Victoria’s Secret Models Rap the ‘N-Word’ While Singing ‘Bodak Yellow’

victorias secret models bodak yellow

When the Victoria’s Secret models headed to Shanghai for their annual fashion show, they had some fun backstage singing along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.” Only problem was – they received backlash when most of them were filmed rapping along to the verse that says, “Cut a n*gga off, so don’t get comfortable.”


  1. When we stop making songs with the ‘it’ word they will have to invent their own to sing along to, like they did in the beginning when they made the #$%%^ word! Stop helping them!

    • Bottom line, if ya don’t want other than blacks rapping the slang, then stop putting in in the lyrics.

      • for posting that, you sound like either an agent for evil, a simple minded racist repeating rhetoric, or just Dumb Ass! EVERY ONE KNOWS rappers are contracted, by the evil doers, based on their LYRICS. nicki mirage (purposely misspelled) raps (if thats what you call it) and calls herself ni66er for the pleasure of YT because YT PAYS HER TO. record labels manipulating the greed of poor under educated ghetto residents and the radio stations, promoters etc all conspire to get the whole world singing ni66er like its cool… you think the way you do, and you are TOO STUPID to know that your racist thought process is being dictated to you…

          • The artist mostly has no say…cause most artists have their lyrics written for them and they don’t have any real power. That is up to the producer and label.

        • Eff You FU! You have ti SIGN a contract of your own volition, otherwise it is NON BINDING! Blame these rappers not the models. It’s like blacks cannot take personal responsibility. I have managed to earn money without demeaning Blacks and so has the rest of my family and friends, so the rappers can do it to.

          • SBP– you just demeaned “blacks” by your generalized comment that “blacks cannot take personal responsibility” Why should Black people take responsibility for a bunch of White and Asian models saying the “N” word? Those models have a choice–they could have not said that part of the song. Just cause a song says something doesn’t mean you have to repeat it like a puppet.

  2. I don’t know what’s sadder the fact that those pale face walking sticks actually said the N word or the lack of melanin in the damn room. I don’t bother watching that show but I’m pretty sure u could count the amount of black models on your hands like they do every year.

  3. oh well, when you stop putting in the song then people will stop singing it. you take their money by buying the song and then dictate what part of the song they are allowed to sing. stop the double standards and when will blacks demand rappers stop using the word? oh, when they stop buying the song! and yes, i’m black. #capitalism

    • p.s. if you are black, then you HAVE to know black people dont buy music cds, or dvds…. just copies… especially in the always tough for the black community economy, nobody but YT is buying that crap that is being passed off as hip hop… so by your reasoning, you would be better off trying to tell YT to stop buying that crap… but i’m sure you won’t do that…. ANYONE YELLING AT BLACK PEOPLE TO STOP MAKING THOSE RECORDS KNOWS THAT THEY ARE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, so in my humble opinion, YOU ARE AGENTS SENT HERE TO SWAY OPINION TO LAY BLAME FOR THIS ON THE BLACK COMMUNITY…

  4. Everyone uses the word now. Gooks and Spicks call one another n***gger. It’s become a term of endearment for them.

    • does that make it acceptable??? NO… does it sound intelligent when they use the word??? No

        • I’m glad that he did use racial slurs. It sounded horrific but yet no one bats an eyelid anymore when we hear n!gg@ every five minutes. Imagine saying to your black buddies: “What’s up Spics?” Ridiculous. Only we have to suffer the daily indignity.

          • I wouldn’t use that term to refer to my mates as I understand the derogatory connotations therein. Two wrongs don’t make a right, I understand what you are saying though.

        • See how you reacted to me using racial slurs, nobody reacts that way when they use to ‘N’ word, but call them Gook or Spick and see what happens

    • I see white kids singing along and it’s n this and n that. Their black friends sing along n this and n that. So what’s the deal. Use it or not. Take the power off the word.

    • dumb dumb! YT says “stop singing it and i will too…” YT is lazy never does any research. YT accepts everything they are told (columbus discovers america, they were first on the planet, they were first in space, etc…). YT thinks the all original people think the same way that rappers are paid to rap. to lazily think and accept that our community has influence over the industry owned and run by the nwo, i feel justified when i question your intelligence

  5. You all act like these fake ass celebs have a choice in what they say…

    Everything they say is dictated.

