#RHOA Peter Thomas Admits Pulling Box Cutter During Matt Jordan Fight

Matt Jordan insists the only reason he didn’t kick Peter Thomas’ ass quicker is because Peter had a knife on him, and now that we’ve finally seen the video … Matt might have a point.

Matt, the ex-bf of ‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore, went at him. He claims Peter tried to hide it so it would seem like he was beating Matt fair and square.

Peter, he admitted he had a box cutter on him because he owns a restaurant and night club. He says he only pulled it out in self-defense — “If I was an idiot I would have sliced him, but I’m not. I wasn’t there to fight with Matt.”

When slo-mo’d, you can clearly see the blade in Peter’s hand during the struggle.

Matt, who’d previously made the knife claim, says he was focused on wrestling it away at first, but once he turned his attention to Peter … he took him down easily. He adds, “Peter knows what it is.”


  1. Matt, you lost that one dude! Im no Peter fan, I actually dong like hime. But as big as you is and as ild as he is, a box cutter still should have never had yiu in that head lock. You lost bro and that new girl you got cant possibly want you, other than to get follwers because no woman want to see they man in a headlock.

  2. regardless of who won, who give tf? rele matt either way u have zero relevance now u behaved like sterotypical black man on some apollo jail shit & clearly u fukked up those black ppl studio equipment the only ones giving ur ass play. sad. who want u in they studio? peter at least good for another two seasons of rhoa giving cameos. matt is a non-factor peter ur ass ghetto ass hell, but some mgilla gorilla type nigguh gone run up, then run up but i got somethin for that ass…its watever when ppl fight it can go left quick

    • Exactly – who cares who won. They are both grown men, who should know better. No cooning for just a check on TV. No regard for a business environment and other people equipment. This reality TV shows are showing black people in the worst possible light. No wonder Trump won on the fear of the minorities. We are proving every stereotype. Sad day for our people.

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