Kim Kardashian to Meet With Trump About Prison Reform

kim kardashian donald trump

After months of chatting with Jared Kushner, Kim Kardashian has finally been invited to the White House to speak with Donald Trump about prison reform.

Kim is looking to ask Trump to pardon a woman who’s serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense.

Do you think Keeping Up With the Kardashian cameras will be rolling during her visit?


  1. Welp she doing more than Meek Mills did. I don’t even like kim kardashian at all. Sucks Meek has th same opportunity to help people and choose not to.

  2. But i have this weird feeling they actually gonna get some shit done…its weird. Meanwhile black people dont complain because NONE OF YALL wanted to go and speak to him about prison reform..yall say fuck em’ so dont say shit that kims going to speak for the rest of you..

    • Agreed.

      Don’t like Dump but if I had an invitation to speak with him- I’d be there.

      Now Kim has to be the angelina jolie in this situation.

  3. Maybe they will be in the white house next term with special titles. The KKlan has to stay relevant and constantly reinvent themselves. The baby thing doesn’t appear to be working so hey, let’s try politics.

  4. She gets to do it,because she talked to the right person,Jared Kushner,I applaud her,Blacks don’t give a shit about other blacks,I’m Black ,So I Know What I’m Talking About Thank You ,She at least made the effort,I’m not a Kardashian’s fan,but that is not what this is about!

  5. If you believe in your mind that this woman cares anything about the Black community then I have a couple of bridges to sale you. They are valued at over 10 million dollars but I would be willing to let them go for an extreme discount of 2.5 a piece…


    • It does matter what she thinks, if she’s willing to help, we will take it. If you were in jail and theKKK said they could get you out because they wanted good publicity, would you take it?

      So if the answer is yes than, that’s my point. As long as the job gets done. He gave meek a chance, someone who’s unfairly been locked up supposedly, but Meek turned his back because he’s selfish. So now they letting Kim do her thang.

      • Dont say We, speak for yourself…

        She can sell that bs somewhere else cuz I’m not buying crazy today, We are all stocked up here…

  6. The heifa probably NEVER touched the hood of Chicago.
    .let alone, a prison!…Kim…go ahead and suck Cheeto Mans cheeto and STFU!…I’m sick of this hoe!

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