‘Roseanne’ Gets Canceled After Star’s Racist Tweet

roseanne canceled valerie jarrett

Roseanne Barr, a Republican and Trump supporter, took to her Twitter to call Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s former White House advisor, an ape. Jarrett was born in Iran to American parents. Her maternal great-grandfather, Robert Robinson Taylor, was an accredited African-American architect.

After the backlash from the Twitterverse and beyond, Barr apologized:

“I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me — my joke was in bad taste.” – Roseanne Barr

But it wasn’t enough, and even though the series had been renewed for a second season, ABC decided to cancel it today. The news was made in a statement by Channing Dungey, a black executive for ABC.

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” – Channing Dungey


  1. And that’s all folks!!! Good riddance, she never been given the platform with her past track record…

    She meant what she said or she wouldnt have said. That man in the white house has all these white folks trummped up thinking they can say racist shit and get a way why it.

    Now go sit cho ass down somewhere wanch, you tried it tho…

    • funny thing about her comments is judging by the above pic, she looks no different to the lady she referred to as an ape. They look like sisters

    • You used your platform to call her a wanch. Should you be fired. Name calling is OK for everyone except gay Hollywood gay President and his cabinet.They are special needs apparently. Roseanne should sue based on Freedom of speech.

      • Hey, I called her a wanch, I call my kids wanches when they do dumb shit and she said some dumb shit hence her back pedaling… sorry, not sorry.

        Who died and made amerikkka a reality show??? You cant fire nobody, you tried it tho…NOT!!!

        Haaa haaa haa, but her ass is fired!!!


  2. LMAO…some people just don’t know when to leave well enough alone.

    She was lucky they even took her ignorant ass back in the first place.

    Just had to bite her own nose off to spite her face, smfh.

    All’s well that ends abruptly…LOL!

    • ABC knew what it was doing with the show and those tweets. It was a whistle show, and they likely gave her the greenlight for those tweets. They didn’t expect it to play out like this. They didn’t manage her account.

      Obviously, there’s more competition in media today, and ABC is willing to resort to anything for ratings. Like ABC’s constant non-white woman/white man pairings. They’ll take gorgeous non-white women and have them clawing at random white males.

      I don’t watch ABC shows because of that content, and the writing and acting in general on most of their shows.

  3. What is funny is these clowns still can’t move forward when they have exactly what they want in office.

    Just because you have a person who is full of hate in office does not give you license to say whatever offense thing that comes to mind, then think you can walk away unscathed.

    All that pent up hate for the past eight years is still seething inside of them…move the fuck on people!!!

    And don’t come on my comment with anything about any of these puppets, because like I always say they all play for the same team… obama did not cause all the problems we have, he played his role as this new oompaloompa is playing his.

  4. I wouldn’t care if she stayed on or got cancelled so long as that black child and her momma storyline was deleted from their scripts. It was always awkward especially at the opening credits where Rosebutt licks all over the child’s food – every dam opening credit. I would cringe. Now I know why!

  5. Funny that Roseanne would insult Valerie. In these pics, they look like they could be sisters or cousins….

  6. Looks like the rats in Burbank are protecting that Black Panther audience. The rats got to hold on to the Wakanda demographic especially now that they’re losing the Star Wars fans* (Fuck Kathleen Kennedy).

    *Han Solo movie made less that $100 million last weekend. Major disappointment for a Star Wars Movie

    • next black panther movie is gonna be riddled with old school white actors in order to recite them and the white race thus killing the glow of the black actors

  7. Dumb fat trailer trash bitch. Funny she calls someone a ape but she’s the one that looks like one ! Good I’m glad abc canceled her show

  8. The real reason why the Rosanne Show was cancelled is because she called billionaire George Soros a nazi!

    • Who cares she insults everyone, now she is finally feeling the wrath.

      Even if she hadn’t insulted him this still would have taken her out.

    • @NBA, I agree with you. Just read what she said about Soros & his response . No doubt, that’s the reason 4 the cancellation of the show.

  9. If You Think That whi.te people Are NOT DEV.!LS ….. You Are A Coon !!! Open A History Book Dummy !!! ~ Genesis 25:25, Genesis 27:27

  10. She’s back on drugs. You can tell how she moved her mouth when she delivered her lines! She was like that back in the day doing interviews.

