Steve Harvey Staff Member Found Dead

steve harvey Bryan Cooke dead

Bryan Cooke, the assistant for Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host Kier ‘Junior’ Spates, was found dead in an Atlanta hotel. He was 39 years old.

According to sources, police responded to the W Hotel on Sunday afternoon and found Cooke unresponsive, face down on a bed with blood and vomit coming from his nose and mouth. Spates, who described Cooke as his best friend, said Cooke appeared to be fine the night before when they went out to smoke cigars, and neither of them had taken any illegal narcotics.



  1. “and neither of them had taken any illegal narcotics.”

    Hmmmmm, highly suspect…face down and blood and vomit. Umkay.

  2. Oh well. I am sure someone will profit from his loss of life somewhere along the way.

    “That’s showbusiness!!!!” – (Jazz hands)

    • I heard the illuminati made him take the Taco Bell pledge. He had to eat 600 Tac Supremes in 3 minutes, along with a large Strawberry Skittles Slurpee and he tried, failed and died in a bathtub filled with water.

    • It was the Mk Ultra Ultra Super Light Light control over Taco Bell’s executives who in turn make celebrities, their employees, family, friends take the Taco Bell food sacrifice test.

  3. Bryan had a history of seizures. When it’s time for a sacrifice “they” find out medical history and if there is past history of medical illness they’ll use that as cause of death ex. B. Mack. I wasn’t in the hotel room, so I can’t say exact. However, sounds suspicious.

  4. It wasn’t Steve who’d need the sacrifice . It would have been Kier Spates AKA Junior . He was best friends with Cooke since childhood and Spates Assistsant. They went out the night before had some drinks cigars and he was fine. So he’s concerned and calls front desk to say my friends not responding and they go in and find him face down . That’s how pomp c and a whole lot others are found. Turn the body over … hmmmmm poison?

  5. These new assistants and staff are perfect for Sacrifice … they are most likely known by a long time employee and the sacrifice won’t get much attention due to the person not being well known but just as good a sacrifice. These people are eager to climb the wall and will sell out anyone . Stay Away from Hollywood

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