Rick Ross Protege London Dior Dies in Fatal Crash

A 21 Year old up and coming rapper who was also the protege of Rick Ross died in a fatal car crash Monday morning. The aspiring rapstress was on her way from doing what she loved when the collision occurred, setting the car ablaze and killing all three passengers instantly.

Dior, who’s real name was Dasia Reds, left behind a mourning family. Her brother, Miguel Thomas spoke with wusa9 about his loss. “I’m still messed up over it, it hasn’t hit me yet.”


  1. Another sacrifice…Notice how their always a 21 year old protege… Rick Ross hasn’t made a sacrifice yet either.

  2. I wuz thinkin the same shit. The car instantly sets aflame. Im calling foul play.

  3. That hacking shit is real folks. The who, the what, and the why confuses the hell out of me but I definitely know that smart cars and devices can be hacked.

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