Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancée Denies Gay Rumors

aaron hernandez girlfriend shayanna gay rumors

Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, sat down with Dr. Phil and discussed the gay rumors that started to float around right before his death.

When asked if she thought he was gay, here’s what Shayanna had to say:

“The Aaron that I know? No. I had no indication or any feeling that he was such. He was very much a man to me. I don’t know where this came from. It’s embarrassing in a sense,”

Peep the video.


  1. not another sista that swears her man didn’t get down with dudes in jail. lls

    ladies, if he’s been in the slam for more than a year, get his azz tested if you plan to stay with him. a lot of men swear theyre not gay as long as the GAY sex was in prison. some guys even go to jail to so they can justify getting down with other guys. gay sex (consensual – not rape) happens all the time in prison. a lot of c.o.’s don’t care, and the ones that do can’t keep an eye on all of them all the time. 9/10 he wasn’t raped….

      • and the sad part is, their men will still be out looking for male booty. if ur man is swinging that way, there’s nothing u can offer to keep him from getting at other men. it’s going to happen regardless. a lot of women also say their men only got head in jail (according to the men, of course), but that is rather suspect too. there is a reason why he chose to get ‘help’ from another dude instead of just rubbing it out on his own. jail just gives these guys a free pass to let out what they held back on the outside…..in a locked up place that’s closed off from the rest of society. think about it, ladies! and please keep in mind that hiv and other stds run rampant in prisons as well.

        • Keep speaking the truth, they are so many gay athlete that are married with children.. They are so afraid of coming out and stigma attached with being gay..
          They don’t want to tarnish their so called good names, but there’s plenty of them know the truth.. Some of the wives know the truth, but they don’t want lose that lifestyle of pure luxury, for no one.. Prison just breeds homosexual activity and if you locked up for years, who’s to say with anyone would do except yourself.. It’s all in the mind of another person, I can only say what I my v

    • you are 100% right–there’s too many people that are living a lie, always in the shadows. damn, stop being so gullible, scared and thirsty–F.L.Y. first love yourself, and understand that there are 9 strains of HIV and whatever else floating around this planet. Everything in the end, is connected–so take some time to put your head out of your ass, and educate yourself.

  2. i’m sorry, i don’t mean to be mean but she is just not pretty or cute. she’s hard to look at matter of fact when i first saw her i thought she was a tranny…maybe why aaron wanted he/she?

  3. Aaron and his buddies kept an apartment on the side, a place to get together away from prying eyes. They probably played Parcheesi and drank beer in there all the time.

  4. Chile cheese, ur man liked penis and man ass sorry to inform you. The white bitch suckin ur man off in prison disputes ur claim they werent in a relationship. But its humiliating and embarassing so who want to admit that publically. Lol ladies many of the hardest roughest dudes like penis and other men, and the truth is they dont need to be in jail to be hookin up w/other niggas. You would be very surprised to see big brolic tatted up mf’ers wit kids wives & gf’s on all fours ass poked out lol..lawdhammercy

      • There is a difference in anal sex between men & women just bcuz a women get her booty wrecked dont mean he wont still want man ass. Its a different mood which they go for..most women dont want anal on the regular they want vaginal. Dont forget some mens want they booty wrecked also and want to be dominated by another man.

        • well i cant understand that or any form of nasty shitty anal but i have heard women claim they love it. it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with LOVE MAKING

  5. i heard from a puerto rican that BISEXUALITY is part of THEIR CULTURE for men and women, like collared greens for american negroes LOL so he’s normal

    • It’s definitely not part of Latino culture. Doesn’t fit in with the macho image a lot of the men are expected to live up to. BUT bisexuality is common in BOTH Latino and BLACK men. Trust. It’s just mostly DL, so most people think it’s only the “out” ones when it’s waaaaaaaaay more ni99az that are either open to guy on guy or have already had lots of experience.

      • The reason why it is common is because of all the men who have been to jail/ prison and the unjust long ass sentences our men receive …otherwise it would NOT be a common thing in the black community.

        No man is going to be celibate for 10, 20 25 to life sentences.

    • I don’t know about puerto rico but brazilians are pretty sexually fluid.

      And the men who act the hardest usually are gay these days.

    • Me either… just trying to give that man one last “stick it to him” after his death (suicide or murder).

      Embarrass and shame his already tarnished name.

      • Nope, he wasn’t gay. Anytime the media go out of their way to embarrass some1, they(media or whomever) is trying to cover up something.

        Whenever I think about AH committing suicide, I think about Mick Jaeger’s girlfriend. Who was over 6ft tall, committed suicide by hanging herself from her door knob.

        Yeah right.

        • You are absolutely right. When the media or people in the media go way out of their way to disparage someone, they are trying to cover up something, or trying to hurt that person’s reputation.

        • Anonymous 06:15

          I don’t think you understand the concept of “hanging” one’s self. It’s not like the old executioner hangings we saw in old Western movies. It is common for people to be sitting on the floor with a device round their neck attached to a door knob. All you have to do is drop your head until the device cuts off your 02 supply and then you pass out and eventually die from lack of 02.
          Most people using this method take a large amount of tranquilizers first so that they don’t fight the urge to free themselves from the band around their neck.

