Roseanne Blames Ambien & Keeps Taking Hits After Racist Tweets

roseanne barr reruns pulled agency

After receiving backlash and getting her show canceled for calling former White House aide Valerie Jarette an “ape,” Roseanne Barr blamed her racist tweet on the prescription medication Ambien.

“Guys I did something unforgiveable so do not defend me. It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting — it was memorial day too — i went 2 far & do not want it defended — it was egregious Indefensible. I made a mistake I wish I hadn’t but…don’t defend it please.”

But her show (and her residuals) kept taking hits. Not only was she dropped by her agency, ICM Partners, but reruns of her show were also pulled.


  1. Name one ape that looks like a black person. We do not –
    which is why they have to keep on repeating that sh!t.

    Repetition is the best way to get something to stick. I was banned on Farcebook when I stated that whites are more similar to apes than blacks due to their thin lips and straight hair.

    Well done Roseanne, keep repeating by rote why don’t you!

    • White peoples where In caves grunting and shit but we’re apes damn devils always making up shit

    • Actually you are right.. Weird thing is that whites are actually far more closer to the monkey than anyone… They were the once raped by cave Neanderthals…

  2. When she said it was she really being racist? Or was she just calling her an ape for some other reason, like character. I don’t know, I don’t even know what’s going on… just asking. I’m gone look it up though

  3. Okay I’m so lost. The lady she called an ape pretty much looks white… so I’m sooooooo confused! Is the Valerie lady even black??? Y’all be trippin Rosanne, this world is so pathetic.

    • Nooooo. Valerie Jarett IS NOT BLACK…AT ALL!!! She is a sellout arab who dont give a fuck about black people…she is a very wealthy iranian, she like janet jackson…never seen hard times. Roseanne is right that she did infiltrate muslim brotherhood into the obama administration..just like Huma Abedin. They use black people to further their globalist illuminati agendas, this bitch is NOT BLACK!..PERIOD!

      • And that’s who Rosanne called an ape right? So I’m trying to figure out how is that racist… lol wtf. The lady ain’t even black. Omg

        • Exactly. I think roseanne was doin what she always do, get high and talk shit. I rele dont think in her mind she was thinking of it as some racist hateful shit, but she was NOT thinking at all…but see thats her problem…the heiffer dont THINK! Valerie playing the victim and shit, when she hurt black people MORE THAN ROSEANNE EVER DID OR COULD!!!! This bitch a sellout arab infiltrator and Roseanne walked right into the trap. They were just WAITING for this bitch to hang herself..and she did..Roseanne u dumb girl.

            • African-American, smaller amounts of Creole [French and African], Scottish, and Native American she was on Henery Louis Gates show.

            • But clearly she ain’t black enough to take the word ape as an insult against her skin color. If Rosanne called her an ape, it was for other reasons. Not for her skin color. Now if she would’ve said that to Michelle, or Beyoncé or something than you would have a case. But that lady look white, even if she is black.

      • Doesn’t matter whether you believe she’s black or not, Roseanne made the comment believing she is. Valerie identifies with being black. She’s said she’s black and she would know.

    • Valerie Jarrett is INDEED BLACK. Her mom and pop were too. Her mom was a founder of the Erickson Institute in Chicago which has turned out some of the brightest minds in the field of education. Believe me, she knows who she is and what she is.

  4. Even when she says I thought VJ is YT is a declaration of WS because she is identifying race!
    One rag mag is saying she has multiple personalities that she has made peace with! ?????

  5. No she isnt. Black people love to claim anything and everything thats not ours. This bitch running back to Iran and the middle east selling us out. Yall know she live in Obama house in dc….STILL living off taxpayer monies so she dont have to pay for securty and shit…ole grifter hoe.

      • But she don’tool black. So if someone called her an ape, clearly they not referring to her skin color

        • STFU You Dumb Bitch.

          The fact you don’t know why this is offensive is not shocking…how people like you are allowed to reproduce is beyond me.

        • That’s why coons will never get ahead. Blacks going against blacks for not being dark enough. Plantation mentality is strong in 2018. Wow I’m light skinned so I’m not considered black either? Your ignorant black comes in all shades read a fucking book moron.

  6. For all you losers defending bloseanne that Bitch knew exactly what she was saying.

    She also called susan rice another obama admin a man with big ape ballz…so stop trying to defend this FakeJoo…you are worse than people who “claim people” who you don’t feel are black.


  7. Rosanne = Satan & Esau Made Her Do It !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ Genesis 25:25, Genesis 27:27

  8. Any sentence that has any simians and Black people in the same sentence coming out of anybody’s mouth is cause for alarm!!!!!!! Now if she was Ambien tweeting like she said, now she can sleep it off til the roosters come home to roost because they just cancelled her SHOW………Pleasant dreams………NOT!!!!!!!!#

    • Now Everybody’s out of a job- lightening, tech crew, production. hair & makeup. Set stylists. Actors/actresses.
      Hope they got they next thing lined up.

      • Crew members will be fine. They actually do a real job.

        The actors look funny to casting people now because they don’t want any bad press on their project.

  9. It’s funny that the president is defending her. Yes, she and the show promoted him, but she’s the same woman that abused the national anthem on national TV. Then Whitney saved the day.

    Whitney made it so beautiful that everyone wanted to sing it.
    #blexcellence #sangers #blackamurica

  10. They need to leave Rosanne alone. That lady ain’t racist. This disgust me. The more real you are the less people like you, so sad. That’s why got a world of fake friendships, relationships and etc. everybody like fake.

  11. There are light black people,I grew up with light skin black girls whose parents were black,why some black people don’t know that is beyond my comprehension,maybe get to know your world,read too will help your understanding.

  12. Idiots. The Planet of the Apes book is about racism, but it is the APES who are white, Not black.

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