Reggie Bush’s Side Chick Shares Photos of Their Baby


Reggie Bush’s side chick, Monique Exposito, has shared the first photos of their baby boy, Preston, who was born on Super Bowl Sunday.

He looks a lot like Reggie, don’t you think?

In case you forgot, Reggie’s wife Lilit is now pregnant with his 4th child.



  1. The only person getting played maybe Reggie. Because if them pics don’t make his wife want to kill or divorce him, she dont love him. I used to be pissed when ppl would where my boyfriends jersey. One time i went in the store and bought all of them just so no one else could have one. But then they made more. Anyways Til this day, I dont care if its a 79 year old white man, I do not like to see people with my guys jersey on EVER!! Let alone a chick posting a pic of a baby thats supposed to be his. I would be on snapped. If his wife this happy still, she don’t love him either.

  2. Ok, now I’m disgusted by her. Getting pregnant by a married man is one thing, but flaunting it is another. These men need to stop making these ho’s famous.

    The reason Reggie’s wife is still with him is probably because there’s a prenup or she would rather stay married to a cheating famous athlete than be a nobody.

    • Why should she hide her baby? It’s Reggie that took a vow to stay faithful to his wife not this side chick. Show you babies picture girl and take him to the cleaners of the money he has left because the clock is ticking. His wife will move on when the funds run out. He will end up with another Kim look-alike.

  3. This is her ATM baby. She has admitted as much. She thinks she is going to sit on easy street while the checks come in. Reggie should go for custody. Let’s see how she likes that.

  4. That lady is pathetic. I cant understand why you would put such a beautiful baby in a awkward like style. And Reggie aint shyt, because what kind of man treats his seed this way no mattee how it got here. This shos what kind of man he is, I would never marry a man that wint acknowledge, claim and take care of his kid. I dont care how much I hate the chick

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