    • Ambient tweeting @ 2: 45 am…I guess tiger woods getting his ass beat in the middle of the night taught ms. Stay Puffed Marshmallow Fat Gut nothing,

  11. If they cancel her they need to cancel all the others. Let’s not just stop there and make an example of one. They gave Cosby hell and let a lot of his counter parts get a pass. Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg.

  12. This could just be a psyop. So much racist based headlines in the news lately. I just don’t believe anything anymore ?

  13. I actually dont think roseanne was like..”look at this black bish”, ima call her an ape”..i think she wasnt thinking at all, and just said whatever popped up in het mind..either way im annoyed that valerie jarett is playing victim when she really did help sell this country & black people down the fuck8n river. Get something right. If we constantly claiming & unclaiming people for the “blace race”, then i wabt to immediately clarify valerie jarett is not a black woman. She is a wealthy arab and she did help infiltrate muslim brotherhood in obama administration…fuck her. Both her & roseanne are demonic cunts

    • It wasn’t just her.

      She called susan rice another obama admin a man with big ape balls, a while back.

      So this was not some random act…she is a Funky Foul Fat Head among other areas Fake jooo whose entitlement card has been revoked…she can now go back to sitting in her den of hate saying whatever she wants w/o reaping the benefits from an overhyped show baring her tainted name.

  14. Oh please!!!! Nothing surprises me EVER about BIGOTED, RACIST, IGNORANT SWAMP BEASTS and any DUMP comments they make!!!! And the reason being is because THAT’S their NATURE and MO since the beginning! All the do is Hate on ALL people! But what REALLY CRACKS ME UP IS they are the ones who LOOK like APES, MONKEY’S, PIGS, oh let’s not forget their ancestors were born with tails, HA!!!!…. Melanin Peeps have color and lips…primates have no lips NO LIPS i.e. Rhesus Monkey’s, White Baboons!!!!! They are forever calling out names on other nations when they NEED to look in the mirror at themselves….at one point the WHITE” RACE” hated the Italians called them SPICKS then they hate the Indians called them SAVAGES, then the Irish then the Polish then the Asian then the Koreans(of course not in that order! However there was a RACIST NAME they had for EVERY OTHER NATION accept for them!!!!! BUT we all KNOW who and what they are!!!!!! EDOMITES!!!!!!! GO do some research!!!! THE ONE’S who the ALMIGHTY WILL FOREVER HAVE CONTENTION WITH!!!!! HEATHENS OF THE EARTH!!!!!1 NO take that ROSANNE and all those just like HER!!!

  15. @Lou, you are so correct in your analogy. Roseanne is nothing short of a racist Bitch, she didn’t just start with that tweet.. She always been that way way and she’s always got away with it.. Those two women look like they are sisters.. Rosa is nothing short of a plastic surgery junkie, her, her nose have to be redone because of coke, she had a complete body lift and more.. Trump is a spoiled brat
    and he dips his nose into things that not his concern. He has to chime in on anything that happened to a white person, regardless of their party affiliation..Then he going to say something about what
    what someone did to him, he has never to say something..He’s another JimJones and he’s leading
    white people and ignorant black people like blind sheep..He can’t do any wrong in their eye sights
    and he’s have so many conflict of interest businesses he’s running and his children..I just can’t fathom why some of the senate or congress haven’t said anything. I hope the hotels and luxury
    Condos win their law suit against him…. Visitors to the White House are being. sent to Trump towers
    to stay.. He’s ignorant, narcissistic, dumber than a rock and he treats his wife like shit and she looks miserable all the time…I’ve never watched Roseanne, Sienfield, friends, Cosby and a iot more shows. Every dog has their day, his number haven’t come as of yet..

  16. Spicks are Spanish speaking people, not Italians. Italians are called Dagos.

    Get your ethnic slurs straight.

    Oh, and white people have no problem with you describing them as monkeys or apes. Why should they care what anyone thinks? They know what they got and they stay winning.

    Think of a better insult than describing them as monkeys.

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