    • Nor do I and I think everyone is gay or at the very least flexible as hell or suspect. I know alot of gays hang with em day, night, lived with a few gay friends even hang real tough with a tranny or 2. I see “straight” men come and go I see married men come and go. I’m not brand new to men fucking men in prison even these thugs that so called ain’t down with that really are trust me nothing surprises me. I truly think this gay shit is a lie just like the shit about him being high, the notes, blood on the walls, and the suicide period. They’re covering something up and if he killed himself there wouldn’t be a reason to cover anything up. This gay shit is just to ruin his character and it’s fucked up.

  6. We need to make these men feel comfortable enough to disclose their sexuality. These unrecover men are killing women.

    • It has nothing to do with feeling uncomfortable. A lot of these men r just sexual freaks. Who will put their d**k into anything.

      By the way, there is no such thing as bi-sexual. If another man is turned on by another man. He is GAY

      • @anonymous 9:29: a lot of men will put their d cks in anything regardless of orientation. libido has nothing to do with sexual orientation. it’s comments like yours that actually help promote that dl behavior. generally speaking, when you judge and insult people for their personal lives, you are teaching them to lie to you. that goes for anything. common sense.

      • Wrong on all accounts…

        If they were not placed in the system (prison) in the first place for nonviolent offenses and some who are completely innocent for years upon years they would NOT be engaging in homo activity and coming to women still thinking they are straight when they get out.

        You all do know this is part of the genocide plan to wipe us out right?

        If you don’t pull your head out of your ass and wake the FUCK UP…Black men get the longest sentences no matter the situation and watch 13th if you haven’t!

        • According to your theory, anyone will be gay if placed in jail long enough. Wrong! If you don’t roll like that, you don’t roll like that. How about all the down low men that have never been to jail? Explain.

          • Motherfucka have you been to jail?

            What human being (especially men) you know can go without human contact for 5+ yrs…shit in some cases fewer than that and stay sane?

            And men turn men all the time…there is no such thing as being born gay, people are raped, molested, turned out more than your brain can obviously comprehend.

  7. We need to make these men feel comfortable enough to disclose their sexuality. These undercover men are killing women.

  8. I feel sorry for her. Her man gets arrsted, convicted and then dies in prison and now, on top of all that, he is rumoured to be gay. Damn. Personally I doubt it because he was just too damn fine ??? ??????

      • He very well could have been engaging in homo activity in prison….willingly or not.

      • Yeah I feel that he was a scapegoat or something. Such a shame. There are precious few attractive men in the public eye and we had to go and lose him? Damn shame.

  9. His man of 12 years was never in prison. He and his longtime man Ryan had been together since early middle school. He “worked” for Aaron as his personal assistant, and Aaron gave him a tremendous amount of money right after the guilty verdict came down. This is pretty common knowledge in Bristol. I believe that Shay was aware of Ryan and Aaron being more than besties, but she was happy in the life they had together. She is the stereotypical “if I don’t see it, it isn’t happening” chick. The only time she even made a little fuss over it was when Ryan and Aaron took a long vacay to Costa Rica while she was pregnant with her little girl. And even then she didn’t threaten to leave him.

    All the BS about Kyle Kennedy is just a red herring. Kyle was nothing more than some convict ass for AH to tap a few times.

    FWIW, I personally believe that Aaron was bisexual and not gay. And for the dummy who says bisexuality does not exist, then explain the fact that there are GAY men who would take a bullet before they would have sex with a “fish,” and then there are men who have many babies while getting their butts reamed by other men. Like that boxer from Philly who Jacky exposed 3 years ago.

    • homes constantly referring to women as fishies but came out of a woman’s vagina lol. They act as if women are so disgusting but don’t mind eating or smelling shit all day nasty asses ,,,the fck outta here

      • Homos constantly referring to women as fishies but came out of a woman’s vagina lol. They act as if women are so disgusting but don’t mind eating or smelling shit all day nasty asses ,,,the fck outta here

      • Thank you for pointing that fish shit out…fags want to get mad when someone calls them that yet they hold such disgust for women because they will never be one…fuck that double standard BS!

  10. Bisexuality dose not exist……..either you are a man or a fuck boy=empty shell of a man

  11. ANy home willing to take a bullet please do because it you hate pussy that bad you are better of not leaving in this reality or even breathing…u see u come through the vessel of a woman. you come out of here pussy but you hate women….lol faggots are so fucked up and confuse

  12. Any homosexual willing to take a bullet please do because if it wasnt for male female relations you would not exist. The very vagina you hate you came out of it. You are better of dead than living in this reality or even breathing… u come through the vessel of a woman. you come out of her pussy but you hate her.lol faggots are so fucked up and confuse

  13. It’s hilarious that some of you think that the gay revelation was done to “smear his name and reputation” after his death.

    So killing 5 people is one thing, but being gay would tarnish his rep? Good lord.

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