Steve Harvey Disses Fired Staff Members One Last Time!

steve harvey fires staff

Steve Harvey fired a bunch of his Chicago staff prior to moving his show to L.A. But to ease the pain of receiving a pink slip, the fired staff members were still invited to the show’s wrap party…or so they thought!

According to sources, after people RSVP’d to the event, they were told there weren’t enough seats on the luxury river boat where the party was being held.

“These are people that were loyal to the show for years. To be fired and then un-invited from the wrap party is just cold. You’d think they’d have rented a big enough boat from the beginning!”

The party took place last night, and Steve reportedly didn’t even show up! On top of that, he was MIA at a going away BBQ that was held for his Chicago staff earlier in the week.

“Most people were like, whatever. It seems like almost nothing is too low for him at this point.”


  1. what can you expect from a paranoid thug. hopefully he will be off tv soon. dave chappelle is back

    • I can’t stand his big bubba lip ass, like you said hopefully his country ass will be off tv I hope sooner than later.

  2. I just read on another site that Steve had an affair with one of his employees.. That was the main reason for his tirade, but he doesn’t realize she can sue him and win.. He’s the boss and now he’s fired all of his Chicago crew.. I can’t wait to read about his up coming lawsuit for sexual affair with an employee.. He day us coming, the rooster will come home to roost.. He did his second wife like a DOG, awwww payback is a SOB.

  3. How can any black woman take relationship advice from Steve Harvey after what he did to his ex wife?

  4. One of his radio co hosts, Shirley Strawberry kissed Steve Harvey’s ass for twenty years. Now she is unemployed. I feel bad for all of the black people Steve Harvey screwed over. One of these days, white supremacy is going to destroy Steve Harvey. I will not feel sorry for him.

    • Yet you stand for a rapist because he threw some money to a few causes?

      GTFOHWTBS…I wonder if the majority of the women cospig raped were black if you would still be singing his praises, God you suck donkey balls.

  5. I lost all respect for Steve Harvey when he started hating on The King Of Comedy Bernie Mac. at the same time, I respect him as a black man like myself.

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