Rapper Rick Ross’ Cocaine Diet Xposed

    Rick Ross Cocaine Diet

    “When Rick Ross left the A3C Festival on Sunday night, the rapper when home to party and sniff blow.”

    HSK Exclusive – Rapper Rick Ross is reportedly hooked on dat white! Sources tell HSK it’s the reason why Mr. Maybach Music is drastically dropping weight, callin’ the former correctional officer out for being on “a cocaine diet.” And, according to our sources, it’s not just the rapper’s physic that showing major changes.

    The drop:

    “Rick is getting more and more aggressive on blow. It’s one of the reasons why he’s putting hands on people and catching cases. That’s also why he’s losing all that weight. He’s a f*ckin’ junkie.”

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    1. Who isnt doing drugs guess he has to live the life he raps about cocaine was advertised as the thing to do in the seventies coke was all over on bilboards magazines music tv everywhere

      • But his health and heart, probably about to give out.
        Coke is bad for your heart, which was already strained carrying around 400 lbs of blubber.

        What happened to his Pear Diet?

    2. I'm not feeling any sympathy for that name stealing bastard.
      May the coke eat his ass from the inside out!!!?

    3. Well if t's good enough for the supermodels and actresses, it's good enough for Ricky.

    4. Lil Waynes Body With Rick Ross Head Nice Try Story Is False This Sites Funny Next Time Match Up There Bodys Not Waynes And Say Hes On A Stem Fast Diet

    5. Look on the stomach you see young money hahahahahahahahahhahahah!!!! People beleive anything you put up!!!

    6. Every day he struggling ….! Not hustling! Difference between this Rick fraud is the real one sold it ,this fat f*ck is hook on it …. Stay real to your self you punk bitch !

    7. If you thought that hollywood celebrities lose weight by diet and exercise, think again! Celebrities lose weight by snorting cocaine and getting cut up by top notch plastic surgeons! If you think I'm lying, ask Stacey Dash!

        • It's that Coke diet baby, why you think Lindsay loHan ass was always drinking a COKE subliminally confessing she on that. Anyways I think a lil blow here and there when you're at a rager and too drunk to stand, throwing up, sober your ass quick, 1-2 blasts you good. It cleans up sloppy drunks, but ppl over do it that's why they go bananas.

    8. Mto had a picture a while back of his fiancee Lira Galore, with allegedly "coke" on her nose
      This is b4 she got with Rick Ross
      I guess they have something in common

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