Azealia Banks Claims Rihanna & Kanye ‘Starved’ Her

azealia banks kanye rihanna starved

Azealia Banks took to her Twitter to shed some light on the harsh conditions she had to face while working in the studio with Kanye and Rihanna.


  1. She annoys the fuck out of me. Sad part is she’s actually really talented but bat shit crazy

  2. well at least she didnt make her drink piss like suge knight use to do his artists

  3. Azealia Banks = Nutcase Witch That Killed Chickens In Her Closet As A Satanic Ritual !!! 100% Fact !!! Google Search It !!!

    • I remember listening to her rap and was thing Yeah she is very talented as a matter of fact her rapping skills would definitely be in the top for female hip hop artists ,but unfortunately all people will remember her for is running her mouth

  4. Ugh I’m so tired of this heifer. She’s may as well hang up her shoes on a hood cable wire…her career is so finished. Such an intelligent young woman but she’s not backed by the right team, or lack of familial support, orthodontist. Pray for this child.

  5. And yet she stayed and continued to write music for them…silence is golden, I guess her momma never told her that.

    #RecklessBridgeBurningIsBadFor YourCareer

  6. Shame on you AB then for eating that shit. I would have collected my money and left them crumbs right there untouched!

    Azalia is extremely talented too. I hope she hits one day!

  7. I’ve been discovering a lot of Azealia’s music and it’s better than Nicki Garbage and Remy. What I like about Azealia is that she’s honest and doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone even Cardi.

  8. Azealia’s music is fun and not serious like some. She infuses old school house beats in her songs. I can’t blame her for her craziness. She’s in a racist and sexist industry. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

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