Drake Responds to Blackface Photos

drake blackface

After Pusha T outed Drake’s blackface photos, The “God’s Plan” rapper is finally responding. Here’s what he had to say?

drake black face

Are you buying what he’s sellin’ or…?


  1. He got those pictures took by a white photographer so his explanation don’t validate for shit now.

    This is what happens when my people get too comfortable and accept people who have no love and respect for us into our culture, make money off us, and then turn right around and shit on us.

    • Right I bet the whites behind this was laughing their asses off. His father, being a black man should have been around and told him about this stuff. There is no justifying this. From this picture alone you can say he sold out and was pimped our completely I can’t even imagine all the shit he has to do to stay relevant.

  2. White man (With Money) Posts Ads ……. Looking For C00.NS ……. Drake Shows Up ……. The Rest Is History !!!!

  3. Am I tripping or does this fool have on a jim crow (purposely uncased) shirt in both pics???

    Ain’t no getting around that shit…

    They always got to keep bringing this racist mess up I wonder why???

    Can you say agenda?!?

    Cant nobody on this earth tell me that we aren’t the “Chosen People” cuz they been trying waaay too hard for waaay to long ?

  4. His story sounds plausible. No way knowing what he really knew and felt at the time. His role on that Canadian show made him popular so I am trying to understand at WHAT point did he feel the plight of a black actor because I didn’t know he was going out for assorted roles. I thought he was already cast. Was this after Degrassi? That show was on 14 years. When did get hired and when did he leave?

  5. I don’t like that a white photographer was involved with this. The story might have been more believable if he was with a black photographer.

  6. #wedontbelieveyou #mazeltov

    T, release the next one. And I know T has other pics.

    • Exactly… according to those “small hats” if your mother is a gew, then you are one. So right! Mazeltov to that hybrid motha fucka. Hybrids fakin blackness, I guess he doubled down on that one. smh

  7. Nicki and Rihanna both said they’re happy they never took him serious.


    And people are saying Chris Brown is a better father. ?
    #hardpass #notfatheroftheyear #oyvey

    I heard the thot baby mama can spin her cakes like a dreidel.

  8. Did black face that he considered “art “ but won’t talk about black issues. Fraudulent asf.

  9. T, drop the next record. Bench Dreidel and save hip hop.

    #mazeltov #meekwon #tenthardatwork #drakedifake #waffledone #makehiphopgreatagain #pengame

  10. Who taught him about Jim Crow? It certainly wasn’t Canada! USA barely teaches it’s people about anything associated with black folks lineage or history! Now we sposed to celebrate a month of black music. GTFOH!

  11. He must have had the option to do blackface rockin the jom crow shirt or wear a confederate flag dress. Then he had to open up the button cheeks and show them old white dudes what dat mouth do! The price of fame ain’t worth it!

  12. What do Drake, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Halle Berry and Sage Steele have in common? They are mulattoes! Hollywood and the US Government continue to promote these bastards as the ultimate standard for black beauty and excellence as a means to destroy black people and our melanin! This has been happening ever since the Antebellum slave era. Most of these bastards (except Colin Kapaernick) have either said something or done something that has severely hurt or disgraced us. The latest incident is Drake (Aubrey Graham) wearing blackface. Don’t trust the mulattoes! The time is now to reject all mulattoes who intentionally disgrace us. Don’t let white people tell you which black woman is beautiful or which black person is worthy of excellence. Boycott Drake! Boycott Sage Steele, Halle Berry, Soledad O’Brien or any of these bastards who find humor in committing treason against black people! Drake is a sambo! I commend Pusha T for lyrically destroying that Nickelodeon rapper. #Don’tTrustTheMullattoes

    • Shut Up Fool if the right one approached you, you would be all up in it.

      Talking that non-black Bitch with m.b. jordan is fine shit and then having the nerve to type this…put yourself in that sambo category, with your flip-flopping ass.

  13. List of black celebrities who wore blackface:

    1. Beyonce

    2. Drake

    3. Zoe Saldana

    4. Forest Whitaker

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