Reverend Jesse Jackson Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease

jesse jackson parkinsons

In light of a recent sexual harassment allegation, Reverend Jesse Jackson reveals he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.


    • Jesse was the one to tell MLK to go out on the balcony. He was also the only man the Feds allowed to leave Memphis when the City was on lockdown.

  1. I wonder why he disclosed it. Some people fade out of the limelight and just say they are retired.

    • My brother is in the early stages of dementia as a result of Parkinson’s. The Rev should try to retire and relax.

  2. Fuck boule Jesse! He is a fraud; a demon who pretended to be a reverend. He screwed over alot of black people; especially black women. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to sleep.

  3. Probably trying to gear up his defense by releasing info to deflect from sexual abuse/harassment accusations ‭that WILL be coming out.

  4. Read between the lines folks! How convenient is it that this ‘failing health’ information should come out ten days AFTER his sexual abuse/harassment allegations against him was first made? Also interesting on that press release (above) was the part ‘on his health and FUTURE’.

    • You are correct Nancy Pelosi and John McCain are also losing their mind at a very convenient time! An Intelligence Whistleblower Q ____ said fake black sellout leaders will be exposed soon!!

  5. lets talk aboit how jesse used to tear michelle obamas ass up when she was his secretary.

    yeah no wonder he wanted to cut barackls balls off

    lets not forget jesse and hos old pal bill Clinton used to run trains on the same girls

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