Big Time Celeb Accused of Rape and Spreading HIV!

celeb rape hiv

A California woman claims a Los Angeles celebrity “leveraged his power” over her while she worked as his part-time personal assistant. In her lawsuit, she claims he allegedly raped her and exposed her HIV. Sources claim the man is a “big celebrity”!!

The woman, listed as Jane Doe, is suing for sexual battery and assault. She says she was a vulnerable single mother and the celeb mistreated her both physically and sexually. He made her engage in rough acts and ignored all of her requests to stop. He even threatened to do her in the “back door”!

“To make things worse, according to the docs, the man refused to use a condom and exposed her to HIV because one of his recent sexual partners allegedly tested positive. Jane Doe claims he told her she should get tested.”

She’s suing for unspecified damages.

The real question is: Who’s the big-time celeb?


  1. How did her job description read or is “assistant” the new title for anything goes.

    • Snoop is not an agressive person, nor do he have female assistants thats screwable, soooo you might as well take his name out of that equation. And the Games ego is too big, he wouldve went into hiding if he had HIV. Hes been passed around so much in cali, he wouldve been exposed.

      • Really do you personally know snoop dog? This is why I said “Maybe” I don’t put nothing past nobody especially people that I don’t know (celebrities)

        • I know, not saying you were I’m just pretty sure it’s neither of them. Yes I know Snoop enough to know it ain’t him. Because he has no female assistant that fits the description of someone he can bang. Plus I’ve have been around him enough to know he ain’t aggressive.

          My little brothers and cousins play on his team that he’s heavily envolved with. And he’s been supporting our highschool and my team since forever. So I’ve been around him, his wife and kids enough to know it ain’t him they describing.

          And the Game is not a HUGE celebrity as in the description. I don’t know the Game personally or ever met him but enough of his family has come to my business for me to here a rumor of such. And I know a lot of people that do know him, he does have a temper, like a Mamas boy but raping someone and having AIDS would have hit the streets long before it hit here, with all the woman he mess around with and people he know.

          just throwing random names out there can still hurt someone’s reputation even when you say maybe.

          • Unless you are in the bed with a person on every sexual encounter they have…you really do not “know” them or what they would do.

            • I agree, but just because you are skeptical about everybody dont give you a pass to throw salt on they names either.

              Putting the word Aids together with a person name can ruin they reputation for life. People will always keep that in the back of they head no matter what the truth is.

              And the bottom line is Snoop do not have a female assistant like that. Its a white guy, and some other lady that could be somebody grandma and I think is his family or something. So based off that alone it aint him if this story is accurate.

              • People can say whatever they want about anyone at any time…you sure do, so fuck off with saying who can say what and when.

              • BTW you can stop replying I only read the first couple of sentences and don’t plan on reading anymore of your shit.

              • stop being so fucking butthurt for no damn reason! People say worst shit and blame others for worst things. Your so fixated on someone else’s opinion. Are u snoop dogg or the game??? Pretty fucking sure your not because they would not be on a gossip site trying to have a internet argument.

            • Actually you cant just say anything! They just let you. In actuality, if they cared enough, they can subpoena this site, get your IP address and subopean your phone company or internet provider or starbucks, your school or whatever and then serve you with a lawsuit for defamatiom of character. You just lucky they got better stuff to do.

              So you f–k off, with you hateful self. Just stop throwing salt on peoples name.

              • That has nothing to do with them being gangstas or whatever bullshit you said. Idgaf who is snoop dogg assistant or whatever and I’m not the one that fucked them so honestly I don’t Care. As the other person mentioned I’m also done I don’t argue on the internet it’s pointless and irrelevant just like your dumb ass comments

              • Don’t nobody care what’s posted about them on here. In fact, I doubt if they even, would even know this little site with maybe 40, 50 hits a day exists.

            • Exactly she don’t know what the hell shes talking about. I didn’t even read all of what she wrote but seriously it’s not that damn serious. You could know someone all your life and still not really know them!

              • But you the only one that got your feelings hurt because I told you that your guess is wrong! Its simple Snoop dont have a female assistant and the Game is not a Large celebrity, those are facts, so what are you confused about?

                The two people you choose dont fit the story above. Period!

              • And thy did not say they rep Cali or is even from Cali, they said they live in Cali, do you know how many male celebrities live in Cali?

              • You put those names out there on purpose because you know they got so called gangsta reputations and you was trying to be funny. Dont play dumb!

          • this is a rag site that help slang celebrity names through shit, and wait for us to do the same. So step off the soap box.

            • The fact that you, incessantly insist on your turn to slang Snoop and Game is worrisome. Both rappers don’t fit the description, furthermore I doubt the real culprit won’t be named for at least some time. I hope the lady in question gets the help deserves.

              • Exactly. Hopefully you were able to get the point across to her better than I was. Because of all the celebrities in Hollywood how she pullled them two names out of the deepest hole was clearly intentional.

                The whole story don’t even barely sound like no black people. Not no regular black celebrities, maybe the weird ones that don’t be around black people. But this definetly ain’t the average n–ga behavior. Now if she would of said she had to sleep with his friends too, than i could by that for a $1, that it was somebody black.

            • Well that’s not what I come here for. I like to see what’s going on in the world, but not that bad. These celebrities ain’t Robots. Talking about some stupid stuff they did is one thing but mixing they name with aids and rape is another. I don’t think this site is as small as you think it is. People view it, they just don’t post on it as much as others. But they website ranking is high enough to prove it’s more than 50 hits a day.

        • Yes…

          The story is he caught the monster from that dude who sung that 80s song ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time’…that dude died of aids.

          And tried to say he caught it from a woman, which is BS the rate of men catching HIV from a woman is next to nil, especially back when he caught it.

          • wtf!!! That’s crazy but what u said makes perfect sense and what’s even weirder is how his son turned out.

          • Wrong. HE infected Jermaine and sent him packing back to The Chi. Luther and Magic used to hoe together so it’s likely someone they shared who is probably dead by now.

            • Who cares?

              The point is he caught it from a MAN and from participating in homo activities…not the lie he put out there about catching it from a woman.

    • True!! It’s been said that Magic would go to all male sex parties in the Hollywood Hills when he played for the Lakers. And he was seen driving all over LA with Jermaine Stewart. Of course he lied and said he got it from a woman but any wise person knows better than that. It’s an open secret that Magic prefers men.

  2. Isn’t everyone in California a celebrity! Heck, everyone on TV acts they are a celebrity, especially if they display their bodies on the gram.

  3. “leveraged his power”…is leveraged a clue, there is a tv called leverage…so are we speaking of a actor thats cast in the show….

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