MTO Republishes HSK’s 2013 Exclusives Re: NBA Trans Tricks

Lance Stephenson Trans Sex

Sorry MTO, HSK broke the Lance Stephenson and the NBA transgender (Candy Deep Throat) tricks story way back in 2013: “JAMES HARDEN, LANCE STEPHENSON & DWIGHT HOWARD’S TRANNY TRICK EXPOSED!!!”

Same with the Lil Wayne sex tape we will be releasing tonight and expect MTO to steal and publish tomorrow!

NBA Transgender Tricks

Candy Deep Throat Born Male


  1. Gross. I am so glad that the British male is not like his American counterpart – yet at least. I feel sorry for American women; it must be slim pickings over there 🙁

    • Uh hello who the hell do you think started this cray shit !!
      Them inbred Brits !!

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    • You shaking your head I know it's disgusting either… But umm you said jackshit about lonely tight ass pussies unattended … Smmfh!

  3. MTO steals a lot from this site and other blogs too. Anything else they post on their site is lies. They never have the facts and stay assuming stuff about people.

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