Khloe Will Inherit Lamar Odom’s Fortune – Two Still Married

khloe kardashian lamar odom still married

Even though Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom signed divorce papers they are still legally married.  Khloe has legal final say on all medical decisions regarding Odom.

There is a delay in processing the paperwork in the family courts and their divorce was not finalized.  Since he was only 35 years old, Lamar had not gone through the process of writing a will.  As you know, the former Laker was found in a Nevada brothel unconscious and was bleeding from the nose and foaming from the mouth after having several seizures.

khloe kardashian lamar odom hospital

Doctors are basically saying at this point that it will take a miracle for the former Sixth Man of the Year to pull through this coma.  He is experiencing major organ failure and there is not much brain activity.  Under Nevada law, should he die, and since there is no will in place his money will go to his wife, Khloe.

“Lamar did not have a will or anything. So whatever money he has [approximately $50 million] will go to Khloe and not to his kids.”

Even though Lamar’s ex and baby mama, Liza, has arrived, plus his father, it is Ms. Kardashian who ultimately will decide his fate, “And she’s his next of kin too…so she decides if they stop lifesaving measures,” a source reveals.

lamar odom liza morales

Hopefully, Khloe will not have to make the impossible decision on whether or not to keep Lamar going.


  1. I hope his family makes him sign them papers right before he kicks the bucket! Ooooooooo…..
    Now that shit would be funny as hell !!!
    But that witch won't sign them !
    Hope they force his signature lmao !!!
    No doe for hoes !!

  2. People wake up, both Scott and Lamar are in trouble, both of them threaten to expose these witches!!

  3. If Khloë decides not give the kids something, which we know she will because she loved Lamar's kids. Phil Jackson will make sure they will be taken care of.

    • Lamar should have been the one to secure a future for his children.

  4. This must be karma for turning his back on his kids and baby mother. Khloe and her evil family's fate will be far worse.

  5. You better believe the KKK satanic witches tried to murder Lamar Odom. The Most High/God is the strongest force in the universe. I pray Lamar Odom quickly recovers. Let this be a lesson to all black men; DON'T FUCK WITH THE KARDASHIAN BITCHES!

    P.S. James Harden and Kanye West are next!

    • @NBA, HSK STATED that "HE WAS only 35"! DANG, THEY counted HIM (AS DEAD)! ?
      WOW! ?

      And, YOU are SO RIGHT!! ?

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