    This Bitch is more bought and paid for than most and is garbage…I guess she is happy all of her sucking and fucking has created a fleeting hollow 15 second career.

    • should you be talking about cardi b, then what you said makes much sense. crude, but sensible and true… i second…

  6. I blame the rappers. JayZ gave permission to Gwen Paltrow and their other white friends to use the word. The problem is that when the word is used and no blacks who are their friends are around people go into an outrage. Look at these women. I call them all yacht girls. They get on boats to prostate themselves, lots of black men around calling everyone the ‘it’ word. These girls do the exact same, nobody minds, nobody cares. So when you get these culturally insensitive ignorant nincompoops doing their little ditties, people get offend. These hoes don’t know nothing, just mimicking their hood rat friends. You either offended by the word or you are not no matter who says it. Otherwise, the world can use it as they like.

    • blame the rappers??? dumb dumb! so if you go to dunkin’ donuts and get a stale donut, are you gonna blame the donut???

      • Gays call each other f*gs. If you are not gay and you say it, it is offensive and there’s an uproar. You can’t pick and choose on the use of certain words. You say the N word and it’s OK, I’m a n*gga. You need to evaluate what people are saying instead of rambling on that you are the only one who is correct while everyone else is wrong.

        Everyone here agrees it’s not acceptable. Why do you contradict.


    • YT invented the word and now they blame us for them saying it..? DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO OUT LIKE THAT…?

      • Why are you afraid to say “White people”? And yeah I want to GO OUT LIKE THAT…? whatever that means. Blacks need to stop saying the word even though it will diminish most of your vocabularies by 10%.

        • SBP Please be quiet. Your opinion is not respected here because it always comes with a backhanded insult. You are a coward.

  8. HOLLYWOOD is full of homosexuals… so let’s say that a movie studio (warner bros for example) has a roster full of homo actors who put out homo movies that YOU thought were inappropriate, would you blame the actors for the homo movies or blame warner bros for supplying homo movies..?

  9. BTW… should any black folk happen to be inside of an establishment that happens to play a song with that word in it, and an employee of that establishment happens to sing along… do this… call the police to report a hate crime… tell the cops you felt racially targeted… why do this? because after obtaining the proper POLICE REPORT, then you will be able to $UE everyone involved!!! the establi$hment, employee$…if there is anytime to $NITCH and get PAID, that would be the time… Talk about an easy $uit case…. hit them in the pocket$ and/or they will $top…. imagine $uing all the people singing in that video for racial hara$$ment!!!

    • FU, running to the White suprmicist system for “Money” from Zionist controlled banks, to buy products made with slave labor of brown skinned people? I knew you were a Coon and a sell out!!!!! Quit trying to sound radical.

      • Anon, what do you suggest?. How would you get any kind of change? Protest? Ha! Try it and have your life taken. You’re no good to anyone dead. Get back to Africa? FU is trying to say that suing them will hurt them cause all they care about is their almighty dollar. If you use their system against them you can damage it from the root. Every other minority gets this concept. Black folks have been stupidly trying to stay on the outskirts of the system to avoid selling out not understanding that the system gets stronger when you do this. Wake up folks. There is a reason most of us are still on the struggle all these years later.

  10. im working on a rap song…that all victoria secrets models are : trannies…dropping in 2018

  11. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF EVIL… as long as you believe in the CREATOR of the universe then you will be protected by the armor and the sword of the CREATOR… continue to pray for the removal of evil from within yourself and from this world… it is working…. and continue to $UE their evil azzes left and right…

  12. Rappers should stop saying the N word. We should stop calling each other the N word. By the way, white people say the N word every time they say the lyrics to the rap songs.

  13. The secret in Victoria’s Secret is that many of their products are made by prison slave labor.

    • So true. Ask yourself this… Who filmed those models saying the “N” word from that particular song and put it on social media? You mean that was the ONLY song those models were listening and singing along with to that day? Therein lies the rub.

  14. Welp, we can thank Joyner Lucas for another round of non Black people spitting the N word in a rap song. Its so Quentin Tarantino-ish that I made me think he was white. Its sad that main stream media is pushing this video as an important accomplishment towards tackling racism when its anything but.

    For starters its racially divided points are so biased and unequal that its hard to watch let alone be promoted by anyone who is really Black. He needs his ass whooped for that video, not any kind of recognition for sending a so called powerful message.


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