Russell Simmons Leaves Def Jam After New Rape Allegation

russell simmons def jam rape

Russell Simmons has just stepped down from Def Jam following a new rape allegation.

The woman, Jenny Lumet, says the incident occurred in the 90s when he offered her a ride to her Manhattan apartment.

Instead of taking her home, he allegedly locked the doors of his SUV and took her to his place.

“She claims he first forced himself on her in his elevator, and then once inside his place … he took her to the bedroom and raped her.”

Simmons says he doesn’t remember her incident of the event but acknowledges her “feelings of fear and intimidation are real.” He then apologized saying he has “been thoughtless and insensitive in some of my relationships over many decades.”

Model Keri Claussen Khalighi also accused him of raping her around the same time.

Makes sense now why he would tell Terry Crews to give his abuser “a pass.”


  1. I believe he did the same thing to Kimora but in her culture the young girls have arranged marriages with older men…her family probably talked her in to staying with Russell. …

  2. I don’t get why the hell these dumb ass celebrities have to rape anyone! They have millions of dollars and gold diggers out there that throw themselves at these idiots all day but they prey on innocent people smfh throw all of their satanic worshipping asses up under the jail!!!!!

    • Rape isn’t about anything you are saying. Rapist like the power aspect and the danger of raping someone gets them sickos off. These people are evil and ill.

  3. What is this really about though? Money is being exchanged and transferred and set aside and corporations are being dissolved and rebuilt with new corporate heads. Really, what is going on???!!!

    • But the real question is did he turn over his shares? He did not leave def jam, or any other company,
      He started, HE STEP DOWN. That means he’s still the owner, just not a worker anymore. He still running stuff behind the scenes and collecting the money but not going to be on the fore front. Russell is very calm and collective but he does not appear to be a good guy deep down. He’s very deceiving with this statement and probably hired these blogs to pump this garbage out there. I’m disgusted.

      Now when he turns 100% of his shares of the company over, than that means he’s quitting them. Not stepping down. Uuugghhh he is so not a good person.

      • Bingo.thats the same thing i though.he must think we’re fools.only because hes stepping down it dont mean hes not in the background making money of his companies anymore. People need to boycott anything related to him.smh

  4. How did he force her to his apartment?? These woman are extra. Did she kick and scream on the way up there? And Russell is an a– hole. he basically saying I messed with thousands of girls so I don’t remember you and if I did it I’m sorry, but I don’t remember ? That’s worst than him denying it. She remember the night in detail and he don’t remember at All. He fits the description in the other post.

  5. Then to add injury to harm, he did not leave def jam or his companies, that’s not what he wrote. He is simply stepping down. What that means is He owns and runs everything behind the scenes but he’s going to stop working so hard on the fore front and hire more workers to do all the work, while he kicks back, collects his money, vacation and figure out how to keep destroying the world with this Yoga crap he’s obsessed with.

    He’s very deceiving, he probably already planned on stepping down a while ago but could never find the time or staff to do so. But atleast he admitted he treated this lady like crap and apologized.

  6. Russell turn over 100% of your shares, if you really mean what you saying. You can play all these babies with that crap but not anyone who knows the game you trying to run. You should just say sorry and move on, telling this lie is digusting.

  7. When it comes to black hollywood, behind every rich black man or woman is a white man responsible for that new found wealth. You best believe most black people in hollywood had to do something strange for that seven or eight figure change. So who or what did RUssel do to become a multi millionaire?

  8. I been looked at Uncle Russ bray he got with Kimora when she was still a teen and married her. I always wowounded how that didn’t raise eyebrows.

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