Dennis Pimp’in Hof has turned to the media insisting that no one at The Love Ranch saw, heard, or knew anything about Odom gettin’ high.

“We did nothing wrong. This is no different than somebody doing drugs or doing something wrong in any business. We can’t control these people. We can’t be with them 24-hours a day to watch what they’re doing.”

Here’s what else Dennis ‘Pimp’in, Possibly Push’in’ Hof told CNN:

“Everyone’s got these speculations … and these unnamed sources … well I wish these unnamed sources would step forward, because the only people that know what’s really going on is my staff, my girls and Lamar.

My people are educated to look for things … look for drugs … look for people that have some issues … Lamar was a guest there, he was having a great time, and there was no indication that there was anything wrong.

They didn’t witness anything. They did witness him take this herbal supplement. They didn’t witness him take any illegal drugs. My staff, when they went in the room when the emergency came about, didn’t see anything. The police department investigated the property and didn’t see anything … there was no paraphernalia …”

Check out Kris Jenner, acting like she gives a phuck ’bout Lamar Odom. Hey Kanye, you need to take note!!!



    • He'll yeah he's lying. He has to protect his business. The police should make his women take a drug test like they did Lamar. They should make them take a polygraph I bet it's way more to the story then they are telling. Like where is his money, jewelry and why was he charged $75,000. Check the records I bet not one else has paid that much for two tricks. They probably set Lamar up he was easy pray. Dope him up and know one would know we did it but our business will be well known all over the world. Chaching

    • Lamar spent $75,000 on prostitutes, do we really think them folk actually give a damn about his well-being like that? Negros set fire to cash like arsonists to a forest…Real Life!

  1. What I don't understand is why is Kris doing this she started on that OK Simpson reopen tapes then she was on the Jackson Show what is she up to it seems every black man that cross her way she is taking them out I don't think he is going to make it they are do for a new blood kill

    • Mannnnnn…she is doing that to st relevant. That money is drying up and nobody is paying her no attention. She thought she was going to get a good bulk from her late husband. And we all know his money was old money. Long old money too. Something happen to Caitlyn she won't get a dime.

  2. Finally black men are calling out these evil women. I never thought I'd see the day!

      • lol the sellout gods always come home to roost LOL…now his money going back to massa where it belongs yaaaaay

      • You're right, the foolishness just repeats itself from bird to bird. Remember, show bizness is not for sane brothas. Selling out is part of the job description. Let's not act shocked about this sickness…Who Runs And Owns It? Lamar is the latest tool of white supremacy to get slapped down, many more behind him waiting to fall!!!

  3. The thing that sent him over the edge, was Kim talking about Khloe being nice to him.
    His best friend dying in June from drug use.

    And the fact that TMZ and the rest of the papparazzi continuously follow him around.
    he said on the video .."its all yall fault, that no one will even f*ck with me.. Be cause of yall"
    He told the guy the media destroyed him….

    THAT is all. KRIS JENNER

    • Well, these all circumstances, and true, but, what sent him over the edge is that he wanted to be white and that wasn't gonna happen. He dated white/latina, procreated with white/latina, married white and snorted white powder and he finally figured out that his azz was gonna stay black!

  4. Kardasians are behind this! Blood sacrifice. Those witches are evil, they are all about money! It is strange, why are mostly blacks been murdered and not whites? This mess needs to stop!

    • he was murdered. they "sent" him a limo…"gave" him a free room…nobody pays 75,000…who "watched" him take 10 viagras…and the list goes on

        • There is something about this story that doesn't make. If it's true that God allowed him to wake up, I pray that he turns his life around and go straight to an attorney's office in another state and get a WILL. leaving everything to his family.

  5. It's never going to stop that's what they want they want us all dead so it won't stop until the lord come down to stop it.

  6. You all are blessed to be so ignorant about addiction. Good for you that it hasn't touched your lives.

    This wasn't the doings of Dennis Hof, herbal viagra, or even PMK.

    When a person is slamming opiates and cocaine at the same time(speedballs) their respiratory system goes haywire. Any of you old enough to know about John Belushi at The Chateau Marmont?

    Your respiratory system stops sending oxygen to your brain(hello Bobbi kristina) and then your brain stops telling your vital organs to operate as they should. Organs then start shutting down. Without immediate intervention, the victim is dead quickly.

    If you are saying that someone in the KKK Kamp tied his hands and force fed him oxys while the stuck a crack pipe in his mouth and forced him to inhale, then okay. It might be a hit job,
    Otherwise, Lamar orchestrated his own death wish. He is suffering from chronic and reactive depression.
    And for gawd's sake, enuff with the sacrifice shit. It makes you look stupid.

  7. What ever your downfall is and the media puts it out there about you yes people would believe that you tried to kill yourself this is a big cover up and they are trying to kill him the mother and her daughters are behind all of this he was on drugs but they sell us that story to believe don't you get it this person overdose are this person did this it's all a cover up.

    • It's being reported online that Lamar woke up. Until I hear it from Jacky, I won't believe it. If indeed it's true this GOD'S work. Oh Bless HIS name.

        • @anon 15:33, although I understand what u r saying. Without GOD none of those things u mentioned would be possible. GOD deserves ALL the credit.

          • If black folks ever wake up and see the truth, the white man is in trouble and he knows it. So keep on putting all your faith and energies into your sky daddy. They love it that way.

            • @anon 19:32, I will ALWAYS put and trust all my faith in God. No matter what anyone says.

  8. It's funny how when he wakes up he say hi Khloe and I bet her next word's to him were now you see what happens when you try to write a tell all book next time you won't be waking up and Kris was in the corner like try me and see.

    • It's very funny and Mk ultra weird…. As if she was the only one he had in mind not kids or the ppl he been f*cking with after she quit him … Or whatever ! Just go to show you next time he won't be coming out no coma , they were test
      This. T

  9. Yeah, it's called White Slavery! Matter of fact, there is a federal statute still in effect from long ago that applies to this actual issue. Honestly, this debacle just makes whitewomen look worse than they already are in relation to blackmen…Being Honest!

  10. Well yes i can see lamar spending that much for sex these girls at the rsnchnsellnp*ssy for a thousand dollars or more and celebs be spending thousands on these prostitutes so yeah thats why they are expensive lamar would have came out cheaper on backpage and lamar been a drug addict

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