Serena Williams is a Married Woman

serena williams married

Tennis legend Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian have tied the knot.

11 weeks after giving birth to their daughter, Alexis Olympia, they walked down the aisle at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. The couple has been dating since 2015.

Guests such as Beyonce, Eva Longoria, LaLa Anthony, and Kelly Rowland were in attendance.

Congrats #TeamSwirl


  1. I hope for the child’s sake they stay together long. Celebrity couples don’t last long at all. They make for a interesting couple….

  2. Business arrangement that’s very friendly. Star studded event with no doubt extravagant gifts.

  3. Just wishing them well. Celebrity and living in the public eye is not a good thing on marriages.

  4. She’ll have blonde hair and more bleached skin soon. Self-hated.

    • Don’t forget the blue contacts too! Then the much coveted ‘thigh-gap’ in their Insta. pics!

  5. So her poor farmer father takes one tennis class, and then grooms his daughter’s into athletes that dominate their sport. They earn millions and become household names.

    His daughter, gives those millions to white people in a single generation and degrades herself by sleeping with and having a “relationship” with a white.

    That said, if black folk want to date out, date an Indian, at least the kid will come out black (Tatyana Ali). She could have got a decent-looking Indian doctor.

    • What do blacks leave their children on average? Nothing, most of you were not raised by a father and had a piss poor mother. So the net effect is the same, the next black generation get nothing!!

    • Too many black people suffer from Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome (Read the book).

  6. The greatest female athlete of all time married a white man. Most black women don’t criticize Serena Williams. These same black women are extremely angry over Taye Diggs, Cuba Gooding Jr. Van Jones, Michael Jordan and other successful black men who married white women. Sistas I have a question, why aren’t most of you angry over Serena swirling? Why the selective outrage?

    • You just pretty much answered your own question. All those men that you just mentioned looked down on black women after a certain point so fuck all of them. Most black celebrity women marry black men while black men marry white women. Serena marrying a white man is nothing comparing to all the white women these dumb ass niggas go crazy over.

    • One black woman got on my case for talking about dating a white woman when she told me she dont even date black men she date whites only but I’m the bad guy I said girl please I had sex with black.and white girls but still I’m the villian

  7. Why didn’t any black male that dated her never wife’d her? I can’t understand that.

    • Or, she was interested in getting serious with a ratchet ass rapper. She played was with them, she not trying to marry them rap hoes lol.
      It definitely has nothing to with money,, she has major paper. She seems happy. Congratulations to them.

  8. List iof successful black women who married white men:

    1. Serena Williams

    2. Halle Berry

    3. Soledad O’Brien

    4. Kamala Harris (CA Senator)

    5. Diana Ross

    6. Melody Hobbson

    7. Tamera Mowry

    8. Stacey Dash

    9. Kim Fields

    10. Aisha Tyler

    As you can see, successful black women will marry white men. THis is called self hatred. It’s also called Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome (Read the book). It’s called being totally ignorant to the benefits and poweer of melanin. FInally it’s called being ignorant to what marriage is really all about.

  9. The dress was over the top and made me laugh. All this pomp and circumstance for what!

    • A happily maried man because he knows he will soon receive most if not all of Serena’s money. If anybody diesagrees with me, look up Halle Berry and Aisha Tyler.

      • Disagree. He owns Reddit- he has his own money.

        Still think this is a weird union- somethings not kosher.

        They were probably trying to create a super human child with these two monsters.

  10. I’m surprised no one mentioned that her husband peeled Reddit one of if not the most racist site there is..

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