Tokyo Toni Goes Ballistic on Blac Chyna, Amber Rose & Cardi B

tokyo toni blac chyna cardi b amber rose

Tokyo Toni recorded herself going BALLISTIC after Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and Cardi B refuse to give her money.

Click the arrow on the Instagram photo to see the video of Tokyo filming a TV screen while she screams her a*s off in the background.


  1. She sounds somewhat desperate. Did we miss something, like her motivation for saying all this bs!

  2. Damn……Why Does She Have 2 Wish That Her Own Grandchildren (& Other Children) Have 2 Sip The Toxic Flint Water. That’s F*cked Up!!!

    #Leave The Babies Out Of Your Deranged…..Unhinged….. Foolishness!!!
    #Guttersnipe Behavior!!!

  3. Geriatric hoe attempts to roast younger hoes she help create and pave the hoe trail for! The end.

  4. Why should cardi, amber and Nicki give her money anyway

    Unless they owe her for something

  5. NOOOOO…she has my dress on I ordered from—it’s a 14, but it runs small, and I think I machine washed it by mistake and it’s tight at the hip area now, but I’m on this HCG diet and I’ve been hearing it’s all the rage……Why did this woman steal my sunshine???? F my life!! #Cutting up clowning UGHHHH

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