EXCLUSIVE TEA on A3C Wiz Khalifa & Deelishis Drama!!!

Wiz Khalifa Deelish A3C Drama

HSK Exclusive – Details exclusive to HSK reveal what exactly went down between members of Wiz Khalifa’s entourage, at Atlanta’s A3C Festival — and what led the “We Dem Boys” rapper to have Deelishis [the former reality star] 86’d from the October 11th event!

“Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang crew got security to remove Deelishis from A3C.”

Deelishis came to the event with Wiz Khalifa! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Wiz’s cousin, the apparent Bully behind door number one. “Wiz’s cousin kept on telling Deelishis that she’s washed up,” a source reveals. “She attacked him and ended up getting kicked out!”

Dude kept saying, ” Deelishis, You’re too old and used up to be with my cousin.”

The drop:

“When Deelishis attacked Wiz’s cousin, Kia Shine turned into a hero and punched Wiz’s cousin in his face. That’s when the Taylor Gang boyzzz gave Kia a beat-down.”

Deelish Booted A3C


  1. I wonder what I'm gonna do for the New Years? Hopefully something special.

    How bout you guys?

  2. Deelishus is too damn old to still be whoring around. Dude was 100% correct on that one! And whatever happened to her gay azz looking jailbird husband?????

    • Deelishis was dating Floyd Mayweathers right hand main man, P. Reala aka the Harlem hotboy
      just recently, but they just broke up
      I doubt this story is true cuz she said on her instagram page she is not dating any1 new as of yet

  3. Delishous is a world wide whore , bitch said Imma turn my 15 minutes into a career, give her props and let a ho live !

  4. Wow my cousin f—ed her in ATL last month tru story in his no rapper or star jus regular dboy

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