Remy Ma Call Nicki Minaj “Pathetic” During Appearance on The Real

With Nicki Minaj now being relentless in her rebuttals to Remy Ma over the past few weeks by firing off scathing subliminals on a list of chart-topping songs, it seems as if the tables has somewhat turned in the matter with the bully now feeling bullied.

During her recent stop at The Real, watch as Remy Ma stamps her rival as “pathetic” for continuing to toss fuel on their feud.


  1. Where is jacky Jasper with the elusive drops !!!!!!!!!! . I am about to drop this blog . I need that old content back ASAP this use to be one of the baddest blogs. I am starting to think jacrylic sold his blog and someone else is doing this stuff.where is jacky? I need Mr jacky!where is Mr Jasper? This blog is not what it once was for real. Where are the blind items I used to love. where are the gay rapper exclusive’s where are the industry secrets. The exclusive drops . What is going on with my at one time “favorite ” blog. I used to love this site but with wacky content like this I’m forced to go to that sandra rose bitch for drops . Please bring back the old hsk. Jacky Jasper would never issue an my bad type of post if he posted something it was what it was .what is going on on this site is think we all feelove confused

    • I agree jacky used to be the shit esp with his uncle tom cabin segments lol.
      Sandrarose is officially on my do not read 4 life list.
      I feel as if Jacky is evolving there’s nothing wrong with growth.

      • Evolving my ass…

        You all did not peep the name change and the total MIA status of Jackie?

        People have been saying forever he sold this site and now it seems official.

    • Jacky sold the site YEARS ago. They keep on blocking me because I keep on giving y’all the real tea on what the deal is.

  2. Why Remy calling Nicki pathetic, when she know it’s all a part of the game?
    Why Remy conceding on national TV?
    Why they keep putting them dime-store lacefront wigs on Loni?

  3. Because. Nicki is Pathetic..and the drugs use is staring to show in her @×$=..lmao… Yup

  4. The drugs was shoeing when.Nicki was wearing the rainbow wigs like she robbed George clintons closet she may gave taken some if his crack too

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